April 16, 2011

Lipstick Challenge Day 7 - Peach

This is the last post of my Lipstick Challenge series.

I layered two lipsticks for the look of today.

L/R - Bloom Peach; NYX Orange Soda

My original plan was to use Peach by Bloom on its own, which is a lovely bright but sheer colour, perfect for summer. The only problem was when I put it on today, it just looked really out of place with the grey skies and the dreary rainy day we're having. I muted it down by layering NYX Orange Soda on top.

L/R: Bloom Peach, NYX Orange Soda

I had to use flash in every photo. It was seriously such a dark and dreary day that it was impossible to take pics without flash.

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Nude
Concealer: Bourjois Healthy Mix in Light Radiance
Powder: MAC MSFN Medium
Blush: NARS Orgasm

EYES - used my UD Naked Palette
Lid: Sidecar
Crease: Smog
Highlight: Sin
Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Lash

Bloom Peach
NYX Orange Soda

Well that's all for my lipstick challenge series, I will do a wrap up post tomorrow to compare all the various looks of the last 7 days. I hope you enjoyed reading them. xx


  1. Such a pretty combination! It is rather gloomy where I am today, and I find that I change my makeup look according to the weather sometimes too!


  2. I love these lipsticks- corals/orange shades look beautiful on you.

  3. LOVE peaches and corals!
    I really enjoyed the lipstick challenge... Such a great idea!

  4. Not tried anything from Bloom, peach looks gorgeous though! Orgasm looks lovely on you too, couldn't get it to work on me x

  5. Thanks for the comments girls, I'm glad you enjoyed it. A challenge wrap up post coming up shortly.




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