December 13, 2011

Lunch time BYS mini-haul

I dropped in to my local Gloss store "just for a browse" one lunch time at work and noticed the BYS Cosmetics counter had been completed restocked. I'm a huge fan of this Australian budget brand of cosmetics, and their lipstick, Champagne Rain, is one of my all time favourite nudes. HERE's a previous post where I've compared it to MAC Hue.

These three items caught my eye, and at just $3.95 each I couldn't pass them up.

Lipsticks in Sassy Salmon and Beautifully Bare
L/R - Sassy Salmon, Beautifully Bare
I'd been after Sassy Salmon for a while but they never had any stock of it left, just the tester there to entice me. This time they had quite a few of these gorgeous pale pink colours in stock so I picked one up. Beautifully Bare is one from their Longwear line which I hadn't seen before. It's a pale creamy nude colour that's perfect with dark smokey eyes. On my lips they last about 2 hours before needing a re-apply, but seriously at that price I can't complain.
The only thing I don't like about the BYS lipsticks are the cheap flimsy packaging. They look and feel like they'll break apart any second now and I wish BYS would improve the quality of the packaging a bit as I feel because it looks cheap people don't give it enough of a chance. Shame really, as the quality of the products are great.

Diamond Glitter Satin Nail Polish
With the holiday season upon us I was after a glitter polish, and this one is perfect to layer over different colour bases. I'm yet to do a mani with this polish, but I did try them over peach, green, white and pink nail polishes (above) to see how it would look. I think so far I like it layered over the green, but I'll have to test it with other shades later and will do a proper NOTD on it.

Have you been hauling anything lately?


  1. At $3.95 a pop, I think I am gonna grab all 3 of them during my lunch break once I am back to work. As a reward for all the studying I have done!!

    The lippies look amazing and not to mention the GLITTERRRRSSSSSSS! :)

  2. Love all 3 items you bought, esp. the lipsticks! I wish we had an affordable local makeup brand like Gloss! xx

  3. I love the look of Sassy Salmon and that nail polish looks awesome for the price! Budget brands can be quite surprising sometimes, great finds!

  4. Sassy Salmon is gorgeous as well as the nail polish!

  5. Ah! I tried the BYS lippies before! Didn't work out for me! But yours look so creamy and all! Mine was that cheap NYX Round lipstick texture... Not sure how to describe it >.<

    I might just pick one up again when I pass GLOSS! ^_^ Probably a fun pink like Sassy Salmon! ^_^

    Which blue nail polish are you wearing in your nail swatches, may I ask? ^_^!!


  6. Hee, I was going to say I liked it best over the mint green and then I read you liked it as well.

  7. that is so awesome!! $3.95 is wicked. I must confess that I have been a bit of a "it looks cheap so i wont try it" person, but I really like the look of sassy salmon!

  8. It's been a while since you've done a BYS post, glad to see you still love it. I love the Beautifully Bare lippy and - gah! - of course the glitter's got my attention! I've only got a few BYS products but I think they are fantastic value for money.

  9. love all of them hunni!the lipsticks aaw gorgeous colours as always,you know I love those bold pinks.And look so pigmented!!And the nail polish is definitely a hit!!


  10. Ooooh!!! Loving the lippies on you... But I dunno why but maybe it's the packaging like you mentioned - I still am reluctant to give BYS a go...!!! >_< I'm not usually a snob...!!!

  11. Tram - I'm wearing it over China Glaze Refresh-mint, I think that's the one I like best.

    Tegan & Ling - snobs! LOL


  12. man that holo-polish was amazing, I need one too! it got so different depending on the base! delicious!

  13. UGH SO PRETTY. I need both those lipsticks ;____;

  14. I loved BYS from the time I tried one of their nail polishes. It was really nice. Loved the colour, and then I just couldn't find it anywhere. I haven't actually tried any of their lipsticks, but my friend used to have a BYS vanilla flavoured lip gloss. Smelled and looked amazing. Yummy ^^



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