November 29, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday - hot pink products

Now that it's almost summer in Australia I can't wait to get some of my bright colours out of storage and start playing with them. And what better bright colour than hot pink?

These are the top 5 hot pink products in my make up stash.

NARS "Desire" - This looks quite scary in the pan, but with a light hand it looks absolutely beautiful and gives a fresh healthy look to the cheeks. HERE is the original review.

Illamasqua "Grab" - I've had this colour for quite a while and used to wear it all the time, especially when I knew I'd be too busy to change my nail colour often enough, as this lasted on my nails without chipping for up to  days (with top coat). HERE is a NOTD with this colour.

OCC Lip Tar "Pageant" - This is my favourite colour from the OCC Lip Tar range. You can use it as a stain or as a full on opaque gloss and it's extremely long lasting. My only complaint with this is that towards the end of the day it leaves a weird dry ring around the inside of my lips. HERE is a post that has swatches of it on my lips.

MAC "Pink Nouveau" - This is a mid toned hot pink and it's surprisingly wearable. It's a satin formula which can become a bit drying after a while, but because I love the colour I'll put up with the dryness.

Lime Crime "Countessa Fluorescent" - I'm not game enough to wear this one often. It requires a lot of confidence to pull off as it's very bright-look-at-me-I've-got-barbie-pink-lips. But I do admire this on others quite a lot, so I'm hoping I'll use this more often come summer. HERE is the original post with FOTD.

Quick swatches

What are some of your hot pink make up products?


  1. Those are really nice! Of the top of my head, I cannot think of my favourite bright pink product, but it's a colour a like!

  2. That Lime Crime lipstick is gorgeous! My favourite pink product is probably MAC Chatterbox lipstick! xxx

  3. Loved this post! That NARS blush is gorgeous! I wish it was almost summer here in the US.

  4. I love my MAC girl about town, even tho it's more of a fuscia! I really want to try pink nouveau now:p I bet it looks even better during the summer.

  5. I love that Nars blush! I'll have to pick it up before it's summer here in the states =)

  6. My fave hot pink product is Nars Blush in Angelika. Looks awesome on medium olive skin.

  7. Great top 5!! I swatched this awesome fuchsia nail polish at the drugstore yesterday and this list has me wanting it even more!

  8. Hot pink is perfect for Summer!
    Pretty Hot Pink top 5... Your post reminds me that I need to wear my MAC Pink Nouveau more often.

  9. I wish it was almost summer in new york so I could whip out my hot pinks!! too bad--i'll wear it in the winter then :)) Pageant is perfection!!

  10. NARS blush lust alert, must leave credit card at home

  11. I actually have and love NARS Desire, it's from my Danmari palette (which I haven't been able to review yet!) My favorite pink lippy is probably MAC's Full Speed sheen supreme.

  12. Oh Lilit I bet those colours look amasing on you.

    As for me, I am pretty sure this shade might be my kryptonite. It';s either this or yellow...just cannot carry it off! x



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