December 01, 2011

Getting voluminous curls with KMS California

Lately my hair has been misbehaving a lot. It's drier than usual, seems to have lost all shine, and it gets mega frizzy at the first sign of humidity. I have fairly thick hair that is usually easy to tame with my trusty Moroccan Oil, but the last 2 months or so no matter what I do I can't get my hair smooth.

So when a few weeks ago I was given the chance to get a KMS California blow dry courtesy of the gorgeous girls at Tailormaid PR I jumped at the chance. Yeay, maybe a professional can bring some shine to my dull locks.

Before - dry, frizzy, dull hair

The blowdry was at the KMS/Goldwell Education Centre in Sydney where the lovely Kate used the following products on me:
  • KMS Free Shape Shampoo & Conditioner - because I asked for voluminous curls, this range was used as it prepares hair for heat styling, and increases pliability 
  • KMS Add Volume Root & Body Lift - this was sprayed at the roots to give my hair volume
  • KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray - this was used on the lengths of my hair to thicken my strands
  • KMS Silk Sheen Styling Cream - this was smoothed onto my hair to give it shine and smoothness
After blow drying some volume and loose curls into my hair, Kate finished the look by doing some random GHD curls all over.

And the end result? Voluminous, defined curls.
So healthy looking! If only I can maintain this!

Afterwards I was sent all the above KMS products to try at home, and I hope that I can recreate these smooth curls at home.

I will be doing proper reviews of all of these products when I use them for a bit longer, but so far Add Volume Root Lift and Volumizing Spray have been stand outs for me.

Anyone else experiencing weirdly misbehaving hair lately? 
What are your miracle hair products for getting your hair under control?

Disclaimer: Products and blowdry provided for free. I'm not paid for writing this review and I'm not affiliated with the brand, or its stockists.


  1. So shiny! Definitely want to try this now. I love my new balayage but my hair needs some loving.

  2. Looks very glamourous

  3. Your hair looks so amazing and shiny!

  4. You already have gorgeous hair to begin with, but I love it even more in these photos!

  5. Your hair looks so beautiful, Lilit! I love the curls :)

  6. sooo cute!! You look amaz!!

    xo Jenn

  7. Your hair looks SO GOOD! You're always so polished and perfect! SO MUCH JEALOUS! <3

  8. Hellooooo pretty lady! Your hair looks amazing!!

  9. I definitely wish I knew how to give my hair a defined curl. I can usually get one side of my head to participate but the other half just frizzes out. <3 You look lovely!

  10. Thanks for your comments girls, I'll do a proper review post of these products as I start using them more.

    Eden - LOL, that's how I am! I can do my right side really well, but the left and the back of the head is just a curly mess!


  11. Your hair looks AMAZING!!!
    So shiny, and the curls are pretty. I love it!
    My hair sucks big time at the moment and I'd like to give it a chop. I'm thinking your length!



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