September 27, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday - "Look At Me" lipsticks

It's no secret that I love lipsticks. It's hard to believe that only a year ago I owned maybe 3 lipsticks, and they were all Nude, Nude and Nude. But then I started this blog, got a bit more adventurous with my lipsticks, and now if I wear Nude lips I feel... well... nude! My lipsticks of choice now are ones that scream "Drop everything, look at me!"

Here are my top 5 "Look at Me" lipsticks.

They are, in no particular order:
  • MAC "Impassioned"
  • Chi Chi Viva La Diva "Fashion Police"
  • YSL #11 "Rose Culte"
  • Covergirl "Spellbound"
  • MAC "Up The Amp"

MAC Impassioned
This is my all time favourite lipstick, all time! That's a long time. I've blogged about it many times before, the colour is a warm watermelon pink which is perfect for a statement lip. Click HERE for a FOTD with Impassioned. 

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Fashion Police
This is from Australian brand Chi Chi, and is a slightly lighter, more coral version of Impassioned. Is it any wonder I love it? It is a matte formula, but not at all drying. Love. HERE is a FOTD with it.

YSL Rouge Volupte #11 Rose Culte
This was my first YSL lipstick, and the formula is just to die for. It's possibly the creamiest lipstick I own. I don't wear this too often, as even for me this is a bit too out there. But it's a gorgeous colour that I can't part with. HERE is a FOTD with it.

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Spellbound
This is possible the most wearable of my "Look at Me" lipsticks, as the colour is somewhat sheer in comparison to the others mentioned here. It's a cool toned fuchsia pink, that's perfect for spring. HERE is the full review and a mini FOTD.

MAC Up The Amp
This is a perfect autumn colour, and looks good with minimal eye makeup. It's a dark purple shade which is surprisingly wearable, although on days when I feel this is a bit too goth for me I lighten it up with a bit of concealer. HERE is a full review and FOTD with it.

What are some of your "Look At Me" lipsticks? Or are you a Nude lips girl?


  1. I think Impassioned lipstick will be my next purchase! xxx

  2. Lilit! You can pull off lipstick in the most amazing way! I bought Fashion Police as recently as maybe four weeks ago, but have not found the courage to wear it yet! Perhaps I'll give it a trial on the next sunny day Melbourne is blessed with. I adore all of these lipsticks you've mentioned -- onto the Wish List they go! Xx

  3. Hi Lilit! I love 'up the amp', that colour caught my eye at the MAC counter and I continued to oggle it for 3 weeks until I finally caved (thank you Myer one voucher!). I think it's really unique and really pretty.

    How great are Chi Chi lipsticks? There are some really out there shades as well. Have you seen the fluorescent colours? Great range of lipsticks

    My newest 'out there' lipstick is MAC amplified lipstick in 'Morange' - it's bright orange and flippin awesome! As it wears off your lips throughout the day you're left with this gorgeous coral colour! It's the colour I wish my lips were! And depending on how you apply it, it can be a pretty subtle look or a full on orange!

    Another MAC lipstick I recently purchased, because I couldn't stop staring at how amazing the models lips looked when she was wearing it is 'Musky Amethyst'. It looks incredibly dimensional in the tube, but when you put it on it's quite sheer. You need to have perfect lips when you wear it, but i think it's really pretty, particularly if you have lighter hair.

    I also like revlon colourburst lipstick in 'carnation' - it's almost fuschia pink but not quite, so quite easy to wear.

    I love most colours of lipstick - my favourite colour is pink and any variant of pink really, but I love berrys, reds and neautral colours as well. I just love lipstick really.

    Great post!


  4. Thoese really are some super gorgeous shades!! I am digging the Rose Culte and Impassioned! Thanks for the swatches, hun xoxo

  5. I really love all of these. I think you must have the most perfect lips I've ever seen! :)

  6. Summer Loren - that's my favourite colour, it's just stunning. If you love bright colours you won't regret it.

    e.Xx - Oh you totally need to wear Fashion Police! I know it's crazy bright, but once you find the courage to wear it out one day you'll be fine from then on. You can always dull it down a bit by putting some concealer over it.

    Cally - thanks hun, yes the Chi Chi lipsticks are just great! I love their formula and their price. Oh I've seen Morange around, but not sure if I should get it as I have Vegas Volt which is a tiny bit lighter than Morange. And thanks for the tip re Musky Amethyst, I'll need to look into it.

    The Beautifier - You're welcome hun. I can totally see you rock both colours!

    Dempss01 - Oh puhleese Sarah, I wish they were actually a bit thicker, but I guess we're never happy with that we have.


  7. My gosh I love the rose one from YSL! Argh, you are feeding my shopping and makeup addiction lol no fair! All those shades look amazing on you :-)

  8. what a great selection, I really want a YSL lippy, the packaging is super pretty!
    Grace xx

  9. These are gorgeous!!! I'm also a fan of "look at me" lips, but my picks are usually red! I really like Impassioned, though, I'll definitely have to try it.

  10. Bright lips (or bright colours for that matter!) is definitely your trademark, Lilit!!! :)

    They are all gorgeous colours!! I love MAC Impassioned and Fashion Police (which I consider purchasing now!) You're definitely the enabler of my bright lippies collection! :)

  11. i've been wanting to purchase up the amp by mac for a while now but after reading this post, i'm much more interested in covergirl's spellbound! i'm sure it's half the price as well :)

  12. Nice caption :P
    OMG I can't pick one they are all so hot. *_*

  13. Because i'm still new, MAC's Full Speed Sheen Supreme, Morange and Lady Danger are my look at me shades. But I really want to get my hands on Fashion Police and i'll be hunting on eBay until I see it!

  14. Gorgeous colours! I tend to be more into nude lipsticks, but bold can look really good if it's worn on the right ocassion!

  15. It seems incredible to me that YSL Rose Culte isn't more buzzed about! The shade is the perfect loud raspberry. IT looks magnificent on you too. I may have to make a Makeup and Macaroons inspired purchase soon :)

    ♥ Jessica

  16. Chi Chi Fashion Police is an awesome colour. You are lucky that you've got such a nice skin tone and can carry these bright colours off. If I wear brights like that I look like a clown because I'm so pale :-(

  17. omg i definitely want to try these now

  18. Hi Lilit, I always get excited to discover fellow Australian Beauty Bloggers - gorgeous Blog!

    Kisses, Melanie

  19. I can't imagine you without bright lips Lilit! MAC Impassioned is gorgeous! It's on the list now...

  20. I just love all of your lipstick posts!!! I need to get my hands on that Impassioned... and I hear Up The Amp is going to be discontinued soon or already is... is that true?? Anyway, I love your choices. My look at me lipstick is NARS Schiap--the one in my avatar pic--I just love it to bits!!!

  21. Ive just ordered YSL Rose Culte and I wouldnt have thought it was that bright! Oh well, I will wear it anyway! Now I want Impassioned as well! xx

  22. Hun, your complexion seems to suit any type of lip shade! Everything you put on looks stunning!!

  23. You pull off dark lips so well! I just look like a clown. I wish I could wear dark red :-(



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