September 22, 2011

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara Gives Me Mega Huge Lashes

I admit, Clarins isn't generally a brand I often buy from. I get swayed by the funkier, more glamorous Illamasquas and MACs out there, and go right past the Clarins counters without a second glance.

Which is a shame, because there are probably lots of gems out there waiting to be discovered, one of which is this Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Black.

This was sent to my by Adore Beauty and I think they may have converted me over to Clarins with this one mascara. Yep, it's THAT good.

My favourite part is the wand with it's precision definition tip. Have a look at the picture below, the tip is slightly longer and thinner, which makes it very easy to get to the corner lashes. After using mascaras with thick wands (e.g. MF False Lash, CG LashBlast), it's so refreshing to be using this type of a wand.

If you've read my blog for any length of time then you'll know I like drag queen mega lashes. Well this mascara gives you that, and more. Normally I do 3 coats of mascara to get the same effect that I get with this mascara in just 2 coats.

And best of all, this mascara does not go crunchy at all on your lashes, nor have any flakiness.  Even at the end of the day my mascara still looks fresh.

  • Makes lashes HUGE
  • Innovative wand makes it easy to get to the corner lashes
  • The colour is a deep jet black, none of that dull charcoal that some blacks can turn into
  • Doesn't make lashes crunchy

  • Price. It is AUD $42, which I suppose is not bad when you compare them to the Lancome and Dior prices, but it is definitely more than what I usually pay. 

    If you want super thick and defined lashes, this is the mascara for you. I will definitely be purchasing this, but maybe instead of using it everyday I'll save it for special occasions.

    On another note, Adore Beauty is doing a Budgeting For Beauty survey and if you do the survey, which is a simple 3 question thing, there is a little surprise at the end. Hint (it may be a discount code...sshhhh), so if you'd like to take part in the survey click HERE. You have until 10 October 2011 to do it.

    Disclaimer - provided by Adore Beauty for review purposes. I do not get paid to write reviews. My views on this product are honest, and let's be realistic, you only need to look at the pics to see how good this mascara is!

    Have you tried any makeup from Clarins? Are you also like me, ignoring this fabulous brand for the funkier brands out there?


    1. I feel the same about Clarins lol. I hardly ever stop to swatch there because of the lure of more 'exciting' brands.

      The mascara makes your lashes look like falsies! Love it. Might pick up a tube next time I'm doing a US buy.

    2. result is great but it is expensive one

    3. Jen - we have beauty ADD, as soon as a newer, shinier brand is out there we forget about everything else!

      Sana - yes it definitely is :)

      Sahar - I know, I mainly buy drugstore mascaras so this is def more than I usually spend, but it is a good one.


    4. I really like the wand with the tip, I think it's a pretty good idea! I've never heard of this one before, I like reviews of products that are not all over the place :)

    5. the wand's tip for corner lashes is such a great idea. the quality of the product looks great in your photos. i really love your blog!

    6. I feel like Clarins is a really clean and clinical brand - kind of like Clinique. I've read really great reviews about their primer (it comes in a pot) and when I swatched it at the counter if felt very nice and smooth on the skin. I've been thinking about picking that up for a while, so you've inspired me to stop by Clarins and have a play!

    7. I never use Clarins.. but now I may give this a go. I dont know why but I think i skip them because they are a bit boring in comparison to Mac etc... silly really xx

    8. I've never purchased from Clarins - but yes, I do tend to ignore the classics for the funkier more youthful brands.

      Your lashes look amazing with this on. Power to the drag queen lashes!

      Off topic...PLEASE tell me what you're wearing on that gorgeous face and lips of yours! You look BEAUTIFUL!

    9. I don't own anything from Clarins. This looks great though. Actually I have never bought any really expensive mascara

    10. Wow!Never thought that Clarins would have a mascara that does THAT!! I thought they were all about the "naturaaal" =P

      Thanks for sharing..

    11. Thanks for the review Hun and btw you look stunning in the picture,your make up skills are amazing!!


    12. Thanks for your comments everyone. Next time you're at clarins give their products a swatch, I know I will!

      Australian Beauty - I have the exact same thoughts about them too! Too clean and clinical :-)

      Tali - the shinier, funkier brands always take my attention away from Clarins too. Yep, silly. x

      Eden - I still have more photos with this look, so I will do a FOTD breakdown sometime next week. That lipstick is Barry M 147 btw.


    13. Ooooooh seems quite impressive esp the wand ... btw I love ur necklace ... :-) ... I guesss you should do a jewellry collection post when u have time ...would love to see them ....

    14. I WANT YOUR EYELASHES!!! They are so long and full~

      You look gorgeous! Love the lippie~

    15. Wow, it looks amazing on you! But your already have long lashes to start with, I'm jealous!

    16. Saumya - sounds like a great idea hun, happy to do an accessories post. Maybe next week :)

      PopBlush - thanks hun, and the lippie is a cheapie Barry M 147, pretty good actually.

      Gaby - thanks hun, but the mascara def helps to define it tough.


    17. ooo pretty lashes! They are so long ;) I have never tried anything from Clarins before, but now you have made me curious about exploring the brand, lol!

    18. I feel the same about Clarins, they're kind of an old lady brand for me. Though their new-ish mosaic bronzer looks pretty badass....

      Anyway I also like drag queen mega lashes, so I think this looks amazing on you!



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