September 05, 2011

Faking great skin with Illamasqua Skin Base in #8

Hands up who wants great skin. Everyone? Hands up who has great skin? Hmmm... only a few hands, and mine is definitely not amongst them. Yes, I don't have great skin but I sure can fake it!

Last week I finally got the chance to get my mitts on the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation. I'm somewhere between MAC NC25-30 and I was matched to #8 which is a neutral colour. Some colours were yellow toned and some pink, but 8 was perfect with a happy balance between the two.

I was actually very surprised by this foundation. I expected it to be a lot more sheer but it's got buildable coverage that looks natural even in daylight. This is meant to be Illamasqua's answer to cult Asian BB (beauty balm) Creams but I'm not sure about that and that's a good thing!

There are two obvious differences I can see between BB Creams and Skin Base, besides the fact that BB creams have whitening ingredients and Skin Base doesn't. 
  • The shades of real BB Creams are all very pale. Skin Base has like a gazillion shades, (ok 18 shades) from pure white to very dark.
  • All the BB Creams that I have swatched (not bought, they just didn't do it for me) were much more sheer and provided absolutely no coverage. Skin Base provides buildable coverage, meaning if you want to put more on one spot and less on another, that's totally fine and won't look weird.

    How I apply it
    • Apply my favourite lightweight moisturiser (Moo Goo Full Cream which I posted about HERE), wait 2 minutes then apply Skin Base. I don't use a primer as I've never felt the need.
    • I apply using my fingers as I can't work with foundation brushes, plus the warmth of my fingers helps the foundation blend better.
    • I set it with a dusting of Illamasqua powder in PF150 (this is a re-purchase as I love it so much). 
    • Applied this way Skin Base gives me 8hrs of good coverage before starting to fade around my nose and chin area. 

    I love the really natural looking coverage that this gives, which doesn't look cakey. It doesn't hide every blemish or mole, but instead it gives a My-Skin-But-Better look.
    I've left all the photos (except the product shots) deliberately large so you can zoom in to see how natural the foundation looks. Click to enlarge.
    With flash

    Shock, horror, there is something I don't like about it
    The bottle. It's too hard too squeeze. I feel that everytime I squeeze it my thumb and forefinger are getting a workout. I'm going to have to alternate hands from time to time as I can just see my right thumb and forefinger looking decidedly beefier than the left ones. Please Julian (Kynaston, the founder), please change the bottle.

    The bottom line
    It's a fantastic product that works for me. It is pricey, so I'll try not to use it everyday, although you only need a little bit so I imagine this bottle will last me a while. When this eventually runs out I will be re-purchasing.

    I bought my foundation from the Sydney Myer store for $65. It's also available at the city Myer stores in Melbourne or Brisbane or via their website (which delivers to AU).
    Have you tried Skin Base yet? What are your thoughts on it?


    1. Great post & i love your lipstick


      kisses from France <3

    2. You look gorgeous and your skin is beautiful! Fabulous foundation, looks so natural.:)

    3. it looks gorgeous on you! On me well not so much I had shade 12 and it just looked like crap on me :( this post makes me wanna dig it out again and play around :)x x

    4. oh wowww thanks for the step by step photo. now im sold! :)

    5. Oh Lilit, you are so gorgeous!! I am dying to try Skin Base, maybe I'll get the chance to get colour-matched at the launch tonight? xx

    6. This is officially on my wishlist! Wow!

    7. It makes your skin look absolutely gorgeous! Wow so jealous, definitely not in my price range :/
      Great post!

    8. I love my MAC SFF, but I hear it's bad for your skin so I'm looking to try healthier things. MUFE Maybe? My skin is combination oily and very-dry so it's hard to think!

      I for one, think you're beautiful. :D Always!

    9. thanks for the review:) Am very interested in this since I heard about it a month ago. Loving the lippy:)

    10. Brown Sugar - thank you so much, and the lipstick is SLA Orchid Pink. Love that shade.

      Red lips Black hair - thanks hun

      Adrienne - oh you'll need to try it again, I'm really happy with mine so hopefully you can make yours work for you.

      Kumiko Mae - you're welcome hun, hope it helps.

      Angie - Did you get colour matched? I love my SB.

      Y - he he hope you like it, if you end up getting it.

      Lerina Melissa - thanks hun

      Leah - Yes it is pricey, but I'm hoping it will last me a while. I'll prob alternate with my cheaper foundations to make it last me a while.

      Eden - I haven't tried any MUFE yet, not sold in AU unfortunately. And thank you!

      Priyanka - thanks babe, there are so many shades to choose from and it's a really good foundation.


    11. You look stunning here Lilit! I'm dying to try out this products, might have to pick it up next time I'm in Melbourne as it's been getting good reviews.

    12. Oooo I have seen so many people raving about this! I really want to try it. I don't think we have an Illamasqua counter anywhere in Perth though :(

      I'm still yet to try any of their products! I might have to bite the bullet here haha

      Hannah xox

    13. Omg thanks for this post. Without a tan im nc25 so i know im going to buy shade 8 to try!!
      Great review!! Xxx

    14. Great post :) I need to fake some great skin and I've heard many things about the new skin base.

    15. perfection!!! love your hair Lilit :))

    16. Your skin looks fab in the Skin Base! Love the necklace you have on here too :)

    17. I just fell in love with this product. Too bad Illamasqua in Italy is a mirage and I can't decide the color online :(

    18. WOW, I want!! Sadly there's no Illamasqua here.
      Your skin looks perfect!
      I LOVE THE LAST PIC OF YOU LILIT!!! Such a gorgeous smile you have! :)

    19. I've tried this product before as well and found that it kind of wore off a bit over the course of the day.. wasn't that impressed to be honest.

      - E. x

    20. I definitely need to go get matched now, it sounds awesome! :D Thanks for the review.

    21. The finish to your skin is just gorgeous and I would never guess that your skin is anything other than perfect from these photos.

      How I wish we had a counter here in Adelaide so I could go and play ...sigh

    22. Your skin base foundation looks so natural. It is not like other products that 'cracks' when it dries. Thanks for your amazing skin care reviews.



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