September 09, 2011

What's a girl to do after a hard day at work? Haul some makeup of course!

You know how some days you're just so tired and stressed, that the only thing that will make you feel better is a new lipstick? Or nailpolish. Or both.

Well, yesterday after a particularly tiring and stressfull day at work I took a stroll through Westfield Parramatta knowing full well that I wouldn't be leaving that shopping centre empty handed. Also not wanting to spend a lot of money I made a beeline to my favourite wallet friendly brand, Flormar which I've blogged about in the past quite a lot (use the search function on my blog and look up Flormar, you'll see).

Here's what I got... full reviews and swatches will come later. 

Flormar nail polishes - 3 for $15aud
Since I'd last been to Flormar the counter had been stocked up with even more polishes, but this time more fashionable and funkier colours! I'm pretty sure I even spotted crackle polishes. I got polishes in 410 (purple), 424 (mint green) and 43 (bright pink). Already I'm undecided which colour to wear first!
Flormar nail polishes in #410, #424 and #43

Lip products
I bought a Flormar lipstick in 507 ($9.99) which is a lovely natural pink. I thought I already owned this colour, but luckily when I brought it home I noticed it was a different one I had (posted about HERE).

I also picked up 2 lipglosses by Designer Brands for $6.99 each. I absolutely adore their scent, it's a sweet berry smell, so I thought now that the weather's warming up I might use glosses more often. I picked up Hint of Heaven (peach) and Pink Serenity (pink).
Flormar Lipstick in #507, DB Glosses in Hint of Heaven and Pink Serenity

Argan Oil Hair Mask - $24.95aud
This is a repurchase, I love love love this hair mask for making my hair feel soft and healthy. Plus the smell is to die for. Previously wrote about it HERE.

What do you do to de-stress? Do you also use stress as an excuse to shop?


  1. I had a little chuckle at the title of this post :) This was my day today exactly! Thank fully my spectraflair and colour morphing pigments were waiting to greet me on the doorstep, I had a little squeal lol. I either read or blog to de-stress. The main reason I started blogging was to create a little down time between uni assessments.

  2. Anything is an excuse to shop for me! lol. I definately think the middle colour you should wear first, looks amazing! Ive never tried flormar or seen it anywhere near me. might have to search online. Thanks for sharing xxx

  3. I can totally relate to your post Lilit!! Nothing lifts your mood after a stressful day like retail therapy ;)

    Eeeeek I'm so excited to hear that Flormar have some new funky colours in!! Thanks so much for the update and I can't wait to see the gorgeous colours on you.

    Do you think you could update us on any new Flormar stock from time to time on twitter maybe..? I don't go often enough to Parramatta but I WILL make a trip out if there's new colours! xp

  4. I'm definitely an emotional shopper too. If I'm tired, stressed, whatever then I figure I deserve some pampering. Like they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping"!

  5. hahha I'm the same way!! Emotional shopping always makes anyone feel better.. Great Haul doll I love the lippies & polishes <3 can't wait to see them on!!

  6. haha I do that too! I feel like I deserve it if I did a really good job!

  7. Cincly - I'm glad your day has improved! So many people have been having stressful and tiring time this week, I'm blaming the weather!

    msmadamemakeup - thanks for deciding for me on the colour babe, I'll be doing minty nails tomorrow for sure!

    'chelle - I'm going to ask the SA at FLormar if she can maybe create an email subscription list and email us all whenever there's new stock in. This time around they had a lot of funky polishes, included nail art. Def worth a visit again.

    Vita - LOL, I like that saying. Although I'm hoping my stress levels decrease soon as I've been hauling a bit too much lately.

    Jenn - thanks babe, I'll review them soon. And sounds like we're all emotional shoppers here :)

    Kelly - I think the exact same way as you! Totally deserve it :)


  8. ooo i'm loving those glosses and polishes, can't wait to see them on ya :))

  9. I use Moroccan Oil everyday, but have never tried a mask. I'll have to - looks awesome!!

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  10. Let me just put it this way. I have two make up stores on my way home, and when I am stressed, I am downright dangerous to my wallet.

  11. xD I am glad that there are no makeup stores within walking distance, or else i'd be flat broke. It's up to my boyfriend to indulge me and take me there. Great haul!

  12. There's nothing like retail therapy, especially when it involves sparkles. :) Can't wait to see swatches of the lip products!

  13. love the nail polishes and the glosses ..waiting for the swatches n review :)

  14. I love those DB lip glosses!

  15. Fab haul! The Mint polish is gorgeous!

  16. All of the nail colors look so wonderful!!

    Hmm, yes, I definitely shop to de-stress! Haha!

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