December 19, 2011

Top 11 for 2011

I was tagged by one of my favourite bloggers, Irene from Blushingloves, to do this post, to showcase my top 11 beauty products for 2011.

I started my blog just at the end of last year, so 2011 is when I really got to experiment with a lot of beauty products. Picking top 11 products wasn't as hard as I thought it would be as even after trying a gazillion (ok, slight exaggeration) products these are the ones I keep returning to.


1. Benefit Hoola
Ever since I bought this at the beginning of the year I have been using it on an almost daily basis to contour my face. For me there’s no other product that looks more natural for contouring purposes. It’s matte, finely milled and above all it doesn’t go orange. Full review HERE.

2. Illamasqua lover
Possibly the most perfect peachy blush. It’s extremely finely milled, and beautifully pigmented. It looks really natural on and really brightens the entire complexion. I’ve worn this with a summer tan, and also on pale winter skin, and it looks good no matter my skintone. Full review HERE.

3. NARS Desire
A super bright cool toned blush. Looks scary in the pan, translates beautifully onto cheeks. It makes me look like I’ve just been exercising (yeah right!) and that pink flush is from within. Full review HERE.

4. Dior Amber Diamond
This is a fairly recent addition to my collection, and boy it’s worth the hype. It looks great alone or over a blush to add a beautiful glow to the cheeks. Best highlighter ever. Full review HERE.


5. MAC impassioned
My all time favourite lipstick. Ever. I’ve talked about it many many times before. If you love bright lipsticks you need this in your life. Previous posts HERE (1), HERE (2) and HERE (3)

6. Illamasqua Corrupt
This was the year I discovered Illamasqua, and I completely credit the brand for my love for bright lipsticks. It started with Corrupt. I guess you could say I was Corrupted (pun intended!). Previous posts on it HERE (1) and HERE (2)

7. Rimmel lipstick Pink Blush
I haven’t talked about this much, but this one never leaves my handbag. It’s a gorgeous mid toned pink that smells of lollies. It’s one of those colours I don’t’ have to think about too much, and goes with a variety of eye looks.


8. Revlon Lashliner
I only got to try this a few months ago and straight away it gained HG status. It’s incredibly black, glides on smoothly and lasts the whole day. What more can you want from an eyeliner? Sorry, make that lash liner. Full review HERE.

9. L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows
These are a weird hybrid mixture between cream and mousse, they go on like a dream and don't crease on me at all. That's saying a lot, as I have hooded eyelids so creamy eyeshadows crease on me in no time. I have quite a few colours, but my faves are Permanent Khaki, Endless Chocolate and Hourglass Beige. HERE is my original review of the range.

10. Naked Palette original – I went from country to country looking for this. No joke. HERE is the post about my adventures in Europe trying to track this baby down. Even though I haven't been using this much lately, the reality is it is a classic palette that will never go out of style. Deserves to be included in the top 11.


11. Moroccan Oil 
I received this as a birthday present at the beginning of the year and have been using it 2 – 3 times a week both as a styling aid and as a blow dry oil. Using this on wet hair makes the blow dry process much quicker, on dry hair it tames my flyaways and makes my hair look smooth. Previous post HERE.

And I can't end a beauty favourites post without mentioning my 11 favourite beauty blogs of the year. In no particular order they are:

The Gloss Goss
Lucky Packet (mainly fashion)
Miss Natty's Beauty Diary
Vivianna Does Makeup
Fix your Face by Maryam Maquillage
Running on happiness (mainly fashion)
Crashing Red (mainly fashion)
Keeping up with me
Fables in Fashion

I now tag Tara, Lauren, and Jen W to do this post. Pretty please ladies, I need a peek inside your beauty stash.

Dear readers, what have been some standout products for you in 2011?


  1. Ohh love these posts!
    Funny you mention those Maybelline cream/pigment e/s. I have a few and I always forget to use them :)
    Great selection.

  2. all the blushes and bronzers look amazing! You have a really similar taste for shades as me^^

  3. I'm so gonna do this tag! Love such posts with past year's favourites ;)

    Aha! So it's Impassioned the lipstick you're wearing in the "about me" page! I admit I haven't worn it enough, should give it some more love cause it's bright and pretty and it deserves it! The Dior Amber Diamond powder is a very recent acquisition for me, so I don't think I'll include it in this year's favourites...

