December 27, 2011

Sparkly nails for the holidays

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, full of love and joy and time spent with the family. We spent the day at my in-laws' place and feasted on yummy foods like ham, turkey, roast pork and I won't even start by mentioning the desserts. Being Armenian, my Christmas is actually on 6th January, which works out well for the husband and I as we never have to fight over whose parents' house to spend Christmas day!

Anyway, just wanted to show you my mani on Christmas day, when only sparkly nails would do!

I have 2 coats of BYS Diamond Glitter Nail polish in Crystal, worn over a white base (some cheap opaque white I bought from a Korean store).

You might remember I bought this polish during my mini BYS-haul (blogged about it HERE). A few days after my mini haul I was sent some other colours from the Diamond Glitter range to try - Amethyst (purple glitter); Silk (white gold fine glitter); Aquamarine (blue chunky glitter) and Crystal which I already owned.

Here is how they look on the nails, all 2 coats worn over a white base. I'd have to say my favourites are Aquamarine and Crystal. They are $3.95 each and satisfy a sparkly nail craving without breaking the budget.

The only thing I don't like about sparkly glittery polishes is removing them!

Do you like glitter polishes or is the hassle of removing them enough to put you off?

Disclaimer: Some items were sent for review purposes as per my disclosure statement.


  1. Oh my garrrrd, love your mani! Was about to ask where you got the base colour from, ha. Very festive nails indeed!

    And lucky you for having 2 Christmas's ;) xo

  2. Lovely nailpolish and perfect for christmas, when you not in the mood for the classical red nails. I wear Deborah Lipmann in Razzle Dazzle on my nails.

    Crystal looks like a nailpolish from Essence that I own. Very pretty!

    xoxo, Sandra

  3. Halima - lol, yeah the base colour doesn't even have a brand or a color name written on it.

    Sandra - welcome back!!!! When will you get back to blogging? Soon I hope. PS: I'm yet to try Essence polishes, they've just arrived in Australia now but I haven't tried them yet.


  4. Cute nails doll! The first photo makes me think of snowflakes :)

  5. My gosh Lilit! How to you manage to do such amazing nails!?

  6. I'm a glitter fan and am loving Crystal and Amethyst on you!! I'm on a super tight budget at the moment but I may be just able to sneak some of these in to my collection.

  7. Love love love your blog and reviews! I've just found it as I got a new Mac Lipstick for christmas so im hunting down other mac lippies, and found your blog! New follower for sure!!


  8. Oooh! The silk and crystal looks are my favorite!

  9. love these top coats - need to get me some :)



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