February 03, 2016

Rimmel The ONLY ONE lipstick review

Rimmel has launched a new line of lipsticks called The Only One. Why such a name? Because it's meant to be the only lipstick you will ever need as it will meet all your needs from a lippie. That's a pretty big claim, but does it deliver? Well, it depends what you're looking for in a lipstick, really.

Colours L/R: 110, 200, 510, 600, 120, 700

The lipsticks are all very pigmented with intense colour pay off, you don't need to swipe the lippies several times to get them to show on your lips. They're also super creamy and very weightless, it almost feels like you're wearing a balm instead of a lipstick. The formulation reminds me a lot of the YSL Rouge Couture line of lippies which retail for, oh I don't know, maybe 10 times the price of these ones. So I'd say in terms of colour and formulation, these lipsticks definitely deliver.

What it does not deliver is longevity. Because it's so creamy it comes off pretty much at first contact with coffee cups, food, cutlery, etc. So if your list of demands from a lipstick includes lasting power, then this is not your Only One. But if you don't mind reapplying your lipsticks every few hours then you can't go past these little beauties.

See below for lots of pictures and swatches of the colours I have.

December 02, 2015

I got my brows tattooed!

You might remember from an earlier post that I was thinking of getting my brows featherstroke tattooed. My own natural brows are very patchy from years of overplucking, and I was getting sick of filling them in each morning. When you see the state of my natural brows you'll know exactly why I HAVE to fill them in. The solution? Feather stroke tattoo, which I got done recently.

Here's a before/after photo for your viewing pleasure before I get started on the post. Please note this is picture heavy.
Picture source (@la_belle_parra)

This type of tattoo is designed to mimic real hair and look really natural, so you don't get the solid coloured brows that can make you look like Morticia Addams. It's semi-permanent, meaning that it's not going to last forever so there's no risk that I'll be 80 yrs old with grey hair and super dark arched brows. This type of tattoo lasts anywhere up to 5 years, depending on your hair and skin type.

I've had a lot of questions from people about the process, so I thought I'd do a blog post about my experience. Just remember these are my opinions based on my experience, if you are considering getting feather stroke brow tattoos I suggest you find a reputable salon that does it and ask for a consultation so they can give you more in-depth answers.

October 15, 2015

Pixi Beauty product review

A little while ago I was sent some goodies from Pixi Beauty. Pixi Beauty isn't that well known in Australia, at least not to me, however their UK store delivers worldwide, and they also stock them at Sephora Australia if you happen to live near one. Today I'm showing you 3 items which really stood out for me.

September 30, 2015

September Top 5

Hello lovelies.

September was a bit of a tough month for me. I caught tonsillitis, twice. The baby grew out of the newborn stage, which means no longer could I rely on marathon naps lasting 3hrs, and the 3yr old suddenly turned into a threenager and required constant attention. But did this mean I stopped wearing makeup? Hell no. Except maybe on some of the sick at home days. But what it meant is I stuck to boring old, but very trusty, neutral shades to get me through the tough times.

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette - new addition to my makeup family and I love love love it. The colours are pigmented and amazing quality, with no fall out. And best of all, all the shades are wearable and application is a no-brainer, any shade even just quickly applied on the lid will work.

2. LA Girl Matte Pigment Glosses (Colours pictured here are Dreamy & Playful)- these are the kind that you apply like a gloss and they dry to a super matte budge proof finish. These are the best type of lippies to wear when you have young kids as they won't transfer onto them (if you're like me and constantly cuddle and kiss them).

3. Illamasqua Blush in Naked Rose - my trusty favourite, it's a neutral rose pink that is not over the top and gives just the right amount colour to my cheeks. I'm sure you can tell from the pan that this gets a lot of wear!

4. Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Lose Your Lingerie - this soft pink polish hardly left my nails all month. Why? Dries super quickly, laps about a week without chips and goes with absolutely any outfit I wear.

5. Carmex Original Lipbalm - See point number 2. Those super matte lippies are also super drying on the lips. Not to mention the fact being sick also dries out the lips. I've been using the original Carmex for years and years as I find this is the only lip balm that actually moisturises my lips without simply masking the dryness.

What have been your favourites in September?

September 26, 2015

L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish in #857 Chantilly Lace

I adore the look of crisp white nails, but some white nail polishes can make it look like you dipped your fingers in liquid paper (remember those?). I was so glad I found this one from L'Oreal called Chantilly Lace, as not only does it not look like liquid paper, it's also fairly long lasting (5 days no chips). And these cute little bottles are such a perfect size, as I tend to use up these polishes before they go clumpy or dry out.

I'm wearing 3 coats in these pics because I like a really opaque look, but I think even 2 would be enough.

Do you wear white nail polish?


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