November 13, 2011

MAC Humid, Sumptuous Olive & Woodwinked Eyeshadows

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get so carried away with new make up collections that I don't even pay attention to those classics that have stood the test of time (in make up terms of course!). I'm talking about MAC eyeshadows in Humid, Sumptuous Olive and Woodwinked.

The other day while at Myer's MAC counter I was checking out the new Glitter and Ice collection and you know what, nothing caught my eye. Not a single thing. There was a beigey mineralize eyeshadow which looked nice (Snow Season), but it seemed to have massive fallout so I let it go and instead turned my eye to the permanent collection.

And what do you have, these three gorgeous shades immediately jumped out at me. I'd read so much about these colours on other blogs and always thought they looked lovely that seriously I don't know what took me so long to get them.

Swatches & Review

This is a beautiful warm deep green with a shimmer finish.  It's a frost finish, but it doesn't have any chunky frosty bits and no fallout. This will easily become my favourite green in no time.

Sumptuous Olive
This gorgeous olive eyeshadow is a veluxe pearl finish, with a warm golden glow. It looks great worn alone on the lid or as part of a smokey eye look. Love it. And the pigmentation is just incredible which translates well from brush to lid.

This is a gorgeous metallic gold/bronze colour. It looks absolutely stunning on its own over the entire lid, and is a perfect colour to complement a bronzey look. This is also very beautifully pigmented.

Overall I am extremely happy I got these three shades, as I know these will look great especially in summertime.

Have you got any of these 3 shades? Did you pick up anything from the new MAC collection?


  1. Wow! Love all three of these colors! I have Woodwinked, one of the few items I do have from MAC. But the other two colors are beautiful and wear wearable too!

  2. My MAC collection is so small, it's laughable. All I have are a handful of brushes, brush cleaner, and gel liner. ...but your swatches make me really want to pick up some eyeshadows. I think I've been avoiding them because of the bad quality (from what I've heard) of their latest collections, but Woodwinked is really pretty!

  3. I Have all three and love them. I love how versatile humid is.

  4. Sumptuous Olive is gorgeous! No, I don't own any of these.

  5. Love these shades, I'm sad we can't get MAC here in Slovenia :(

  6. I felt the same way about the new collection, however I did pick up the dazzleglass in love alert. I do like it but looking back it isn’t too unique on the lips, so I should have chosen something else! I really like the look of woodwinked, it may be my next purchase.

  7. Woodwinked was the first MAC eye shadow I bought! Love it!

  8. I'd love to see you do a look with Humid/Sumptious Olive, they both look lovely but I have no idea how I would wear them xx

  9. I've had Woodwinked on my makeup wishlist for awhile now.

  10. I've had Woodwinked before - and it ran out! I keep forgetting to replace it. I looked at the Glitter and Ice collection online yesterday and I'm glad that someone else didn't think that it was all that special. I want them to do another cute collaboration.

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  11. I actually own all three of these! Woodwinked is such a great everyday eyeshadow, I guarantee you'll get loads of use out of it!

  12. Adding these three to my Christmas makeup wishlist!! Love them x

  13. I own all three of these shadows and love them all. Woodwinked is such an easy colour to just slap all over the lid and blend it out. Sumptuous olive and humid look great together too. I usually pair them with Coquette from MAC which is a matte colour just to deepen the look.

    Haven't checked out the new collection, I don't really like to follow them too much or I would be poor! haha

    Hannah xo

  14. I bought Sumptuous Olive a few months ago and absolutely love it. It's no wonder it's a classic!

  15. The Peach - I've been wearing Woodwinked almost every day since I got it, it's actually quite a versatile colour.

    Pretty Me Purple - the permanent line is definitely still the best, but yeah the newer collections seem to be too sheer and with massive fallout.

    Gaelle - I agree, and looks great with brown hair/eyes.

    Vintage - it's definitely a stunning colour.

    Moonchild - oh what a shame :( You'd think MAC would branch out more and start selling in more countries.

    Molly - The dazzleglasses did look pretty but since I hardly wear gloss I left it alone. Hope MAC's next collection is better!

    Eugenia - must bring back memories!

    Lauren - I've been wearing Sumptuous Olive just as it is, alone on the lid. Looks great and i reckon it would look amazing with your colouring. I will do a look one day with these shades.

    PinkGlitter - Oh it's a great shade, very versatile.

    Melanie - I think overall the collection looked pretty, but it was the quality of the products (major fallout) that let it down for me.

    Megan - I think I've seen woodwinked on your blog, and yep, already it's getting lots of wear!

    Angie - they will def suit you babe, add them to the wishlish. :-)

    Hannah - Thanks for the tip, Ill be pairing Olive and Humid together for sure.

    Vita - It suits a wide range of eye/hair/skin colours, a great versatile product!


  16. I like the look of woodwinked...At the moment Urban Decay Sin seems to be getting the most rotation in my collection, but I really should branch out and get a MAC shadow.

  17. Fabulous picks! Plz plz do an EOTD using all three at the same time.

  18. humid will be welcomed to my collection haha!

  19. I have Humid, and have been wanting to get The other 2 shades, but kept telling myself that I don't need more eyeshadows, and these are in the permanent range. So no hurry to get them! But each time I see them in blogs,I feel the urge to get them.

    Good thing there is no MAC, not counter not store near me, so I can't do impulse buying.

    I just want the red lipstick, Such Flare, from the MAC holiday collection. Somehow nothing much really catch my eyes. May be the Sultry lip bag, but I am not sure what will be left at the store when I finally get to one.

  20. I have all three of these, and they're some of my favourite shadows from MAC! Woodwinked is my all time favourite. You totally need to pair Sumptuous Olive with Club, or try wearing Sumptuous Olive on the lid over a green base and then blending it out in the crease where it fades to brown :)



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