May 27, 2015

Brows brows brows - favourite brow products

A few years ago if you'd asked me what's the one beauty product I can't live without, I probably would have said mascara. Now it would have to be eyebrow pencil. Why? Because nicely done brows will really frame the face, giving it definition, making eyes look bigger and even slim down the cheeks. And well, because I have really yucky and patchy brows from years of over plucking, so a good brow product is absolutely essential for me.

Here is what I have on rotation. All of them purchased with my own hard earned cash, and repurchased over and over and over again.

May 17, 2015

Physicians Formula "Ooh La la Sexy Eyes Trio" Review

A while back I was sent a very generous goody bag of new Physicians Formula products but I am yet to tackle it properly and see what's inside. I blame the fact that at 8.5 months pregnant my energy levels are at an all time low. But I did manage to take a quick peek inside the goody bag and this eyeliner trio caught my eye, so I thought a review is in order!
Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Trio

What is it?
The Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Trio (phew, mouthful!) is a trio of eyeliners designed to help you create a variety of eye looks. They're also hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive eyes. The eyeliners come in a little carry case. You get:
  • A felt tip liquid eyeliner to help you create a cat-eye flick
  • A kohl kajal eyeliner for dark and dramatic looks, works also perfectly on inner rims
  • An automatic eyeliner pencil for every day looks

May 05, 2015

A dupe for Lime Crime Utopia? Yeah, close enough!

Excuse the somewhat long and unexplained absence. We had no internet for a couple of weeks, then we went on a mini getaway to the Blue Mountains and before I knew it it was 3 weeks since my last post! Oops.

In other news, I'd been meaning to do a comparison post of the Lime Crime Velveteen in Utopia with the Savvy Ultra Matte lip colour in Icon, as I had a sneaking suspicion they might be dupes. So here it is.

Swatched side by side they're close, but not perfect. Icon is definitely more purple based whereas Utopia is warmer. However worn on the lips, and given enough time to dry on the lips, they're actually pretty darn close! In the lip swatch below I'm wearing Icon on the bottom lip with Utopia on top. I'm sure if you look closely enough you can tell the difference in shades, but to just a passing observer the difference is negligent.


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