September 23, 2011

Models Prefer - Lips & Nails

You might remember a few weeks ago I was sent a lovely package of Models Prefer goodies (posted here). Today I'll be showing you the lip and nail products I was sent.

Ultra Lipgloss Pencil in Cocktail Hour
I'd never before used a lipgloss pencil, and didn't know what to expect. It glided on really smoothly, almost like a really really creamy lipstick but in pencil form. The coverage however was more like a gloss, semi opaque. My favourite way to wear this is blotted, to give it a stained appearance.

Lipstick in Vintage Drop
This is a gorgeous deep red, almost wine, colour. I think the name, Vintage Drop, is very appropriate. I haven't been game enough to wear this out yet as I feel it makes me look too dressed up, and I haven't had the need to be that dressed up lately. So I'll be keeping this for a suitable dressy occassion to wear to, as it's a really striking colour.

Nail polish in Role Play
I'd seen this colour at Priceline but never been game to try it as I thought it might look too dark on the nails, but once applied I really love the bluey/teal colour you get. And from what I can tell, it looks to be a pretty close colour to Chanel's Blue Boy nailpolish (check it out on Karen's blog here). My only issue with this polish is that it went gluggy after the 2nd time I used it. This didn't happen with the next polish I'm about to show.

Nail polish in Show Off
This is a really bright orange colour which will be perfect in summer. I think it would look especially fabulous worn on the toes with some nice gold sandals. Unlike the colour above, this one applied really smoothly and didn't go gluggy at all.

Overall thoughts on the range
My first experience with this range was when I bought an eyeshadow duo and a liquid liner from them a while back, and I was extremely impressed with the quality. All the other products I have tried since have cemented my high opinion of the range. Majority of the items are less than $15 AUD, with the blushes, bronzers and highlighters (reviewed HERE) less than $10AUD. They are great quality products at an affordable price.

Have you tried anything from Models Prefer yet?


  1. I was looking at Models Prefer products but didn't buy any. Because I was not sure about quality... Glad to hear they are good as I loved their colors and prices :)
    p.s.See you tomorrow!!!!!!!! yay!

  2. Love the lipsticks! How do they wear? Do they dry out the lips?

  3. I like Models Prefer as well! I've tried their lipgloss pencil in a beautiful coral colour - I was surprised at how elegant it looked and how effortless it went on!

    I've also tried their 'must have eye palate' from their professional line. the colours are so pigmented and soft, just gorgeous. An you're so right, the packaging is great!

    So far i've been very impressed. I'm interested in trying their brushes. I love that they have such a massive range of products!

  4. Cocktail Hour is absolutely stunning on you!!! :)

    Seriously, this is my fave lippie ever on you!!

  5. Hi Lilit! As you know I absolutely love their lipgloss pencils - I've just bought another one!

  6. Woah! For that price these are some seriously sweet looking items. I love the look of Vintage Drop.

  7. Marusya - the quality is really good babe, give them a try. And i still haven't seen you at abbw! hiding! xo

    dempss01 - They don't dry out the lips, but wear time is maybe 2-3hrs which isnt too bad as they are really creamy.

    Australian Beauty - Their brushes are amazing, I've got a few of their small eyeshadow ones and they're perfect! I love it when budget brands are such good quality as well.

    Vintage - Wow that's surprising, considering I wear so many different colours, but thank you! x

    Vita - Yes i know, you're another lipgloss pencil fan. They're fab.

    Eden - Thanks babe. In australia especially when makeup is soo sooo expensive this stuff is gold!


  8. OOOO! these are nice colors, i love the shimmer on the lips :]

    i just found your blog, we should follow eachother!

  9. Great swatches. I love the nail colours. New follower. Hope you follow back too. XX

  10. I like the look of everything here! I agree with you about feeling too dressed up with lipsticks, I own so many red lipsticks but never wear them for that reason. And I just don't have enough opportunities to actually get dressed up. ;]

    If you haven't tried the Lipgloss Pencil in Drama Queen, you need to! It's the most beautiful fuchsia with hot pink glitter, and really quite opaque (on me anyway). Great swatches!

  11. Lilit you are so bad for me. I almost picked up a MP highlighter yesterday and put it down. Now I feel like I made a big mistake lol



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