April 07, 2011

Her name was Lola...

There comes a time when a girl gets tired of taupes and dark colours and feels like wearing something brighter. Most of this week I've been sporting this gorgeous coral/red shade on my nails.

This gorgeous bright colour is by ORLY, called Lola.

I love ORLY nailpolishes, they are so long lasting and with 2 coats you generally get such great coverage. I'm onto my 4th day of wear at the moment and there are absolutely no chips, though there is some wear around the edges.

The shade is so lovely, sometimes it leans towards red and sometimes towards coral, depending on the light. In fact it reminds me a bit of my favourite lipstick by M.A.C called Impassioned.

Have you tried Orly polished before?


  1. I think Lola is my favourite little-girl name and that nail polish looks so pretty....

  2. Thanks Clare, I love that name too. That and Isabella... except Isabella is far too popular now so I've removed it from my faves list. :)

  3. Oh I love Isabella too - damn everyone for jumping on the band wagon.

    That nail shade is the bomb. Where do you get your Orly from?

  4. Lets hope Lola doesn't get too popular, i'm saving it up my sleeve for future girl children.

    I get my Orly from a chemist in Canberra whenever i'm there for work. Don't know of actual stockists but they have AU website which delievers. Www.orly.com.au i think.

  5. ohh lovely colour!
    another aussie blogger here, new follower too! great blog.
    just purchases BYS champagne rain because of your dupe post (:

  6. welcome Leah! I'll check out ur blog as soon as i have access to computer tomorrow night. On nokia at the moment so difficult downloading any pics.

    Hope u like champagne rain, it's one of my faves.


  7. Like the colour, very summery!

    I've never tried Orly polishes.

  8. Such a pretty shade! Never tried Orly - I usually stick to cheapo nailpolish brands. I'm a tight ass like that. hahah :P

  9. @Vintage makeup - agree, I really needed something summery to brighten up the cold days we're having here and this colour was perfect.

    @Angela - don't worry babe, I usually buy cheapies too, Ulta3, BYS. They all make great dupes for expensive brands so why waste money!




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