April 10, 2011

Lipstick - Tag and Challenge

Last week I was tagged by Vintage Makeup to do the lipstick questionnaire, and while browsing through Tiffany's blog I discovered a challenge that she had done which I decided to steal (don't worry, I got her permission).

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 Lipstick Challenge
I have so many lipsticks that a lot of them haven't been getting enough wear lately. So the challenge is to wear a different lipstick for every day of the week for 7 days to make sure that some of them see the light of day, even if it is just for one day. I have already started the challenge and started taking pics. While I would have loved to show you the pics as soon as I took them, the reality is with a full time hectic job, a husband (who probably thinks I'm neglecting him every time I blog) and everything else going on in my life I need to plan my blog posts in advance. Hence the reason for starting the challenge already.

What this means for you is that for the next 7 days I will be posting a look using different lipsticks every day. The colours chosen are: Nude, Pink, Lilac, Red, Peach, Coral, and my favourite lipstick of the moment Impassioned by M.A.C. The rest of the lipstick brands you'll find out as I post them.

The first look will follow this post shortly.... and it will be... M.A.C. Impassioned of course!

Lipstick Tag

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
No - she wore bright colours quite a lot and I was scared of them. I did steal her black eyeliner though and tried to give myself a cat eye look at the age of 6 or so. It didn't work, and I still haven't perfected it.

2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
Probably around 13, and it was a cheapie from one of those discount stores... a very horrible frosted pink! But of course the 13 year old me thought I looked hot!

3. Pink or red lipstick?

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
It was a Christian Dior lipstick which cost me $45 about 5 years ago. The colour looked so stunning in the shop, but when I took it home it looked like a horrible dark purple/brown colour and I never wore it. I haven't spent anywhere near that amount ever again for a lipstick.

5. And the cheapest?
I like the BYS lipsticks which are only $3.95.

6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
Nothing, maybe just used as a blush.

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
You can't go past the M.A.C lipsticks, especially the cremesheen formulas. They are so long lasting and creamy to apply. Or for those on a budget the NYX and BYS lipsticks are both fabulous.

I tag whoever wants to do both the challenge and/or the tag.


  1. Thank you for doing the tag!

    $45 for a lipstick, woah! I would have returned it. :)

  2. This is a great idea. I might tag myself and do this too!

  3. Just discovered your blog and really love it. Im probably a bit older than you so have had more time to buy/collect lipsticks! but I am comforted to know there are other lipstick obsessed people out there. I often think I have the largest lipstick collection around, so much to the point I am seriously thinking of becoming a utube vblogger. I would love to know how many you have, how often you buy them, and as we know it takes forever to use one up, and we really want to try something new in the meantime, so my question is, how do you part with them? Or are you like me and simple cannot!

  4. Hi Kat, thanks so much I'm glad you like my blog.
    I have probably around 40 lipsticks, and I still keep buying them despite not using up much! So far I've only parted with a few, by giving them to my mum who is also lipstick obsessed!
    Yes please, do YouTube vids, there are a lot of obsessed people like us out there! LOL




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