December 23, 2011

My HG eyeshadow brush and what I use with L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows

Long time readers of my blog will know how much I love my L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows. The soft squishy formula, the gorgeously pigmented shades, the crease-proof lasting power... what's not to love?
Click HERE for a review and swatches of my L'Oreal Color Infallibles

And from time to time I get asked what brush I use with these eyeshadows as they're not quite powder, not quite cream, just a weird squishy hybrid mixture. The brush I use is this fabulous cheapie one from the Australian brand Models Prefer (sold at Priceline).

Ages and ages ago I was sent one of these brushes for free from Models Prefer PR, and ever since then it's become my HG eyeshadow brush so much so that recently I went and bought 3 more. I would have bought a whole lot more but they were all sold out at my local Priceline! 
Using the Models Prefer small eyeshadow brush with L'Oreal Permanent Khaki eyeshadow

Why do I love it so much?
  • Short, dense bristles mean that it picks up the right amount of colour with no fallout
  • It's great for packing colour on the lid, and also for blending out any harsh lines and of course I don't just use it with the Color Infallibles but with any powder eyeshadow.
  • Shorter than usual handle means it's more convenient to hold. So if you're like me and practically step inside the mirror when you're applying your eye makeup, you don't have to worry about any long handles hitting the mirror as you work. 
  • It's excellent value at $9.95aud (in comparison, a similar MAC e/s brush is $45aud)

I haven't tried any of the other brushes in the range yet but I definitely will as soon as my local Priceline tops up the Models Prefer stock, as last time I was there there were hardly any brushes left, just the testers.  Just goes to show you don't need to spend a lot of money to get good quality items.

What's your favourite brush? Do you invest in high price brushes or are you happy to give cheaper brands a chance?

Disclaimer - one brush was provided for review purposes. The additional 3 I bought with my own money as they're damn good and I want more! Oh and PS - I'm not affiliated with the brand or its stockists.


  1. I want to try some of the Models Prefer brushes! I always gaze longingly at the airbrush one but I never fully commit. I love me some cheap brushes <3

  2. Great post! :) My HG liquid foundation brush is Models Prefer's Foundation Air Brush - it's amazing! It's just like the Sephora air brush foundation (I have the slightly smaller one), but much cheaper. I have just bought the cream powder brush too, so will see how that goes!

  3. FYI, I, too, used to stalk the air brush at Priceline ALL THE TIME - for *ages*! LOL. Now I wish I'd gotten it sooner. I highly recommend if you use liquid foundation. (Great blush brush too).

  4. Hmmm! I'll have to try to find the Models Prefer line here (in Canada). You make their eyeshadow brush sound amazing :o)

  5. I have a models prefer eyeshadow brush, it is a little bit different to this one but it is my absolute fave too!! I might have to go hunting for one of these ones, because it looks like it is a tad smaller than mine, and it looks awesome!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. I'll probably never try these brushes, this brand is not available in Italy! Anyway, ma favourite brush it's an H&M blending brush. A super cheap, good quality brush! Every brush I bought there is actually quite good.

  7. I own quite a few models prefer brushes :) I use the professional airbrush one, which i've used in a couple of youtube tutorials i've made. I also have an amazing shader eyeshadow brush, slightly larger than these ones you've shown here Lilit, and the eyeshadow brushes are amazing. Models prefer also makes an amazing face primer, for about $8.00, which i've also reviewed on my youtube channel, and it's extremely comparable to Smashbox photo finish. And their pink blending sponges shaped like eggs, for about $5.00, ARE THE BEST!!!! I use mine for myself & for clients, and it's amaaaaaazing.

    Sorry to ramble, but i'm a models prefer junkie haha!! xxx

  8. Nearly picked up of these shadows yesterday before remembering I shouldn't buy any more make-up. So tempted by the electric blue one!

  9. p.s. you made me buy my first Color Infallible! I wrote a post about it, check it out if you want to :) xx

  10. Jerry - you def need to get one, you won't believe how good they are!

    Indigo - I've been eyeing off that one and today when I was finally ready to buy it they were all sold out! Typical. I'll have to stalk Priceline and get it next time they have new stock.

    Rae - Unfortunately I don't think they're sold anywhere outside of Austrlia.. yet. Hopefully they will soon.

    Tegan - You must have the larger version of the one I have. I decided to get the smaller one as I thought it would be easier to control, and it is!

    Drama & Makeup - I'm glad you got the Loreal eyeshadows, you'll love it!

    MakeupbyJess - I'm soooo impressed by the quality of Models Prefer, great value, amazing quality. I agree, their brushes are amazing.

    Gaele - Since when do we listen to the fact that we don't need any more makeup? What's the bet you'll cave? LOL. I'll be caving one of these days and getting more colours no doubt. LOL.

    Vintage - It is!

    Merry Christmas everyone!


  11. Hahha I like that part about "stepping inside the mirror" when applying eye makeup - that's so me too!!

  12. I need to start working on my eyeshadow brush collection. I really like how this little thing seems to apply the Infallibles. <3

  13. I am totally going to get one of those brushes.

  14. wow those shadows are GORGEOUS! ohhh how I wish we had these in the



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