April 18, 2011

New uses for Benefit High Brow

A few weeks ago I attended a blogger swap meet and picked up this Benefit High Brow pencil, which was brought in by Clare from ClareBear. Thanks Clare!

Now  most of you know that this is used on your brow bone, just under your eyebrow to give you that high arched brow look. I find that when I use it on my brow bone it goes a bit cakey with shadows layered on top of it.

So what other uses do I put it to?

To brighten the inner eye area: I apply it in the inner V of my eye straight after applying concealer to give it a more brighter look. Because the pencil is quite thick, it's best to use your finger to blend it in as the warmth of your finger will melt the product better and allow you to blend better. (click on pic to enlarge)

To define the lips: I don't generally use lipliners, I find it a bit of a hassle to use actually. But I do always need to have a bit more definition around my cupid's bow area, and this pencil is perfect for it. As you can see in the pic below, just draw a line following where the cupid's bow is meant to be and then blend.

My lips look so horrible and dry! Excuse the eeek factor pls... I really need to sue more lipbalm

It's very easy and allows you to get multiple uses out of the one product.

Are there any products that you use differently to their original intent?


  1. Oh, I hadn't even thought of that!!!!!!!!! Dangit I feel silly now :P

  2. Too late Clare, you can't have it back :P.

    Seriously though if you want it I'll give it back next time I see you.

  3. I use my YSL touche eclat as a lip primer - works really well but a bit expensive! :)

  4. Oh thanks, might need to get this for my cupid's bow...

    xo $ARMIN

  5. Cool! Will definitely try the cupid's bow idea!!! Thanks :))

  6. Such great ideas!

    I wonder if you could get the same look using a white liner.

  7. @Vita - I've never tried the YSL, mainly because of how expensive it is!

    @xo$ARMIN - thanks, give it a try.

    @Maryam - thanks hun, not that your lips need any definition!

    @Vintage - you sure can use a white pencil, just choose something creamy and let us know how you go, blog about it :)


  8. i have a great concealor/luminator pen thingy for NP set (it also has a mascara on the other end) I love it because the packaging is really sleek and I can use it pretty much all over my face!



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