May 05, 2015

A dupe for Lime Crime Utopia? Yeah, close enough!

Excuse the somewhat long and unexplained absence. We had no internet for a couple of weeks, then we went on a mini getaway to the Blue Mountains and before I knew it it was 3 weeks since my last post! Oops.

In other news, I'd been meaning to do a comparison post of the Lime Crime Velveteen in Utopia with the Savvy Ultra Matte lip colour in Icon, as I had a sneaking suspicion they might be dupes. So here it is.

Swatched side by side they're close, but not perfect. Icon is definitely more purple based whereas Utopia is warmer. However worn on the lips, and given enough time to dry on the lips, they're actually pretty darn close! In the lip swatch below I'm wearing Icon on the bottom lip with Utopia on top. I'm sure if you look closely enough you can tell the difference in shades, but to just a passing observer the difference is negligent.

Besides the colour dupe-ness (is that even a word), I thought I'd compare a few other things as well.

Both come with a sponge tip applicator, apply wet then within 60 seconds dry to a super-matte finish. Both are also incredibly matte and budge proof.

Lime Crime Utopia wins hands down. It feels very lightweight on the lips, you can't even tell you're wearing anything despite the matte finish. Savvy Icon however feels heavy, and also feels a lot more drying on the lips.

It's a tie again, both are budge proof and will stay on your lips until you're ready to take them off. In fact even when ready to take them off, you'll probably have trouble as they both adhere to your lips like glue! An oil based makeup remover (or cotton pad dabbed with olive oil) are the only things I found worked well to remove these from my lips without scrubbing.

Utopia is somewhere between $20-26 depending where you buy it from. There are a few online retailers for it (Lulu and Lipstick, Discount Beauty Boutique, etc... just google Lime Crime Australia and you should get some other stores), though I got mine from IMATS late last year. Icon is around $7 and you can get it from Priceline.

On the whole I'd say the colours are very close when worn on the lips, but in terms of comfort and application the Lime Crime one wins the prize for me. However, if you can't track it down or don't want to spend $26 for it, then go for the Savvy one and put the savings towards...ummm... more makeup?

Have you tried either of these brands? What do you think of the comparison?


  1. You look stunning, that shade suits you so much!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Limecrime is pretty expensive so i'll get my hands on any dupe I can! Holly x

  3. What an awesome pop of colour! I wasn't aware Savvy had a matte lip colour range, will check it out. :)



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