September 07, 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless - swatches and photos

Illamasqua have just launched their new Theatre of the Nameless Collection, and it's definitely one worth checking out. It will be available in stores globally from 8th September, and is already launched on their website.

"Darkly sophisticated tones are accompanied by shocks of dazzling iridescence and kinky rubber-look finishes, creating a breathtakingly modern interpretation of the most illicit nightlife in history. It's time to cross the threshold and embrace a world of unadulterated decadence. "
The imagery is just stunning, if a little bit raunchy, but then again this IS Illamasqua we're talking about. It's inspired by the 1920s Berlin boot girls (ahem...ladies of the night, who wore different coloured boots according to their specialties).
Collage images from my own collection and from Illamasqua website
I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger only preview night last Monday at Myer Sydney City where we got a chance to play with the new collection and swatch to our hearts' content.

The nailpolishes were just amazing. Even though the colours look similar to the ones in the regular collections, the finish is quite different as it gives a rubbery finish, kind of matte but not quite. The best I can compare it to is rubber gumboots! There are some awesome swatches of them on Illamasqua's blog.

There are three lipglosses in the collection, which includes a crazy green gloss Violate. I love the colour of it, but not for my lips! I want a nailpolish in that colour, or maybe eyeshadow. No prizes for guessing which one I've got my eye on... yep, Belladonna!

I didn't swatch everything in the collection, just the ones that caught my eye.  The swatches aren't the best quality, but the best I could do in the harsh store lighting.

The gorgeous MUA Frances had her makeup done in the style of the collection and she looked fierce! Check out those eyelashes, which are also from Theatre of Nameless.
Frances looking fierce!

Me, Frances (very vampire chic!) and Mikele from Illamasqua

Of course me and the other bloggers tried our own fierce looks, by reaching for the dark purply blue lipstick Kontrol.

Me and Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes
Me, Jen from My Funny Valentine and Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes
Yeah, a bit crazy. Not sure if I'd wear that colour lipstick, though it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

But I did love the blush in Ambition so much that I had to buy it right there and then. It's the first shimmery blush by Illamasqua, it's just stunning!

We were all sent home with goody bags, which is always so generous of Illamasqua! Mine included the cream colour pigment in Depravity and Lipstick in Resist. You'd have to agree both are the type of colours I would have chosen myself. Proper reviews will come later.

Will you be checking out this collection?


  1. I love all these products! I love Illamasqua and this is beyond awesome.

  2. Dayum you got some great swatches on the night! I was too distracted by putting on my crazy lips to be so organised!

    Can't wait to see Depravity and Resist on you!

  3. The intense lip glosses look gorgeous! :)

  4. Those nail polishes look lovely! And girl, you are working those purple lips :) I am too shy to pull off purple, but you do it wonderfully!!!! :)

  5. Ooh Androgen & Belladonna please! Brilliant pic of you and Jen and Adeline - it actually works!

  6. Kontrol looks amazing on all three of you girls!

    I attended the Brisbane Illamasqua Launch last night and I have to say, this is one of the best collections I've seen!

  7. Nancy - thanks hun, Illamasqua is a fab brand, my favourite!

    Jen - oh i wish I swatched everything, but I just wanted to finish the swatches so I could try on crazy lips too!

    Vintage makeup - thanks hun, especially Belladonna I think.

    Alina - I don't think I could do that purple in real life, too goth for me! LOL

    Julie - Both gorgeous colours! Yeah we were doing our goth looks LOL

    Rose - Ooh what did you get? Hope you'll do a post on it so can check it out!


  8. Don't you look cute with your purple lips!! :)
    No fair how ANY COLOUR suits you!

  9. Looks like you had so much fun, this line looks incredible. I can't wait to check out those shimmery blushes in store.

  10. Awesome swatches! You got me with those lips!!!! :D I wish there was a counter near meeeeeee! <3

  11. Kink and Vice are to die for.. they are such stunning shades! I would really love to see what Kontrol looks liks with Violate on top.. so much awesomeness in this collection!

  12. Hi Lilit, I came home with a nail varnish in Faux Pas and pure pigment in beguile.

  13. I will definitely check these out! Nice photos of the products!!!

  14. omg Lilit, that purple lippie is surprisingly flattering :)) p. s. I tagged you in a post, considering you are a queeeen of lipsticks, do check it out and pass it on if ya want oxox

  15. Belladonna is *totally* your colour, and I also love Kontrol on you. I think it looks great against your purple top. :)

  16. I was looking through your posts! and than I saw this one! Lilit - I LOVE this lipstick on you:) Its very different and I bet our men won't understand lol

  17. Thanks so much for your comments ladies.

    Maryam - seen it already, great tag! Will be doing it for sure!

    Maria - yep, my man definitely doesn't get it. He mainly judges lipsticks based on whether they're kissproof or not, and that purple is def not kissproof! LOL


  18. Looks like you had so much fun at the event!!
    From your swatches, I really want Androgen!

    Kontrol is such a fierce shade! I likey~ =D

  19. everything in the collection looks drool worthy! Note to self, haul from Sephora soon!

  20. Awesome swatches and some really pretty pictures!
    correct me if i'm wrong but was this is Myer?

  21. Sharon - thanks for your comment. Yes, it's Myer Sydney city :)



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