December 30, 2011

The 11 most popular posts of 2011

I very unashamedly stole this post idea from the gorgeous Sara-May of the Makeup by Sara-May blog. It's a recap of the most popular posts I wrote on Makeup and Macaroons in 2011... and yes, no surprises but there are quite a few lipstick posts featured here. Ooops... I need to get a new obsession.

1. Dear MAC Shy Girl, I love you but...
This was an open letter to the famous Shy Girl lipstick expressing my love for the perfect colour, but not the dodgy formula.

2. Lipstick Love - Rimmel Kate lipstick in #14
This is a relatively new post so I was very surprised that this made it in the top 11, let alone #2 on the list of popular posts. I guess a lot of people were interested in what the Kate lipsticks were like.

3. These YSL Rouge Voluptes Satisfy My Pink Lipstick Cravings
Yes, another lipstick post! These are so luxurious, so beautiful to use, so beautiful to look at and looks like you also thought the same.

4.  MAC Snob vs Revlon Pink Pout
When I first bought Snob I did a lot of research to see if there were cheaper dupes out there, and Revlon Pink Pout was a close match! Did it stop me from buying Snob? Of course not.

5. MAC Chatterbox vs NYX Fig
Another dupe post. Fig is a great dupe for Chatterbox at a quarter of the price. The formula is to die for. And you know what? Soon after doing this post I ended up giving Chatterbox to my mum because I much prefer the Nyx formula. Just goes to show price doesn't always mean quality.

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes - Tipsy & Dollface
Aaahh, finally moving away from lipsticks and onto my next makeup love... blushes! At the time I bought these I thought Tipsy would be my favourite, but 6 months later I actually love Dollface more.

7. MAC Hue Dupes
Another lipstick / dupes post. I was so happy to discover that my beloved BYS Champagne Rain was almost identical to MAC Hue. Why? Because BYS costs $3.95aud, MAC costs $36aud in Australia. At those rates how could I not blog about it.

8. Cheap Dupes for Benefit Hoola and Too Faced Pink Leopard
Finally a dupe post that's not about lipstick! LOL. These weren't exactly 100% dupes, but at 1/5th the price of the originals here in Australia these are great value. Confession time - I haven't used them after posting about it because I'd completely forgotten about them until now! It's a sign of having too much makeup, clearly!

9. Wearing Blush as Eyeshadow
I had a lot of fun experimenting with a bright eyeshadow look, and looks like you enjoyed reading it! Thank you. :-)

10. NARS Orgasm Dupes
I think the famous Orgasm is one of those shades for which a gazillion dupes exist, and I owned 3 of them.

11. Make Up Forever HD Foundation Review & Photos
I'm surprised this made it into the list as well, especially since it wasn't really a positive review as the foundation just did not work for me. But I guess there were a lot of people doing their research before spending their hard earned cash on it.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and supporting it with your lovely comments. I hope you enjoyed this recap of the most popular posts on my blog in the last year. Which was your favourite post?

Click HERE to see Sara-May's top 11 posts for 2011.


  1. Love posts like this! Very cool seeing what was most popular. I did one of the sort too :)

  2. Love this post too! Keeps my wish list longer and longer! Thanks to you I discovered Cosmo cosmetics :)

  3. You are clearly the lipstick queen :) love the post!

  4. What an awesome post idea! I'm positive the number one post on my blog wasn't even wrote by me, it was a guest post by Susan from Darling Girl about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams! You do have a lot of lip posts! But what fun!

  5. I just went out for lunch and came back with Honolulu from Cosmo and Maybelline Dream Smooth liquid foundation from Priceline. You are so influential and do inspiring! Happy new year!

  6. What a cool idea for an end of year post Lilit! I may just "borrow" this idea too. I'm off to check the stats on my top 11 now...

  7. I havent been blogging all year or else I think I would have done something like this! It's a cute recap. I also have a lipstick obsession, that must be why I love your blog! BTW, that has got to be the CUTEST pic of you holding the blush!!!

  8. All your posts are good - how did you pick 11??! xx

  9. Love ALL these posts!! Especially the shy girl one, i'm in love...

  10. I love Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes!!

    Check out my New Year's Blog Giveaway!

  11. Vintage - thanks hun, I remember seeing your recap, for your blog anniversary right?

    Jos - Ha ha so glad you discovered Cosmo cosmetics, it's a goldmine there! Ooh and let me know what you think about Honolulu and the Maybelline foundation.

    Priyanka - I clearly need a new obsession! LOL.

    The Peach - check your stats and see what's the most popular, you'd be surprised!

    Vita - "borrow" away! I love recaps.

    Mercedes - thanks hun, I was feeling silly that day with the blush pic, hence the silly pose!

    Sami - I use Google Analytics, so I just looked at the 11 posts that got the most hits. Hope that helps!

    Cosmo-junkie - thanks hun.

    Jay Anne - I know, they're just fabulous aren't tey those amazonian blushes. Love them.


  12. I think my fave post this year was your KMS blowdry/curls post, I LOVED seeing the transformation and it inspired me to a new 'do' and to get some length chopped off my hair to be able to blowdry it better! Thanks gorgeous, and have a great NYE!

  13. Please don't get a new obsession. I love your lipstick posts! =]

  14. Love the post :) I have some of the l/s which I didn't know were MAC dupes :)



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