September 01, 2011

August favourites

It's been ages since I last did a favourites post. In fact the last time I did one was for March! Bad beauty blogger. HERE it is if you want to see it.

This month here are the products I've been reaching for the most. I haven't included any foundations as I've just been using my trusty old Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse every day, and I've raved about it enough in the past. (Although a few days ago I did buy the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation and I'm testing it out now to review properly later).

Too Faced Romantic Eye
This is such a gorgeous palette, the cool toned shades are perfect for spring or autumn. My favourite colours are the ones in the middle row. All the colours have incredible pigmentation, and most blend really well. The matte shades (top row), are a bit harder to blend, but if you layer on the colour thinly it's actually not too bad. As an added bonus, sometimes I use the dark brown colour (top right) on my brows.

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo 
 I've had this one for ages, but the last few months (ok, all through Aussie winter) I'd packed this away in my "summer" makeup bag. I (stupidly) thought that the colours were too warm and golden to work during wintertime. I was wrong. They work perfectly no matter the weather. I love this. Sorry Illamasqua Bronzer Duo, you will not be put pack into the "off season" makeup box again. Full review and swatches HERE.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface
I was surprised at how much I've been loving this one. Because August was still cold here in AU, I tended to go for cooler tones in my makeup. This blush is perfect at giving light mauvey pink colour to the cheeks. Full review and swatches HERE.

NARS Desire Blush
Another cool toned pink blush which I reached for a lot last month. This is very very pigmented, so a light touch is needed. On the days that I went lighter on my eyes or lips I used this colour on my cheeks. Full review and swatches HERE.

Nicole by O.P.I. My Lifesaver
This nailpolish is da bomb! Seriously gorgeous colour, with serious longevity. I painted my nails with this colour just before going on a quick tropical island getaway, and came back 8 days later with the polish still going strong. Full review and swatches HERE

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick in Fashion Police
I L.O.V.E. this colour. When last month I'd lost my lipstick mojo, this was the hero product that brought my mojo back. It's the perfect bright pink, almost neon, pick me up colour. See full review and FOTD HERE

S.L.A. Lipstick in Orchid Pink #117
 I'm sure you can see a trend here, that I mainly went for cool pinky tones the last month. This lipstick is just gorgeous, a bright purpley pink that lasts for ages. I wore this colour in a FOTD HERE.

What have been your favourites last month? If you've done a favourites post link me in the comments.


  1. I can always count on you to ignite my Illamasqua cravings =) I have been eyeing that Bronzing Duo for a while now, and as fall and winter are just around the corner for me, this might be a "next buy"!

    I have also been loving my Tarte blush this month (in Tipsy). Dollface looks right up my street!

    I always love hearing your favs!

  2. Love this post! I always enjoy reading about products other beauty bloggers swear by {although, then it goes directly onto my Wish List, and I don't know if that's good or bad!}.
    Can I ask where you buy your Tarte and Illamasqua from? I assume online, unless there's somewhere in Aust that I don't know about?!
    I'm really excited, because I'm going to Gloss this weekend. It's an hours drive from me, but I've heard it's a pretty great budget store!
    I *always* look at the Chi Chi lippies when I'm in Target, but am yet to purchase one. Although after your review... ;)
    I did an August faves post earlier this evening :

    Thanks so much for sharing, as always I love your blog
    e. Xx

  3. i really like that two faced pallet,

    can u please follow me


    Nobody puts Illamasqua in a corner.


    In all seriousness- great faves this month! Really loving those blushes too :)

  5. Ohhh i want everything that u rave here! Esp the romantic palette!

  6. Nars Desire blush is my favourite - I don't reach for it nearly often enough. Thanks for the reminder - I'm going to pull it out tomorrow xo

  7. Your favorites are so bright and beautiful!! I wannnt!! Great post.

  8. Bethany - ha ha yes I think I'm a bit obsessed with Illamasqua... just wait till next week, there will be more Illamasquas I promise!

    e.Xx - I'll be doing a post soon on where online I get my make up from, so stay tuned.

    Beauty Queen - the too faced palette is definitely gorgeous.

    Haute_style - LOL, I'm going through a bright month as you can see!

    Eve - the romantic eye is just amazing, can't believe I didn't own it sooner.

    Clare - I think i'd seen Desire on your blog ages ago and that's when I decided to get it. So you my dear must start wearing it again!

    LauraJean - I love bright colours, and last month especially that's all that I reached for. Glad you liked it.


  9. Great faves' I'd love them all actually lol xxx

  10. I need to use my Desire blush more! It's so pretty. I want that nail polish!! I am after a baby blueish colour. Nice faves xo

  11. that taste blush looks gorgeous! Great favorites!

  12. Great. Now I want that blush more than I did before!

  13. Great favourites. I want NARS Desire. :)

  14. I've heard a lot about Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, looks so pretty!

  15. That ChiChi lipstick still wants me. It's beautiful.

    Oh. ;D I got a rather lovely little package in the mail on Tuesday. I WONDER WHO IT WAS FROM! (-w-; The review may be a bit late though. Laptop has to go in for repairs.)

    P.S. Thank you! <3

  16. That blush from nars reminds me of pink passion from elf

  17. Everything looks so pretty! I want it all! lol

  18. Great favorites! That tarte blush & nars blush look so pretty!! :) xo

  19. Gorgeous favorites ther doll!!Romantic eye looks so pretty!you are so right and I'm into the Illamasqua duo bronzer..when I'll get another one..but how many bronzers??hahaha


  20. I just got some Tarte gel blushers so i really fell you with the Tarte love!! x

  21. Ahhhh I can't wait for my Tarte blushes to get here! I didn't order Dollface, but everytime you show them I'm excited nonetheless :)

    I stalked down a Chi Chi stand at a nearby Myer and they didn't have that shade! I was standing there thinking 'one of these was on Lilit's blog but I don't think it's here' D: I was devastated for a minute or two, haha.

    I have an SLA event coming up so I'll have to check out the lipstick!



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