September 20, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday - Pink blushes

I'm starting a new weekly series, Top 5 Tuesday, where each Tuesday I'll post about whatever Top 5 is on my mind that week. I'm pretty sure I saw the idea on another blog, but I read so many blogs I don't know where I saw it! So if this idea is from your blog, let me know and I'll credit you asap!

I go through phases with makeup, sometimes I'm obsessed with lipsticks, sometimes eyeshadows, and sometimes blushes. Lately I've been loving pink blushes.

Nars "Desire"
A very bright and pigmented blush. This looks scary in the pan, but if used lightly it gives a healthy pink glow to the face. HERE is the full review.

Illamasqua "Hussy"
This is a warm toned pink, perfect with a (fake) tan. When I wear this it looks like I've just been out for a jog (ha!) with that lit from within pink glow. Full review HERE.

Tarte "Dollface"
This has been featuring on my blog a lot lately, not suprising, as this is a perfect cool toned pale pink which looks great in winter. I think in summer this might be too pale for me, but in the meantime I'll get as much wear out of this now as I can. Full review HERE.

LA Colors Mineral Blush "Just Peachy" 
This is a cheapie US drugstore brand that I'd picked up from a discount cosmetics store near my work for around $4.95. Even though the colour says Peachy, to me it's more pink than peach. It has slight shimmer, and it's great for a pink summer cheek.

W7 Blush "Baby Pink" 
Another drugstore cheapie. I bought this one from that same discount cosmetics store as the LA Colors one (Cosmo Cosmetics in Parramatta for those playing at home). Similar to Tarte "Dollface" this is a winter pink for me. It has a slight shimmer, and makes my cheeks look doll like.

And now to the swatches in various lighting conditions.
Daylight, no flash

Daylight, flash
Indoors, flash

What are some of your favourite pink blushes?


  1. Oh i want every single one of them - They all look soooo pretty! I'm still yet to try any of the NARS blushes so i may just have to treat myself to one i cannot resist that colour!
    Great post Lilit!

  2. I betcha I will totally catch your blush bug soon! So pretty! The W7 looks exactly like one I'd go for (:

    I like this kind of post!

  3. Holly - thanks hun, and I think that NARS pink would look unreal with your colouring!

    Leah - the W7 one was really cheap, around $7 i think? So hope you can find it, it's lovely.


  4. I'm actually on the hunt for the perfect pink blush and I need something soft for my fair skin. The LA colours blush looks lovely! :)

  5. the LA color blush looks very pretty .. seems like a perfect peachy pink :)

  6. all are looking great in swatches

    i <3 w7 baby pink

    i would love if u follow

  7. these are all gorgeous! I think the taste one is my favorite :D

  8. I love Bobbi Brown Apricot & NYX Cream blush in Glow.. Both I find really brightens up my face =)

  9. I really want to try the W7 blusher :) love that brand!!

    xxx Kat

  10. SO gorgeous! The peachy one just looks divine! xxx

  11. I've seen a lot from NARS lately, so I feel I definitely must get some NARS!!!
    If you mean pinkies in blushes, Pixie Pink from Sleek is a good one, or Santorini, also from Sleek, they're good in pigment and they work so good to most of looks!

  12. I think hussy is a shade I'm gonna need in my life!

  13. Hussy is BEAUTIFUL. I'll definitely be tacking it onto my next blush haul. <3 Thanks for sharing all of these gorgeous shades!

  14. great review and so timely for me because I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pink blush :)) thanks Lilit!!

  15. OMG! must get my hands on that illamasqua one!




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