April 13, 2011

Lipstick Challenge Day 4: Coral

Hi all, thanks so much for all your lovely and supportive comments. I hope you're not sick of seeing my face every day for the last 4 days as I know I'm getting sick of putting it up everyday! I promise once this challenge is over you'll all get a break for seeing my mug for a while.

Today's lipstick is from Inglot, another favourite brand of mine.

The colour is #104 and is a somewhat frosted light Coral.

It reminds me of a lighter version of MAC's Costa Chic but I don't own Costa Chic so I can't really compare next to each other.

No flash - daylight

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Nude
Concealer: Bourjois Healthy Mix in Light Radiance
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent powder
Blush: NARS Orgasm

Lid: UD Toasted
Crease: UD Hustle
Highlight: UD Sin
Eyeliner: UD Zero with UD Hustle smudged on top
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies

Lipstick - Inglot #104

I actually quite like this colour, and I don't know why I'd been neglecting it lately. This is definitely coming out of the "unloved makeup" box.

Have you used Inglot lipsticks before?


  1. Looks a gorgeous colour really summery. Ive not tried any of the range yet x

  2. That colour is gorgeous!! I really have to start getting more into lipsticks haha i always ignore my lips

  3. such a gorgeous shade and it matches your skin tone perfectly!
    i need a colour like this - all my corals are too in your face and bright, but this one is perfect!

    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

  4. Lilit, that colour on you is my favourite so far this week - you look gorgeous.

  5. oooh lovely, this is amazing on you, really suits xx

  6. @Nicoletta - thank you! Their eyeshadows are to die for, and lipsticks aren't bad either.

    @Hanna - up until recently I'd been all about the eyes and not enough about the lips but now as you can see I'm totally into my lipsticks.

    @Sarah - thank you, this is definitely a wearable coral.

    @Kath - thanks so much, I'm liking this quite a lot too.

    @Nicole - thank you so much.


  7. I love Inglot lipsticks! This colour looks lovely on you, Lilit.

  8. That's a gorgeous sort of subtle coral :) Inglot is yet another brand I have not tried yet! Can you believe it?!

  9. beautiful coral, i'm looking for a non-frosty color just like that one. do u know of any?

  10. Beautiful shade, it suits your skintone well! :)

  11. I've never used inglot but would love to try it. Do they have a good staying power?

  12. Beautiful colour! :)

  13. Thanks for your feedback ladies. x

    @Maryam - don't rally know of any other good ones. Maybe Revlon Blase Apricot? But that one's much brighter than this.

    @Tati Abaurre - they last about 5 hrs or so before needing to reapply. Not too bad in my opinion.


  14. Very nice look. I am so in love with that lipstick. Never tried Inglot before (it's not available here in Western Canada) but I'm really thinking I should place an order online.




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