August 20, 2014


Hi lovelies, just a quick note to say we're taking a short tropical holiday so things will be quiet here on the blog front for the next couple of weeks. I will still be active on Instagram (you can follow me here @lilitsblog) but in the meantime don't forget I have an international GIVEAWAY open which you can enter here.

See you in a couple of weeks!


August 17, 2014

Single eyeshadow FOTD

Sometimes I just can't be bothered spending a lot of time blending out various eyeshadows to create a nice eye look. Sometimes all I want is a single wash of colour on my lids, and this look I'm showing you here is from one of such "sometimes". I wore it Saturday when I was a bit time poor but of course still wanted to look decent.

August 15, 2014

Lip Week Day 5 - it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Thank you so much everyone for tuning in all this week to read about my favourite lipsticks. As a little token of my appreciation I'd like to give one reader a lipstick of their choice from the ones I've featured over the last 4 days.

I featured 20 different lipsticks, and if you win you can pick any one of them that you like. Of course the lipstick you choose will be brand new, and as long as it's still available for purchase - i.e. it's not discontinued, then you can have it.

Yes, it's open internationally!

Depending on where the winner is based and what lipstick they choose, the prize will be sent either by me (i.e. if I get it from a bricks and mortar store) or directly from the store if it was an online purchase.

To enter you simply must be a follower of Makeup and Macaroons via Bloglovin' OR Instagram OR
Facebook and fill out the Rafflecopter form below. There are some other options to get more points, all is in the form below including the terms and conditions.

Opens 15 August 2014
Closes  31 August 2014
Open Internationally

a Rafflecopter giveaway

August 14, 2014

Lip Week - Day 4 Brights

And here we come to my favourite day of Lip Week, brights! Up until maybe 3yrs ago I used to only wear nude lipsticks, or glosses. Then one day I tried a bright red lip (it was BYS Red Hot), loved it, and never looked back! Here are my favourite brights.

Left to right, they are:

1. MAC Impassioned - of course this is here, it's my favourite shade of all brights. It's a warm watermelon pink, definitely a summery colour and it's an instant face brightener. Looks best with minimal eye makeup.

2. L'Oreal Matte lipstick in Glamor Fuschia - this tends to pull raspberry on me rather than fuchsia, but love it anyway. It's more of an autumn shade I'd say. The matte formula isn't drying at all, and if there were more colours in the range that I liked I'd buy them all!

3. Shanghai Suzy in Miss Melissa - This is my only other Shanghai Suzy lipstick. It's slightly brighter than the L'Oreal one and slightly cooler toned.

4. Savvy by DB lipstick in San Fran - these lipsticks are fabulous, they cost around $7 at Priceline and the lasting power is incredible, as is the pigmentation. This is one of my more muted brights (or is that an oxymoron?).

5. NARS lipstick in Schiap - Super bright, super glamorous, my photo doesn't do the colour justice as in real life it's a lot more punchy. The formula is semi matte which I find drying, but because I love the colour I forgive it this little sin.

And here are the lip swatches in natural light, no lipliner.
1. MAC Impassioned; 2. L'Oreal Glamor Fuchsia; 3. Shanghai Suzy Miss Melissa; 4. Savvy San Fran; NARS Schiap

This brings me to the end of my favourite lipstick swatches, but there's still one more day left of lip week. What's happening tomorrow? It's a surprise! So come back tomorrow and see for yourself.

August 13, 2014

Lip Week - Day 3 Coral

I tend to wear corals only in spring and summer, so these haven't been getting much love from me lately, but none the less they're still favourites!

The colours, left to right are:

1. Dose of Colors lipstick in Play Date - I absolutely love the Dose of Colors lipsticks, which you get get from their website (with international shipping). This colour is a milky coral, quite pale actually, so it's best to wear it lightly as being highly pigmented this can make my lips look somewhat too concealer-like... if concealers were coral!

2. Inglot Lipstick in #104 - this is such a lovely and wearable shade. In real life there's a slight frost to it which I wasn't able to capture in the photo. It's definitely a summer shade, really brightens up the complexion.

3. Shanghai Suzy lipstick in Miss Simone - I was tossing up whether to put this shade in the nudes category or corals, but since the official shade description is "baby coral" then in the coral category it goes. I've just discovered the Shanghai Suzy lipsticks, and I will no doubt be going back for more.

4. Avon Lipstick in Pink Lily - this is definitely not pink, and it's more of a peachy shade but I'm not complaining as the colour is gorgeous. The formula is creamy and quite pigmented too.

5. MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic - This is like a slightly brighter version of #2 (Inglot one). It's again slightly frosted, but it's a bit punchier and again definitely a summer shade.

And here are the lip swatches, in natural light with no lipliner.
1. Dose of Colors in Play Date; 2.Inglot #104; 3. Shanghai Suzy Miss Simone; 4. Avon Pink Lily; 5. MAC Costa Chic

What do you think of my favourite corals? 

August 12, 2014

Lip Week: Day 2 Pinks

Pinks would have to be my favourite colour lipsticks to wear. It wasn't always the case, as a nude wearer all through my teens and early 20s every time I thought of pink lipstick I imagined some frosted pale pink number from the 80s. But, no frost in sight here in my top 5 pink lipsticks!

