September 16, 2011

Everyday heroes - the products that I can't live without

Being a beauty blogger (and a makeup addict!) means I use a lot of different products, and most of the time I'm not loyal to anything in particular. But there are a few things that I reach for on an almost daily basis because I know I can rely on them for making me look decent without too much effort. Oh and the title might be a slight exaggeration, I can live without them, but I choose not to.

These are my everyday heroes that I know I will repurchase when they run out.
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation
I have 3 colours to match my skintone throughout the year. In summer I'm generally Sand Beige, in winter Classic Ivory. Right now I mix Classic Ivory and Nude to match my current going-into-spring skintone. This is my HG foundation, it's perfect for my dry skin, though those with oilier skins might find this too rich and creamy. Click HERE to see my previous review.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
I use this to set my foundation every day. I have two colours to match my skintone throughout the year, Light Medium and Medium. This is perfect at giving a semi matte coverage that still looks natural and non-cakey.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
I use this every single day to contour my face and give me cheekbones. It's the perfect matte non-orange bronzer. It might be too light for olive skinned beauties out there, but on my (usually) NC25 skintone it's perfect. Click HERE to see my previous review.

Illamasqua Lover and Tarte Dollface
Lover is possibly my favourite blush ever. It's very smooth, finely milled and extremely pigmented. The soft apricot colour is perfect at giving a natural warm glow to the face. Or if I prefer a pink look then Tarte Dollface is what I reach for. Link to previous posts about Lover HERE, and Dollface HERE.

Revlon Pink Pout and MAC Impassioned
My absolute all time favourite lippie is MAC Impassioned. It's the perfect bright watermelon pink that brightens the complexion instantly. I love this one so much that I'm stalking the MAC website at the moment and once they restock this I'll be purchasing back ups. And on those days when I'm feeling lazy and can't decide what to wear or am going for a more natural look I just pop on Pink Pout and I'm done. Click HERE to see a FOTD with Impassioned, or HERE for a comparison of Pink Pout to MAC Snob.

MAC Satin Taupe and Phloof eyeshadows
Phloof is just a gorgeous colour to use on the browbone or inner corner of eyes. And Satin Taupe needs no introductions really, it's great worn on its own or in the crease of the eye. On super lazy days I wear ST all over the lid, with a bit of highlighting by Phloof and I'm done. (PS. I had to re-press my Satin Taupe as it fell and broke, hence the funny shape).

Jordana waterproof liner in Black
I don't use an eyeliner every day, as most days I prefer to smudge dark brown or black eyeshadow in my lashline. But on the days that I do use an eyeliner this is what I reach for. It's the only pencil liner that stays in my waterline without smudging.

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara
When I first bought this I didn't really like it, it just didn't give me the volume I wanted (I want mega huge drag queen lashes!). But after leaving it for a few days to dry up a bit, this is perfect for giving those gigantic lashes that I love. I always get asked if I'm wearing falsies when I wear this.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil and Inglot eyeshadow (used on brows)
Ah yes, lets not forget the brows. I use this Rimmel pencil every day to fill in my brows, and then I go over it with the matte Inglot eyeshadow #363 to make it look more natural and less drawn on.

What are some of your everyday heroes? 


  1. I actually just bought Hoola, and so far it's absolutely amazing! How long have you had it for? When do you think you will hit pan?

  2. Oh how I love your taste in makeup! I *really* want to get my hands on some MAC Impassioned, it's been on my wish list for ages now {among a tonne of others, as I only own two MAC lippies!}. And the Revlon Pink Pout is so gorgeous that I might *accidentally* go searching for that one today ;) I also really, really want Satin Taupe, as I hear SO much about it. I'm going shopping with a friend tonight, so... guess who's going to come home broke?!
    Do you always wear a lipliner with your lipstick? I must say, you rock every colour you wear, and you have SO inspired me to be a little more creative!
    e. Xx

  3. Leah - I've had it for about 6 months now and only just made a dent in it. I think it'll take me another 6months to hit pan. It's good value, you get a lot of product.

    e.Xx - thanks hun, Impassioned is just gorgeous, it's only available at MAC Pro Stores or online, and I promise you won't regret it, it'll look amazing with your colours. And I hardly ever wear lipliner actually, sometimes with a liner I look too made up. LOL Have fun shopping!


  4. love post's like these, mac impassioned looks so lovely!

  5. Always love this kind of post!!:D
    All the blushes looks so pretty! Oh for your mac ST, i have something similar is mac prepped for glamour!:)

  6. Tarte's Dollface looks so beautiful!

  7. OMG I want MAC Impassioned so bad! Everytime I see you blog about it I get such major lemmings!!

    Love this post! YAY!!!

