November 02, 2011

Navy smokey eye look with Smashbox Smokebox palette

Last weekend for a friend's birthday dinner I decided to do a dark navy smokey eye look. Lately I've been focusing so much on doing bright lips that I've completely neglected that basic glam look you can get with a smokey eye.

For this look I used the Smashbox eyeshadow palette in Smokebox from the the Girls on Film Collection. Before I get to the look, here are some pictures and swatches of the colours from the palette which was sent to me a couple of weeks ago for review purposes.

Smashbox Girls On Film - Smokebox eyeshadow palette
Smashbox Smokebox Palette

The palette costs $64.95AUD at Kit Cosmetics and you get 6 colours that work well together.

On the top row you get:
- matte beige/cream
- shimmer taupe
- matte black with silver sparkle

On the bottom row you get
- shimmer lilac/silver
- matte purple
- matte navy with silver sparkle

As you can see from the swatches below, the 4 darker colours are very pigmented, the 2 lighter ones are a bit more powderier with less colour pay off. 

I've only ever worn these eyeshadows in the evenings, for maximum 5 hours, and have experienced no creasing or rubbing off.  Overall I think it's a great palette to have around for doing nighttime smokey eye looks. It's actually my first ever product from Smashbox and so far I'm impressed.

The Look

Dream Liquid Mousse foundation in Nude
MAC MSFN powder in Medium
Illamasqua Disobey to contour
Illamasqua Lover blush
Emani shimmer powder in Lime Light

Smashbox Smokebox Navy - lid, bottom lashline, and used to smudge the eyeliner
Smashbox Smokebox Taupe - crease and to blend out the navy
Smashbox Smokebox Beige - brow bone
Jordana Color Extend eyeliner in black
L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D mascara in black
Rimmel brow liner in black/brown

BYS Automatic Lipliner in Natural
OCC Lip Tar in Hush

Have you tried anything from the Smashbox range?

Disclaimer: the Smashbox eyeshadow palette was sent to me for review purposes. I do not get paid to write reviews and all opinions are based on my personal experience.


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Stunning Smokey eye Lilit... You look BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I want to run out and get this palette immediately! I am SO IN LOVE with your navy smokey eye!
    (Excuse the excitement, as you can tell, I really love it! :))

  2. wow, you look fantastic! I am a bit like you,I tend to do the bright lip more, but you are convincing me that eyes work too with those pictures!

  3. Laiqah - awww thanks hun, it feels weird doing a dark eye and pale lips after my obsession with bright colours but I loved it. I need to see you with smokey eyes now, coz I think like me you've been favouring the lips more lately.

    Tegan - thanks so much, doing bright lips is just so much easier than doing a smokey eye but yes sometimes it's worth making the effort!


  4. The dark colors are beautiful!

  5. You look fantastic - I so prefer you in your smokey eye look and muted lips. You look so glamourous.

  6. Knockout pigmentation on these - looks absolutely amazing!

  7. You are the queen of blending!!
    I love that blush...Lover has been on my wish list for ever I think.
    High time I got it.
    You look super pretty :)

  8. That palette is lovely, and I love that blue!!
    This is gorgeous :) xx

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  12. Absolutely gorgeous eye look! You look stunning!! x

  13. Thats smokey eye is just divine! So envious of you right now, you got mad skills girl!
    Love your work!
    I am wearing a navy dress on weekend and now I want to try this look!

  14. Moonchild - they are definitely beautiful and pigmented.

    Kath - I'm so not used to this type of a look anymore, but will try doing them more often at least for the evenings. PS what happened to your post idea? do you still want me to post it? if yes, need a photo of you.

    Vita - the darker shades are awesome with their pigmentation, fabulous!

    Mercedes - I'm so surprised that you with your blush obsession don't have Lover yet. You need to get it, and get it soon!

    Gianna - thanks hun.

    markedbeautyblog - thank you so much, you're just too kind.

    Jamie - you should totally try it, not a difficult look at all. And then post it on your blog of course!


  15. Pretty! :) I love navy smokey eyes.

  16. So pretty! I'm a huuge fan of navy on the eyes!

  17. what a fab look!! Thanks for sharing =)

  18. You're so right! I need to do a smokey eye... Even though I'm TERRIBLE at applying eyeshadow.
    It's much easier to slick on some lipstick :)
    Oh, I came back to stare at your gorgeous smokey eye again! (Stalker ;))

  19. Looking great as always xx

  20. ohhh Lilit, I love that smokey eye on you!!! You look so HOT!!!! <3

  21. I haven't tried smashbox shadows yet, i'm still working down the proverbial brand list. I will definitely do so though - I Love this look!

  22. Navy looks great on you Lilit- loving that lip tar too

  23. Really love the eyes - did you do them?

  24. Lilit, this is such a beautiful look on you!! Smashbox is one of my fave brands, but I only have a single pot of their eyeshadow : Zoom, an olive/khaki green type colour. e. Xx



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