September 03, 2011

This week's INs and OUTs and showing some blog lovin'


Colourful accessories
Ah colour blocking. I love that colour has finally made a comeback. After the dreary browns and greys that had dominated the shops in Australia in winter, it's good to finally see some colour. I'm still not game enough to wear a bright orange blazer, or a fuchsia skirt, so until my courage returns (soon, I hope), I'm sticking to colourful accessories instead.

Scunci Hair Challenge
Scunci invited me to take part in a 4 week challenge for the month of September. Basically once a week for 4 weeks I will need to create a hairstyle using some of their innovative products. I’m always up for a challenge, and the fact that I’m generally lazy when it comes to my hair I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to be a bit more creative than just taking my ghd to my hair and curling or straightening it. Here is my little challenge box… what’s inside? You’ll have to wait and see.

Spanish food
I’m a huge fan of Spanish food, whether it’s paellas or parilladas, love them all. Especially if there’s seafood mixed in. Yummm… The best paella I’ve ever had outside of Spain is at Miro Tapas Bar in Sydney’s Liverpool St. But if you know of any other places in Sydney I should check out, let me know!


I found out last week that one of my posts had been stolen and published on another site without my permission or reference to my blog. That site was a content farm (click HERE for wiki definition), basically they steal posts from other pages, then dot them full of ads, and the whole idea is to generate advertising money. The whole site is made up of other stolen content, which is illegal…There were no contact details for that site, but I managed to track down the webhost (thanks to the wonderful Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous) and contacted them as content farms are illegal. And the result? That site has been shut down. #winning

Smoking at entrances of buildings
This will never be in my INs list, but this week especially this has been annoying me. I suffer from migraines which is mostly triggered by cigarette smoke. So for me leaving my office building is like an exercise in how long I can hold my breath. Unfortunately this means I end up breathing those fumes and have to wage a daily battle to control my migraine. Not cool.

I don’t think I know a single person that likes going to the dentist. I always dread going to the dentist, for me it’s like taking your car to the mechanics for a service… they always find something wrong! So at my checkup last week apart from being told off for leaving it too late between appointments my teeth were ok. 

Blog posts I've loved this week
  • Liloo's awesome post on what to do when your Blogger Follower widget keeps disappearing makes me feel so much better.
  • Maryam's stormy weather inspired FOTD is just fabulous. 
  • Amy's post about her gorgeous vintage skirt discovery makes me want to go vintage shopping.
  • Jessica's wedding pics were just amazing!
  • Jen's gorgeous gold, purple and blue EOTD makes me want to experiment with different colour combinations.
  • Vivianna's Sleek purchases have me lemming for nude colours again

And let's not forget my B.F.F. gals' posts!
  • Tammerly from Pink Diva Beauty can't get enough of PRIORI's Coffeeberry Brightening Peel. If your skin is tired, dry or dull then this one's for you.
  • Dr. Naomi shares eyelash extension do's and don'ts with readers and shows a recent client transformation.
  • Adeline creates a gorgeous lavender smoky eye using The Body Shop's Limited Edition Eye Palette. See this and Adeline's outfit of the day (OOTD) at Through Beauty Eyes.
  • Angie from An Obsession With the Fabulous is running a Scunci Hair Giveaway at the moment - win, win, win! 
  • Ahalya from Bug's Beauty Blog decides to try out an 'Orange Cut Crease' EOTD and how cool does it look!
  • Anni from Haute and Stylish shows you how to re-create Napoleon Perdis' look for the MBFF Virgin Fashion Show!
  • Check out Emily's tutorial on how to get a Kim Kardashian-inspired dramatic cat eye at Emily's Anthology.
What are your INs and OUTs this week?


  1. I was reading this and checking everything off in my head haha great minds eh :P That sucks about the plagiarisum :O I cant believe how low some of these companies stoop for a quick buck! xxx

  2. Yum that paella looks to die for, making me want some now, I don't think 12.20 am is paella time though haha.

    I love the colour of the coral and turquoise earrings gorgeous.


  3. Oooh, looking forward to the hair challenge! I'm not much of a hair person, i never really know how to style it :/
    Well done with that "content farm" issue!

  4. Looking forward to your hair challenge

    As for dentists, there's nothing wrong with us :(

  5. yayy great post I love these kind of posts!! Xoxo

  6. Oh Lilit! I can't possibly tell you the countless times that I have been a victim of plagiarism. It makes me so upset when people steal my reviews and pictures, and pass it off as their own work. It truly is disgusting that they just copy and paste my reviews. I have no respect for people like that.

    I do contact the site hosts and sometimes they take the content down, but then there are other times when I guess they ignore my emails and don't do anything about it. It really gets me down :(

  7. Lilit, you are a living legend for getting that site shut down! How dud you discover that your site had been plagerised?

  8. Really looking forward to the hair challenge, can't wait to see what's in the box! :D. Love the gorgeous, bright accessories in the first photo and the Spanish food looks delicious!

    I'm glad you managed to sort out the stolen post problem. I had a similar issue recently (quite a lot of content was taken and published elsewhere) and getting it removed was a nightmare!


  9. Awesome work getting that site shut down Lilit, you're standing up for hard working bloggers everywhere!

  10. Thanks for your comments ladies.

    Alina - oh my god you poor thing. That's awefull. Maybe you should lodge a DCMA Claim with google? (Google it, it's really easy to do). That was going to be my next step if the webhost didn't shut down that site but I didn't have to resort to it. With DCMA google will investigate it for you, and it's through a 3rd party to you should get results. Apart from that don't let it get you down, it just means you're doing something right for people to steal from you!

    Sarah - a bit lame actually, I was googling the name of my blog (told you it was lame!) and it somehow took me to that particular page. I don't even know how, as there were no links from that page to mine. Main thing is I found it, and managed to get it shut.


  11. Plagiarism and smoking sucks! well done to you for getting that site shut down!!
    Ah!I really love those earrings! Great choice xoxo



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