December 03, 2011

Organising my eyeshadows with the Z Palette

I go through a neat freak phase when clutter just drives me nuts. And lately my makeup collection, my single eyeshadows to be precise, had been driving me crazy as they were all over the place. I found that I hardly used any of my single eyeshadows because it was too much of a hassle sorting through them in the mornings.

Enter the Z Palette
The Z palettes are great as they have a fully magnetized base without any compartments so you can fit any size or shape pans in there. I decided to buy the large one as I thought I could fit all my MAC, Inglots and whatever single eyeshadows I had.

Unfortunately I had underestimated how many eyeshadows I actually do own because I didn't manage to fit everything in it. At 20cm x 13cm the large palette is smaller than I thought it would be. I'm not too fussed though, as I still managed to fit 28 MAC sized (26mm) eyeshadows in there.

Some of my MAC pans didn't stick to the palette (probably because sneaky MAC has used special metals to ensure they only stick to MAC palettes), but I had magnet strips which I cut and stuck to the bottom of those pans and all worked well. (You can get magnet strips from haberdashery and craft stores for a few dollars).

If you're interested in the shades that did make it into the palette, they're listed below.
1st row - MAC Phloof, Inglot 397, MAC Woodwinked, Inglot 402, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Sable, Inglot 423
2nd row - Inglot 467, MAC Moleskin, MAC Saddle, MAC Swiss Chocolate, Inglot 363, Inglot 460, Inglot 409
3rd row - MAC Vex, MAC Sumptuous Olive, MAC Humid, Australis (re-pressed shade from old palette), MAC Newly Minted, Teal shade from MAC Double Feature 3, Inglot 428
4th row - Inglot 29, Inglot 493, MAC Parfait Amour, Inglot 40, Inglot 459, Inglot 420, Inglot 502

I also have the smaller Z palette which I bought a while back but haven't used yet. I'll be leaving the small one empty for now, and use it as a travel palette so I can transfer the shades I want to take traveling with me from this large one to the smaller one. The small Z Palette fits 9 x 26mm eyeshadows.

I bought both palettes from Crush Cosmetics. The large one costs $26.95AUD and the small one $19.95AUD.

How do you organise your single eyeshadows? Do you own similar palettes?


  1. hm I thought the mac shadows didn't work for the z palette, or did you attache extra magnets to them?
    I need to start filling my z palettes after seeing this so thanks!;)

  2. I go thru similar phases. I did buy a few z-palettes at one point to organize myself a bit better. I guess I have so many loose shadow, those can be a bit trickier to find a good organizing method so they are accessable for easy use.

  3. Eye Graffiti - my old mac pans stuck without problems, but for the newer ones I had to use a magnet which is sold in most craft stores for a couple of dollars.

    The Peach - it's definitely tricky. I know this organised palette will work for me now, but who knows in a few months time I'll probably buy more loose eyeshadows and need another palette.


  4. Are inglot shadows good? I'll have to do some more research on them!

  5. I'm with you on this one! My single eyeshadows were all over the place so finding the right colors in the morning while I was in a hurry was always a hassle! I depotted mine and put them in the MAC palette. I wish I knew about these Z Palettes...they're so much cuter!

  6. I only own three single shadows, so I haven't found a reason to get these types of palettes yet. Even when I get more I think i'd be too afraid of ruining the shadows!

  7. I love my single shadows... but I love your Z palette! :)

  8. I have had my eye on the Z palettes for a while but I was thinking about trying to make my own palette to save myself some money!

  9. I don't own any palettes to put eyeshadow pans in... I guess I'm not really an eyeshadow junkie. I do have them though, I don't think I actually need a palette for these things. I own some palettes anyway and they're good enough! :)


  10. Ah :D Just the sight of this makes me feel like accomplished, even though you did all the work! XD Great job!

  11. Enabler! I just bought the pro size after seeing this post (I wanted one as soon as I saw this but had to wait til after xmas for the funds). Unbelievably Ive almost filled it already, so my plans to add in blush are out the window.

    Good news is they just annouced the pro size in Zebra so now Im set on getting a second one!

  12. This looks great! I love that the large palette now can take four straight rows of pans, the earlier ones were a bit to small so the shadows looked all cluttery and messy - and I couldn't stand the thought! Need one of these, though :-)

  13. Finally got myself a Z palette but I'm a bit stumped on how to get the eye shadows out of their existing palette/holder without damaging them. I have taken some out and really all I've managed to do is crack them and break up the colour cake :( (I'll have to give your "re-pressing technique" a go to see if it fixes them)
    And now I'm stumped as to how to get my MAC singles out of their containers - they seem to be wedged in really tightly. Any hints on how I could achieve this would be appreciated.
    PS. Where did you buy your Inglot colours?

    1. The z-palettes are great! The best way i've found to get the eyeshadows out is either using a hair dryer on the back so it melts the glue, or using my GHD to melt the glue then push the shadows out of their holder. Have a look at this tutorial, this should help you

      Oh and re Inglot, I bought them when there was still an Inglot shop at Chatswood but that's closed down. As far as I know all Inglot stores in AU are now closed, but you can buy from their Australian based online store

    2. Thank you. I'll give it a try this weekend - first on a colour I like less in case in I stuff it. :)

    3. This is a great tutorial I found on YouTube on how to de-pot your Mac eyeshadows from their container.

    4. Ooh great tutorial! Hope you've had luck depotting your shadows! I've just ordered another Z Palette so I'll need to do some more reorganising and re-arranging of my eyeshadows :)

    5. I found an even easier (for me) method of melting the glue to get them out of their pots without using a flat-iron... we have a combustion fire (black box with fire blazing in the front window). I just put a piece of foil on top of the fire and did them one by one. So chuffed with myself. Got nearly all my MAC singles (which I hardly used because they were such a pain) into the ZPalette. Need to buy the big ZPalette Pro for my blushers now.



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