April 17, 2011

Challenge wrap up - the good, the bad, and the blah

Here is a little wrap up of last week's lipstick challenge. A BIG thank you to all of you for tuning into my posts and for giving your honest opinion. For those who are just tuning in, the challenge was that I would wear a different lipstick every day for 7 days to make sure that my lippies get some love.

Day 1 - MAC Impassioned. This is my favourite ever lipstick, it's ridiculously bright but I find it so wearable. Based on your comments this was a hit with you too.

Day 2 - BYS Champagne Rain. This used to be a favourite of mine, but after wearing brights lately this colour was a bit blah for me. Some of you agreed with me, some of you thought it was ok.

Day 3 - Illamasqua Corrupt. I definitely felt better wearing a brighter lip after the blah nude of the day before, and you agreed. Plus it's Illamasqua, of course it made me feel better :)

Day 4 - Inglot 104. This was surprisingly well received by all, including myself! This lovely coral shade had been in the bottom of my makeup box for a while not getting much love, but since digging it out for this challenge I've really come to love it.

Day 5 - GOSH Lambada. I'd been lemming for this lipstick for so long, but unfortunately when I got it I never wore it. I don't think the colour suits me, I think it makes me look older and I don't feel like me when I wear it. A few of you agreed with me and a few thought it looked nice. I'm still unsure about this one.

Day 6 - BYS Pink Flamingo. Back to wearing a colour I'm comfortable with, lovely and fresh and so easy on the wallet. This lippy cost less than $4aud.

Day 7 - Bloom Peach with NYX Orange Soda layered on top. The horrible rainy weather meant that Peach alone was too garish, so I toned it down by layering Orange Soda on top.

I really hope you enjoyed these posts.

Whilst I enjoyed doing this challenge, I also found it a bit hard to do... not just finding the time for photos and posting every day, but the hardest part was putting up my face on my page every day. After about day 3 I started worrying that you would all get sick of seeing my face, but you didn't, so thank you so much for persevering!

A big thank you to Tiffany whose blog I "stole" the challenge idea from.

I tag everyone (especially Tara from Keeping up With Me) that wants to do this challenge, I'd love to see your lipstick choices.

Which was your favourite look?


  1. Loved all your lipstick posts, Lilit! I'm slowly developing a little obsession with BYS because of your blog! :)

  2. My favourite was Inglot 104- gorgeous! Such a great idea :)

  3. My favorite that you wore was also Impassioned, I think it suites you so well! Not to mention I think it's becoming my all-time favorite spring/summer lippie.. maybe I'm biased =)

  4. Aw, I'm sure nobody could get sick of your lovely face!

  5. Hi Lilit,

    my favorite for you is Impassioned. Hot pink lips are made for you!
    I don´t think with red lips you old. I think you look like a hot and classy Pin-up girl. Maybe it´s nothing for the daytime, but for a night out it´s perfect.

    xoxo, Sandra

  6. Impassioned was the winner for me too, gorgeous shade!

  7. Thanks girls, go Impassioned :)
    Def a fabulous colour!

    @Emily - there are more expensive obsessions you could develop, BYS is at least easy on the wallet.

    @Stacey - aren't you just too sweet!

    @Sandra - Pin up girl? You're too kind!


  8. I've been so addicted to your lipstick challenge posts! You seem to suit all of the colours so well. My favourite on you is definitely MAC Impassioned, such a gorgeous colour. I really want to try it but I don't think I'm brave enough!


    :-) xo

  9. My favourites:
    1. Inglot 104
    2. MAC Impassioned

    I had a great time following your blog this week. Have a great week of no particular blog commitments.

  10. @Katie Marie - thank you so much, and I don't think I suit all lip colours... Nude & Red a couple come to mind. You should try swatching Impassioned on ur lips if you see it at shops, it's surprisingly wearable.

    @Kathbear - thank you, they were my 2 faves too. I have a backlog of blog post ideas waiting to be written up, so in a way glad the challenge is over.


  11. YES!!! I loved all your lipstick posts, please keep them coming!!!

  12. Impassioned looks gorgeous on you!
    I couldnt be happier to have it in my collection... I have worn it two days straight now and people were staring at me!
    Not quite sure if that's a good thing or not! :)


  13. Love love love MAC's Impassioned!! Btw, I'll put up some swatches of that blush for you soon :) xxx

  14. I love Inglot's 104 on you. And Lambada! I don't think it ages you at all, it looks really pretty. (:

  15. I've been going through alot of your lipstick posts, omg do you have a massive collection! lol...I love alllll your colours they're exactly what I would buy! x



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