August 03, 2014

A BIG Yes to the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes

I was at Priceline the other day (have you noticed how a lot of my posts start that way? I could live there!) when I noticed the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes had just been released. I hadn't read anything about them yet but with the pretty colours on offer and a price tag of $16.95 for the polish and top coat combo I thought I'd give one a try. Actually, I ended up getting not one but 3 of them! I couldn't decide on the colours, so I ended up with my never-fail options of mint (B-Girl), coral (Pretty Piggy) and creamy nude (Birthday Suit).

These claim to give you gel-like nails without needing to cure under a UV lamp. The top coat is said to react with natural light and "cure" the polish to give you up to 2 weeks of shiny, chip free wear. Having worn all 3 shades, I can say that none of them lasted for 2 weeks. But they did last a whole week without any chips and remained shiny right till the end. That in itself is a major feat I think. Oh and another bonus is that they remove exactly like normal polishes, with just some cotton balls soaked in remover - none of the crazy scrubbing or foil methods of the regular gel polishes needed here.

I've only swatched the mint polish here, B-Girl, but there are fantastic swatches of all the shades from this range HERE.
Wearing 3 coats of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in B-Girl

If you're looking for the exact same lasting power and shine as traditional gel polishes, these ain't them. However if you want really good quality, creamy, long lasting polished then definitely give these a try.

Have you seen or tried these polishes yet? Thoughts?


  1. These sound fantastic. I love that B girl shade too, might have to try these!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Those are nice shades you got! I haven't tried them yet,


  3. Yes, I definitely like the idea of long-lasting manicure. The colours you've picked are fab! We've tried then a while ago (me and my nailicious partner in crime) and it took quite a long time (over 1 hour!!!) for manic to dry. So I'm wondering how long did it take yours to dry? xx

    ps. if it's a duplicate comment, pls delete one of them.

    1. Hi babe, really that long? Mine took prob 30mins max, and that's for 3 coats of polish + the top coat. I normally paint my nails in the evening and find that I end up sleeping on them at night and put hair/pillow marks on it but it didn't happen with this. xx

  4. I've been keen to try these gel type nail polishes eithe the Sally Hansen or Maybelline however like Maria said I've heard a few comments that they take a long time to try. I'm impatient at the best of times with nail polish.

    1. Mine were dry within 30mins for 3 coats + top coat, which is a bit longer than others but considering they last a long time I don't mind! I'm too lazy to do my nails often, so I'm willing to invest that little bit extra time to get longevity out of them :)



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