September 11, 2011

Minty green nails by Flormar... and why I don't have a black handbag

Here's the first of the polishes that I picked up from Flormar a few days ago. It's the gorgeous minty green colour which is simply known as #424 (no name... I really really wish brands would name their products, numbers are not easy to remember, names are).

My obsession with mint green nail polishes hasn't waned yet. There's something so fresh, so clean and neat about them. I love it. And so totally appropriate for spring in Australia. Aaahhh, spring, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, my nails are painted minty green, life is good.

I'm wearing two coats in these pics, and no base or top coat. It dried in no time at all (two coats touch dry in 10 minutes). After 30 minutes I took the washing off the line, which with some brands is a disaster waiting to happen, but as you can see no smudges or dents.

This is my favourite nailpolish from Flormar for sure.

Black handbags? No thanks!
In other news, went to the shops today in the hope of buying a black handbag, as I don't own a single one. I have all kinds of colours: tan, red, teal, animal print, but no black. You'd think something basic like that would be a staple in my collection. But no. I just find colourful bags are so much better at dressing up an outfit and I had never found a black bag that wasn't, I don't know, dull.

Either way, not looking to spend a lot of money I thought I'd go to Colette Accessories who have a pretty good range of trendy styles at reasonable prices.

I returned home with this one.
Faux leather handbag by Colette Accessories - $49.95
I still don't have a black handbag.

Have you tried anything from Flormar yet? What nail colours are you obsessed with?


  1. I have not tried that brand before. I must get on it. The colour reminds me of China Glaze- For Audrey. I always love pinks and light purples :) But lately i have been going for dark colours.

  2. I'm really boring, I'm obsessed with blush pink! :P

  3. the nail polish color reminds me of tiffany blue. really pretty!

  4. Really pretty nail polish Lilit! Perfect for Spring!

    Loving that bag too- a Colette just opened in Brisbane and I'm yet to go and check it out.. NOW I WILL!

    As always, I'm very jealous of your amazing-ness :)

  5. Melissa - This is slightly greener than For Audrey, which is another favourite of mine. And you can't go wrong with pinks and light purples!

    Y - that's not boring, that's being classic!

    Donna Baby - it is similar isn't it, I'm very much into my greens and blues at the moment.

    Haute_Style - thanks babe. You have to check out Colette, they have great accessories and much much cheaper than Diva (if that's even posisble). And seriously, what amazing-ness are you talking about? LOL


  6. You are so right about black bags. I find the color black hides all the detailing on the bag. Love your minty shade.
    My latest post:

  7. Agreed. The nails look really cute and fresh, very unique.

    You're better off than I am, with ONLY black handbags. I've desperately been looking for the right white or gray or neutral colored bag - but I keep coming home with black. xD

  8. I Love this color! looks gorg!

  9. Agreed with Donna Baby - it IS Tiffany blue!
    I love Colette - I don't care that they bags aren't real leather, they look good and are in my price range :)

    - E. x

  10. I haven't heard of this brand before but I do love me some minty green nail varnish. I've been searching for the perfect one and a friend recommended me Orly's Ancient Jade - I'm just waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep.

  11. Come to think of it, I don't have many black handbags either! Love that pale grey one you bought from Collette~

  12. hi hi hi . i've just vrite about that colour:

    I love it.

  13. I've got #424 and it's beautiful color for it's price. Like freshy milky mint..
    greetings from



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