April 27, 2011

Illamasqua & MAC newbies

Meet the new additions to my Illamasqua and MAC family.

For our 2 year wedding anniversary amongst other gifts my husband decided to feed my makeup addiction and bought me two things I'd been lusting after for ages - Illamasqua blush in Hussy, and MAC lipstick in Up The Amp.

Illamasqua Blush Hussy

Just like it's peachier sister blush Lover, Hussy is an extremely pigmented, finelly milled matte blush. It's a gorgeous warm pink that instantly brightens the complexion, giving a really healthy look.

It comes in the standard Illamasqua packaging, i.e. square with the sides caved in. I know some people don't like the packaging, but I love it. To me the packaging just epitomises the 1920s glamour that this brand channels oh so well.

M.A.C. Lipstick Up The Amp

I was torn between this and Girl About Town, but in the end I decided that I needed a darker purple lipstick, especially since the weather is cooling down here and the muted colour would look perfect on those grey days which we'll no doubt be having soon. Plus when we went shopping I was wearing a hat in almost the same colour (see pic at end of this post), and the lipstick matched it perfectly.

The formula of the lipstick is amplified, which is quickly becoming my favourite formula, as I love its gorgeous pigmentation and longevity. The colour itself is surprisingly wearable for a purple, although you'd need to wear warmer toned blush otherwise this could make you a bit dull and grey.

The photo below was taken straight after we got home from the shops. I quickly powdered my cheeks to get rid of whatever blush I had on before, brushed on Hussy and put a swipe of Up The Amp on my lips.

I've used flash in all the pics, as by the time we got home from the shops it was dark and I couldn't get a decent pic without a flash. When the weather clears up a bit I will do some proper swatches in natural light as well.

Have you tried either of these products? What do you think of Illamasqua blushes?


  1. Woah that blush looks just a bit AH-MAZING. At my local Myer (still an hour and a half away, thats local hehe) they don't actually sell Illamasqua. I wish they did though!
    That lipstick is definitely catching my eye. Too bad I can't pull of purples like you!

  2. Love both those products! You're so lucky... I just showed my man this post. Hopefully he'll get the hint ;)

  3. I have yet to try anything illamasqua but this is soo tempting!! Love up the amp on you!

  4. Love the lipstick colour! Gorgeous - its on my wishlist now.

  5. Up The Amp lipsticks looks gorgeous on you Lilit!
    I'm abit afraid of purple lipsticks but it looks lovely on you! :)


  6. @Leah - hopefully Illamasqua will open more counters, and ones near you, as you'll love it. The brand's FAB! As for purple lippies, yeah definitely if you're going to try it try with cheaper brands first as you don't want to waste $$$ on a colour you might not wear.

    @Haute_Style- hope your man gets the hint! And yes, I'm def lucky to end up with my husband who actually tolerates my makeup addiction. LOL

    @Ailah - oh you'll love Illamasqua, everything from their brand is just great!

    @Danni - try it, I can see it working really well with your complexion too!

    @Makeup Attitude - thanks so much!

    @Laiqah - thanks hun, I think you look great with bright fuschias and pinks so this will suit you as well no doubt!


  7. WOW you're totally rocking the purple-ish lips! I wish I could pull that off!! xx

  8. I have MAC Up the amp but i rarely wear it :-( I need to wear it more often, it looks great on you tho.xoxo

  9. Awesome haul!!! They both look gorgeous especially the blush!!! :)

    The Amp reminds me of Bubblegum, probably slightly more opaque!

  10. @Sriya - thanks babe! Being all "grown up" LOL

    @Elly - you should totally wear it more, it would look great with your complexion! Oh, and you got me so obsessed over the chocolate bronzer that I had to go find it today and buy it. I bought the last one in 52, looks like it's being discontinued here too :( xo

    @Adeline - thanks babe, I haven't tried bubbleum so I'll have to keep a look out for it.


  11. i love the blush shade...it's amazing..you are looking so pretty

  12. wow, you really know how to wear a purple lipstick. I'm too scared to use those shades but you look cute :)

  13. The swatches looked good and then I saw your photo - these colors more than just good, I'd amazing!

  14. What a great way for your husband to indulge you! ;) I love the blush.. I simply must get some more Illamasqua blushers!
    I myself own 1 purpleish lippie, and I never really wear it. I think I need to get some guts and just rock it!!

  15. Hussy looks gorgeous! Love the look you created with your new goodies x

  16. Looking at the lipstick I was concerned, but once I saw the pic with you wearing it, it looks fab!

  17. Thanks for your comments gorgeous ladies xoxo



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