  4. :O I'm blushing, seriously blushing! You're too kind, thank you so much <3 <3 :) Love your product selection! The L'oreal Color Infalliables are so amazing :O

  5. LOVE your list. Everyone loves Amber Diamond! Its becoming a cult.. although I really hope they re-release the third COPPER version they once had! I am dying to try it! xx

  6. I LOVE the list!! Ohh my gosh. the US just got those infallible and they've been out.


  7. I so have to get Impassioned!!Since you love it I'm sure I'm going too!!Great post hunni!And thank you so much for the shout out!!Love your blog..and great top 11!!!


  8. Mercedes - thanks hun, and you totally need to use your cream e/s more, they're fabulous!

    Passing Fancy - I'm a bit crazy for blushes and bronzers, and usually in the same shades so I really shouldn't be buying any more.

    cbsg5861 - You def need to do this tag, I love seeing what's in people's favourites list. Oh and yep, Impassioned is the lippy I've got in my profile pic. I love it.

    Celina - no need to blush hun, I loooovee your blog, especially the Fables!

    Tali - Oooh, a Copper version? I haven't heard/seen it, now I'm intrigued. Hope they release it again.

    Jenn - thanks babe, see if you can get your hands on them, they're fabulous!

    Irene - you NEED to get Impassioned! We seem to have similar tastes in lippies so if i love it you will too. xo


  9. Such a great post Lilit! So many faves... I'll admit, its mostly because of your reviews I go out and buy products! :)
    There's quite a few on your top 11 that I need to buy. Esp the Moroccan Oil!
    Thank you for mentioning me as one of your fave blogs... I'm over the moon and am having a little dance party in my head :):)

  10. Lots of lemmings there Lilit! It's very obvious you love Impassioned with all those post links - I do too! I'd love to see a post with you wearing the Rimmel lippy.

  11. Laiqah - You def need Moroccan Oil, I can't live without it. And of couse you're in my top 11, I love your blog!

    Vita - Yep, Impassioned is def my HG lipstick, such a gorgeous shade. And sounds good, will do a Rimmel Pink Blush lippy fotd in the next few days, can't believe I haven't done one already!


  12. Great idea for a post! These products all look amazing :)

  13. LOVE this post! It is so awesome to read about what peopple love all over the world. I am a new follower:) would love you to check out my blog and follow if you like!
    xo Danielle

  14. Great products! Hoola by Benefit is my all time favorite bronzer! and I love those lipstick shades..I'm all about pink lipsticks too.

    btw happy one year! congrats :-)

    XOXO Aisha

  15. I gotta take a note of these things and go visit ur fav bloggers. Thanks.

  16. As always, thank you so much for sharing your picks. I want amber diamond and I agree that lover and desire are some of the best blushes. I love all your other picks as well, though I haven't tried them all. It gives me stuff to want to test out!

  17. you are solely responsible for my Dior Amber Yearning!!

  18. We just go the L'oreal Infallible cream eyeshadows in the States, finally! and I picked up four of them. I am so glad I found them and am excited to use them! I specifically got the Sage Green based on your FOTD using it.

  19. I LOVE Impassioned and Amber Diamond :) I recently started using NARS Desire and Benefit Hoola too and am really liking them!

  20. Oh Lilit!
    I just saw that you have named my blog as one of your favorites. That just brought a big smile to my face. What a lovely compliment coming from you- my inspiration!
    I will definitely be doing this post and thanks for tagging me.
    Tara xx

  21. Rimmel pink blush looks lovely. I gave you an Award.

  22. Lilit you know I love your bright colours and your top 11 is filled with the gorgeous things I have seen you use in FOTDs.

    I was also really interested to hear your thoughts on Hoola and don't worry Lover is on my wish list when I eventually get around to starting an Illamasqua collection (heaven help my credit card).

  23. Great faves Lillit, you have me wanting to try the Loreal shadows :)

  24. Wow i loved everything, I am definitely tryin out the loreal eyeshadows...

    I am just startin out my blog and I was taged so I did this blog..

    Check it out..

    X Margret

  25. I looove reading these lists, and it's great to see that we share some favourites. I also featured the Dior Amber Diamond and of course, the Naked palette.
    I really want to try out those Loreal eyeshadows and the Benefit Hoola! Great post!



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