  8. I love Revlon pink pout its my favorite lipstick
    Great post
    xo Jenn

  9. Lilit -- Revlon's Pink Pout is not a limited edition or anything, is it?! I've been to two separate Targets and BigW's today, plus a Priceline and it's nowhere to be found! I'm devastated!!

  10. oh just found ur blog!!! love the fact that the 1st post i read were your favorite cosmetics!!! i love those!!!!

  11. Great post! I've been meaning to do an everyday heroes post for a while but I've been finding it hard to work up enough excitement about my staples to do a post on them. It's much more fun writing about the new flash things that you get :D ps: I really need to try the tarte blush because it keeps popping up on your blog :)

  12. LOVE this post!! Now I'm real curious to try out that Maybelline foundation, Priceline is having 3 for $30!! Ah! LOL - Illamasqua Lover on the other hand is such a lemming of mine hehe

    And that Tarte blush - ohh gorgeousss!!

  13. sjmwell - thanks hun, impassioned is def a gorgeous colour.

    Eve - oooh i'll have to check out prepped for glamour, sounds interesting!

    VijiiS - it's fast become a firm favourite, I love it!

    Haute_style - Can you just hurry up and get it then, LOL. It would look amazing on you babe.

    Jenn - thanks hun, Pink Pout is just so easy to wear.

    e.Xx - no it's def not LE, although lately I've been seeing them in those discount cosmetic stores now so all I can think is maybe they're discontinued? There's another one they have now, Stormy Pink which looks quite similar. Maybe they've replaced PP with SP?

    Lilladylife - oh thanks so much, and welcome to my blog. :-)

    Ahalya - I was just like you, putting it off for the flashier, newer model but these staples need a post of their own!

    Blushfully - thanks for the heads up, I'm thinking a trip to priceline is in order for the weekend.


  14. Great post! You have me intrigued about that Maybelline foundation but I'm currently obsessed with Bourjois Healthy Mix so don't know if I can cheat on it! I use Hoola daily but it's more like a face powder for me right now since I came back from holidays - I'm so tan! I'd love to get my hands on those two blushes they look gorgeous!

  15. I've been trying to talk myself out of placing a Sephora order through Hopshopandgo but that Tarte blush just looks amazing!
    I think I need more blushes haha
    And I'm definitely going to try out that covergirl mascara- I'm currently using the purple one (forget what it's called) but I'm not all that impressed by it!

  16. Hmmm, I have to say my bobbi brown concealer and MAC's Cocoa blush!!
    I must try one of those Tarte blushes me thinks!

  17. Great post Lilit!! I want Lover so bad, I need to jump on the Illamasqua band wagon soon! haha

    My everyday heroes would have to be Covergirl Trublend foundation, MAC MSF natural, Nars Laguna, Dior Amber Diamond, the Naked palette and my MAC 217.

    Hannah xoxo

  18. I'm a Medium Dark in MSF, and I have to admit that I truly love it. It looks more natural than any other powder i've tried. Lover is a blush i've been after for a while.

    What color brow pencil is it? I've been looking for a good one and if you use it I trust it!

  19. Ooo... Some great recommendations for products to try in the future.
    Definitely want to try the Maybelline foundation... My skin is normal-dry and I'm constantly struggling to find a good foundation.

  20. I loveeee Illamasqua's Lover!
    So many nice products in the post :)

  21. I'm gonna jump on board with all the previous praise about MAC Impassioned... my MAC lipstick wish list keeps getting longer and longer thanks to you Lilit!!! :)))

  22. I love LashBlast too! There is just something about it, eh?


  23. Lilit -- I'm thinking you're right, and that PP has been made d/c. Because I searched another BigW, another Target, another Priceline, and also Myer last night, PLUS a discount cosmetics store today and *still* couldn't find it! I'm gutted! I have seen SP, but have had my heart set on PP first! I did, however, buy MAC's Please Me last night, just to make myself feel better...
    e. Xx

  24. Why do I not own Lover? reading blogs is bad for my credit card.

  25. ARGH I will pick up Lover one day....this reminds me, I need to get off my arse and do an Impassioned FOTD for my blog. Everytime I wear it it photographs weirdly (colour doesn't come out right) but I'm determined to get it right :)

  26. Great picks! I havent worn Lover in a while.. Miss it heaps!

    I finally got to try Tarte Blushes and they are superb!!!

  27. Adore this post, I love seeing the true stars of a beauty lovers collection. I have made a list of things to try on your recc, including the foundation and mascara. Will let you know how I go!



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