Here they are, left to right.

1. Dose of Colors lipstick in Love Potion - this is definitely a cool pink, it's more a lilac really but I love it and had to include it here because I wasn't about to do a "top 5 lilac lipsticks post!". I bought this one from the Dose of Colors website which ships internationally, and I highly recommend it. Pigmented, creamy and long lasting. From memory they were around $16 USD each, and worth every penny.

2. Illamasqua lipstick in Corrupt - this is probably my favourite lipstick ever. It's an extremely matte shade (Illamasqua mattes are quite drying), but that also means it's long lasting. The colour is a warm candy pink, and I'll be getting a backup soon as I'm quickly using it up!

3. Rimmel Kate lipstick in #15 - this is a very warm pink. The formula is beautiful and creamy, but it does wear off after a couple of hours. It is an easy to wear shade though, so I always carry this around in my handbag just in case.

4. MAC Viva Glam Nicki - this is an almost neon pink, the photo doesn't do it justice. It's my summer pink, it looks far too garish in colder months but on a warm summers day this just brightens up my whole face.

5. Illamasqua Satin lipstick in Luster - the satin formulas are definitely more creamy than the original Illamasqua lipsticks, and Luster is one of my favourite shades from the range. It's cool toned, but bright and wearable.

And here are the swatches, in natural light, no lipliner.
1. Dose of Colors Love Potion; 2. Illamasqua Corrupt; 3. Rimmel Kate #16; 4. MAC Viva Glam Nicki; 5. Illamasqua Luster

What do you think of my favourite pinks? Do you own any of them?

August 11, 2014

Lip Week Day 1: Nude lipsticks

Welcome to Lip Week! Today I'm showing you my top 5 favourite nude lipsticks. Even though I'm a bright lippy lover, sometimes a girl doesn't want to attract too much attention to her lips so a good quality nude is a must.

The colours, left to right are:

1. Heavy Rotation Milky Colour in 03 - I bought this from a Korean cosmetics store in Taylor Square (Sydney), but I've since seen them at various other Korean stores so if you love the colour I suggest you pop over to your nearest store and see if they have it. It's quite similar to MAC Myth, is a semi-matte milky nude that I wear under glosses.

2. MAC Creme Cup - a pinky nude shade. It's cremesheen formula so it's not the longest lasting lippy, but it's such an easy to wear shade you can see I've almost finished it up.

3. Chi Chi Viva La Diva lipstick in Hollywood Heiress - this one leans quite warm, almost peachy, on my lips. I like to wear this when I have a bit of a tan, otherwise it makes my skin look sallow. The formula is creamy, and coverage is semi-opaque. Similar to Cremesheens.

4. Maybelline lipstick in Warm Latte - this is a frosty shade, it looks fab with a tan but looks great even without one. I like it because the added frostiness lifts this up from a boring nude to something a bit more exciting.

5. Maybelline Matte lipstick in MAT7 - another Maybelline! This is a recent acquisition, it's a very browny nude. It's matte, but not very drying, and I tend to wear this when I'm wearing a bit of colour on the eyes, e.g. with green eyeshadow.

And here are the lip swatches, which have all been taken in natural light. I have not used a lipliner so that you can see the true colour of the lipsticks.
1. Heavy Rotation in 03; 2. MAC in Creme Cup; 3. Chi Chi in Hollywood Heiress; 4. Maybelline in Warm Latte; 5. Maybelline in MAT07

What do you think of my favourite nude lipsticks? Do you have any of them?

August 10, 2014

Coming up: Lip Week

Hi all, I get asked all the time what my favourite lipsticks are. Since there are too many to name all at once, I've decided to devote all of this upcoming week starting to my favourite lipsticks. Or to be more precise, to my top 5 favourite lipsticks in each colour category, such as nudes, pinks, etc.

Here's what you can expect to see.

Monday - Nudes
Tuesday - Pinks
Wednesday - Corals
Thursday - Brights
Friday - Ummm... not sure yet!

So see you tomorrow evening with a roundup of my favourite nude lipsticks!


August 07, 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique - perfect skin trio

Here's a new face base trio* I've been trialling lately, all from the L'Oreal Nude Magique range. I call it my perfect skin trio as it makes my skin look smooth, and like it's naturally perfect. Read on to see my individual reviews of each of the items.

August 05, 2014

Illamasqua Skin Base Lift Concealer Review

Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands but it's been ages since I got anything from them. Mainly because my nearest store is in Sydney City at Myer and I haven't really gone into town for quite a while. This concealer is something I was keen to try, as I'm already a fun of the Skin Base foundation and a matching concealer sounded good to me!

August 03, 2014

A BIG Yes to the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes

I was at Priceline the other day (have you noticed how a lot of my posts start that way? I could live there!) when I noticed the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes had just been released. I hadn't read anything about them yet but with the pretty colours on offer and a price tag of $16.95 for the polish and top coat combo I thought I'd give one a try. Actually, I ended up getting not one but 3 of them! I couldn't decide on the colours, so I ended up with my never-fail options of mint (B-Girl), coral (Pretty Piggy) and creamy nude (Birthday Suit).


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