April 02, 2011

March Favourites

Hi everyone, I haven't done monthly favourites in the past but since I always enjoy reading others' favourites I thought I'll do one myself.

M.A.C. Play it Cool palette
This is from the Tartan Tale collection, but if anyone is interested it is still available at http://www.allcosmeticswholeslae.com/ (and yes, they ship to Australia!).

As the weather cools down I've been reaching more and more for cooler toned eyeshadows, and this one is just perfect. I use the dark colours for a super smokey effect, and the light ones for a wash of smoked out colour for day time.

M.A.C. Blush Melba - swatched here.

This is a recent discovery, and I've already blogged about it before so I won't go on an on.  All I'll say is that it's the perfect natural looking blush for those days when I'm going for cooler toned eyeshadows.

Inglot custom eyeshadow palette - previously swatched here.

I travel quite a lot for work, and these colours are just so easy to wear and so easy to create natural as well as smokey eyed looks with, that I've found myself taking this with me everytime I've been travelling.

Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer

I've had this concealer for a while now, but up until now this shade (Light) was too light for my skintone. But now that my tan is fading, this is great to cover up dark undereye circles. It lasts the whole day without caking, and my favourite part is that it seems to illuminate the undereye area. Love.

Benefit Hoola and Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara - I've reviewed Hoola in the past, so see the swatches here. Bad Gal Lash I actually got for free with a magazine.

I love Hoola, because for me it's the perfect shade to contour with. It has absolutely no shimmer, and most importantly no orange. Used wisely, this will give you cheekbones you never knew you had. I'd heard lots of good things about Bad Gal Lash but never tried it (probably due to the cost... it's almost $40aud here). I'm really loving it for its thickening effect on my lashes.

Illamasqua nailpolish Stagnate - you didn't think I'd do a favourites post and not mention Illamasqua did you? Surely you've figured out how obsessed I am with the brand!

For proper review and swatches on my nails, see here. It's the perfect mauvey brown. Enough said.

Illamasqua lipstick Corrupt & M.A.C. lipstick Creme Cup - oh look, Illamasqua made an appearance again :)

To see swatches of Corrupt on my lips, go here. To see a swatch of Creme Cup, go here. Corrupt is a matte colour, which makes it really long lasting... for me this lasts through two cups of coffee, lunch, and if I'm naughty then maybe even a third cup of coffee in the afternoon before I actually need to reapply. If you don't like matte formulas, just add some lipbalm on top.

Creme Cup is a fairly new addition to my collection, and seriously, I don't know what took me so long! It's the perfect nudey pink that is so easy to wear that I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday so I can give my other lippies a chance to see daylight.

And there you have it, my favourites fo March.

What are some of your favourites? Are any of my favourites yours as well?


  1. I am really curious to try that Bourjois concealer now. I am on a look for an illuminating one.

  2. Yeah I agree- the 'Play it cool' palette looks really nice for winter. Getting bit chilly..

  3. Hi Lilit,

    the MAC palette looks great. The colours are great for you. Perfect choice. I have MAC Melba too and I like that blush. For me it´s very pigmented and I need a light hand.

    The colour of your nails are great! Another Illamasqua nailpolish?

    Love these kind of posts!

    Happy weekend for you!

  4. I love these kinds of posts too - I'm nosy and I like to know what people are using. :-)

  5. Love this post! I love seeing what others are using.
    The Bourjois concealer sounds interesting - might give it a try. Have you tried the Bourjois Healthy mix foundation? I've heard so many great things about it.

  6. @Ellysmakeupbag - the bourjois one is pretty good at illuminating and cheap too. I first read about it on Glossy's Gloss blog back before she shut shop :(, and she always had flawless skin. I'll do some swatches of this later if it helps.

    @PopBlush - thanks babe, I was gonna go to Inglot to buy purply colours for winter until I remembered I had this! LOL

    @Sandra - I know, I'm bad when it comes to Illamasqua. It's like you and Givenchy LOL. Have a great weekend to you to xo

    @Dee - it's the equivalent of going through a girlfriend's make up bag!

    @Dannibeauty - I did try that foundation, and whilst I really love the formula (lightweight but great coverage), the colours weren't right for me. It was either too pink, or gave me a grey tinge, which is unfortunate as I mentioned the formula is great.


  7. LOVE this post Lilit! xx

  8. Cream Cup and Melba instantly caught my eye :) need to try those two!

  9. The colors in the Inglot palette are so pretty!


    I want to try the concealer, I'm always on the look for the perfect one.

  10. Great faves I might keep a lookout for the concealer and hoola has been on my want list forever I should just cave in and get it!

  11. Great idea to do monthly favourites. May start doing that myself. I also bought the mag for the free Benefit mascara. I love freebies :)

  12. Great faves! I really want both of those lipsticks now. Dang it I need to stop looking at your blog babe. Hahaha. Jokes. You know I'd never.

  13. @Sriya - thanks hun!

    @Jennifer - they're def gorgeous colours, worth a try!

    @Vintage Makeup - so far I really like Healthy Mix, but chances are once it runs out I'll get a diff one because I always like to try new ones.

    @Jadegrrrl - babe you've been lemming for Hoola for a while now, maybe you do need to cave in. BTW ebay sells them for way cheaper, if you don't want to pay the full price at myer.

    @Ling Tung - yeah I love when mags do great, useable freebies. And the mascara was a good one!

    @HipnHaute - thanks babe! Trouble with reading beauty blogs is you end up wanting so many things! It's ridiculous how much stuff I've bought since reading/writing blogs.... scary, *hangs head in shame*

  14. Loved your favourites, especially keen to now try the Inglot custom eyeshadow palette because the colours look very work friendly :)

  15. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous, just my type of colours xx

  16. @Fables in Fashion - thanks, Inglot's such a great brand and so underrated. I love that you can choose your own colours for the palette. Fab.

    @Nicolette - I thought you might like them, I saw your post on taupe eyeshadows and thought yeah, that's my kinda makeup :)


  17. This is a great favorites list!
    Your Inglot palette is gorgeous! I love all the colors! And I am absolutely in love with that Illamasqua nail polish! It's beautiful and exactly the type of color I like! =D

    Andrée xx

  18. @Andree - isn't the naiilpolish just fab, I love it so much I don't want to wear it too often in case I finish it up too quickly, LOL




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