April 12, 2011

Lipstick Challenge Day 3: Pink

Today's look for the lipstick challenge is using a lipstick from one of my favourite brands, Illamasqua.

The colour is called Corrupt and it's a super matte bright pink lipstick that lasts on the lips for ages.

Because it's very matte, it's best to moisturise the lips with some balm otherwise it will accentuate any dry flaky bits.

You can see how matte it is from this swatch

I took these photos in daylight but I used a soft flash in this pic below. It brought out the brightness of the pink better than in the next pic without a flash.

The pic below was taken without a flash standing in front of a window. The colour looks slightly less vibrant, but still stands out nicely.

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Nude
Concealer: Bourjois Healthy Mix in Light Radiance
Powder: MAC MSFN in Medium
Contour: Benefit Hoola

Lid: Urban Decay e/s Sidecar
Contour: Urban Decay e/s Buck
Highlight: Urban Decay e/s Virgin
Eyeliner: Urban Decay liner in Zero
Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Lash in Black

Lipstick - Illamasqua Corrupt

After yesterday's blah look (IMO) with the nude lip, the brighter pink is more up my alley.

Have you used Illamasqua lipsticks before? What are your favourite lipsticks at the moment?

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  1. You can pull off any colour! Jealous, haha, this is a really nice pink :)

  2. Thanks babe, but trust me I can't pull off any colour. You shoulld see me with plum or dark red lips... horrible! Makes me look at least 20yrs older!

  3. I love your lipstick posts, Lilit! They look really beautiful!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and this lipstick suits you soo much!!Love it!!


  5. Thanks Emily, though starting to feel a bit "up myself" for posting pics of me everyday! Once challenge is over everyone will get a break from seeing my face for a while LOL

    @Irene - thanks so much hun!


  6. OMG THIS CORRUPT IS SUPER GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!!! And so are you lovely!!! <3

    I am loving your lipstick challenge posts babe!!! I wish I have the time to snap a shot and POST everyday!!!

  7. Wow the colour is insane! I want Obey and corrupt now hehe.

  8. @Adeline - thanks gorgeous... and i had to plan for these posts in advance cos I couldn't snap a pic every single day so had to start from last week to make up for days I wouldn't have time for pics.

    @Ellysmakeupbag - Illamsqua lippies are just gorgeous, I was lusting after these colours for aaages.


  9. The colour goes really well with your dark hair. Gorgeous

  10. I have an Illamasqua package coming to me in the mail, but I didn't order any lipsticks because I couldn't find any decent swatches of them or pictures of them actually on anyone.. now I need Corrupt! =)
    I love this lipstick challenge you are doing!!

  11. Now, this is my kind of pink! I agree, nude lips can be kind of "blah". This color is much more fun!

  12. Hi Lilit,

    what can I say: LOVELY as always! Great colour for you.

    Love the challenge and I´m looking forward to your next post!

    xoxo, Sandra

  13. You wear brights so well. They look so modern! :)

  14. This shade looks amazing on you!!!

  15. Another wonderful lipstick! Love it! I just adore your hair! PLEASE DO A TUTE! PLEEEEEEEASE! *on knees begging*

  16. This colour looks crazy-good on you! As does everything else... haha
    Stunning. :)

  17. Hi girls, thanks so much for your lovely comments. :)

    @Bethany - Oooh can't wait to see yur review of Illamasqua when you receive your package.

    @Haute Style - come on babe, are you serious? I s*ck at it and just go with whatever messy curls my GHD creates. But if i figure out a way of doing a tute on it I will... might need to enlist the husband to be the photographer or something.





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