March 31, 2014

Taking a bloggie break

I've decided to take the month of April off away from the blog.

I have been blogging for 3.5yrs now and have never taken a bloggie break. Even when on holidays or when I had a baby I've still had drafts lined up for publishing in my absence. I love to blog and I love interacting with all my wonderful readers. But lately things have been getting a bit hectic for me in my personal and professional life and I feel like I'm not giving my blog the attention it deserves.

Makeup and Macaroons is a hobby blog, I have a job in a completely different field 4 days a week. And lets not forget my toddler son who is verrrrry active and keeps me on my toes all the time. So right now it's getting a bit difficult to juggle it all. And yes, I know there are wonder women out there that can juggle 4 kids under 4, a blog, and compete in fitness competitions but that's not me (Freckled Fox, I'm looking at YOU!). I don't want to feel like blogging is a chore, so taking some time away from the blog will do me good I think.

I do want to thank you all for your continued support throughout these last few years, and a warm welcome to all my new readers. I'll be back again in May 2014 but in the meantime you can keep in touch with me via my Instagram (@lilitsblog).

PS: I would love it if you could take 2 mins to do my survey below, it's just so I can find out what kind of posts you'd like to see more of here in the future. The responses are anonymous.

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March 29, 2014

Femme Boulevard - Hollywood Goddess

Welcome to another instalment of Femme Boulevard where me and the rest of the FB girls create a look along a particular theme chosen for the month. This month we decided on Hollywood Goddess as our theme. I decided to do a look inspired by Marion Cotillard. To me she is the epitome of a modern Hollywood Goddess. She is always so beautifully styled, never over the top, and oh so glamorous in that understated French way. I also love how she's always smiling in her red carpet photos - makes me happy looking at her, unlike other actresses who seem to have a permanent scowl glued to their face.

Back to Marion and the look I was most inspired by, which was of Marion at the 2013 BAFTAs. In that look she did her hair up in a side chignon, a classic red lip and a winged eyeliner... but, just above the black liner there was a slick of blue liner! Yep, she took a classic look and made it her own.
Left: Marion Cotillard at the 2013 BAFTAs, Right: my interpretation of the look

March 27, 2014

Avon's new cosmetics range appeals to the girly girl in me

Ok, can we just take a moment and look at the prettiness that is the packaging of Avon's new Overnature range. I'm not normally one to get sucked in by packaging, but this just makes me want to clap my hands in excitement. The white packaging with purple orchid prints on it is so beautiful that you don't even want to open it to see what's inside. But you must, as what's inside is just as beautiful. 

March 25, 2014

Operation Healthy Hair: 1 MONTH UPDATE

Do you remember I posted a month ago that I've embarked on a bit of a journey to get my hair to healthy conditions? All the styling, teasing, playing with it and twisting it had taken their toll on my poor hair which had ended up dry, dull and full of split ends. I decided to use plain and simple coconut oil to get it healthy again. I also stopped washing it every day and instead wash it every 2nd day to give my hair a bit of a break.

One month in I'm pleased to say there is a noticeable difference! I had my hair cut just before I took the photo on the left to get rid of some of the split ends. A month later my hair definitely looks shinier, fuller and less scraggly at the ends. It also feels thicker, and smoother to touch as you can see from the curled hair photo on the bottom. It's far from healthy yet, but it's definitely getting there!

 photo IMG_5954_zps04c32c6d.jpg

Hair Products I'm using now

TREATMENT: Coconut Oil
This is a new jar that I'm using as I finished up my old one. I bought it from my local chemist for around $8, and as I mentioned in the previous post it doesn't matter what brand of coconut oil you get as long as it's extra virgin. I apply this to my hair about an hour or so before washing it 2 nights a week. As it is an oil I need to shampoo my hair twice to get it all off my hair, so if you are going to try coconut oil then make sure you wash it off well.

SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: L'Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
I got this because the hairdresser recommended it, but to be quite honest it's a bit average for me. I don't feel like they're moisturising enough so I won't be repurchasing it. Maybe for someone with normal hair this would work better, but it's not for me.

DRY SHAMPOO: Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair*
Since I'm trying to not wash my hair every day, on some days a dry shampoo is a must. Unfortunately I'm yet to find the perfect dry shampoo that doesn't make my roots feel gross. This one is pretty good as it's formulated for dark hair (bye bye white powdery roots!), but after a few hours of applying this my roots feel quite heavy, so this isn't the perfect one for me either.

HAIRSPRAY: L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray
I've been using this for quite a few years now. I keep on repurchasing it because it brushes out easily and doesn't make my hair feel crunchy, but gives me the hold that I need.

LEAVE IN TREATMENT/STYLING: L'Oreal Mythic Oil and David Babaii Miracle Elixir spray*
Whenever I'm wearing my hair straight I apply a bit of the L'Oreal Mythic Oil in my palms then rub over my hair to give it shine. This is quite potent, so the tiniest bit is needed as otherwise it makes my hair into an oil slick! Whenever I curl my hair I spray a bit of the David Babbai spray for shine and a bit of definition, as the spray makes it easier to apply without messing up my curls.

So there you have it, a month of using coconut oil and a more simplified hair care routine and I'm already seeing results. I can't wait to see how my hair will feel during the next month's update.

*PR Sample

March 24, 2014

International Beauty: USA

Welcome to another instalment of International Beauty where I ask a beauty blogger to tell us of 3 cult products from their country. Today we're visiting the USA with Leticia of Cosmetics Aficionado. Over to you Leticia!
 photo USACollage_zps449a8b63.jpg

The United States is a great and awful place for the beauty addict. There is so much available to us here, which makes it really hard to stick to a budget when there are always great products and collections coming down the pipeline. Great colors and innovative products are always within our reach.

1. theBalm InStain Blushes
I can’t even narrow it down to one shade with these blushes. They are all just so packed with pigment, look great on the skin, and they wear like iron. I don’t get a trace of fading even on long days, and every shade I have tried has given me a natural looking flush. Each blush retails for $22, but they occasionally have 50% off sales on their web site.

2. Sugarpill Chromalusts
I am a huge pigment fan, and it really doesn’t get much better than Sugarpill’s Chromalusts. The color selection is not for the faint of heart, as shades range from bold blues to reds to lime greens. You don’t have to limit yourself to using them as an eyeshadow. You can also use them as liners! The Sugarpill Chromalusts retail for only $12 per jar, and each jar comes with a lot of product. They are definitely a bargain! They are all very pigmented and stay bold until I wash my makeup off.

3. Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil in Almond Cream
This pencil is not only a great shadow base that evens out my skin tone, gives my shadows a base to stick to, and helps my shadows pop, but it is also extremely affordable for every budget. The pencils retail for only $6.99 each, and Almond Cream has been made permanent in their line.


Thanks so much Leticia! I know if I was to visit the US I'd be doing a lot of damage to my credit card! So many products to choose from! I'm especially eyeing off those Milani pencils.

Leticia is a beauty blogger from the Pacific Northwest who writes for the blog Cosmetics Aficionado. She’s a makeup enthusiast and Star Trek geek. She covers everything from makeup looks to nail art to beauty product reviews. Smoky eyes are her favorite looks to do, though she does like to do looks from everyday to bold. You can find Leticia on her BLOG, TWITTER , FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM


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