November 04, 2011

Review: Revlon Launches New Complexion Oil Control foundation

Revlon has just launched an oil control version of their New Complexion foundation and it's a beauty.

I was sent one to review and I will admit my first thoughts when I saw that this was Oil Control was “oh no, I have dry skin, this will make my skin look flaky and accentuate any lines". So it was with great surprise that not only did it not make my skin look dry, it actually made it look smoother, glided over the crows feet around my eyes, and just made it look like I naturally have great skin.

Based on the swatches on the colour card I chose Sand Beige as it seemed to be the most yellow based one of the lot (I'm normally NC25). The colour is perfect for me now, but I'll need to go up a shade to Nude in summer.

It provides a light but buildable coverage. It doesn't cover the acne marks I have around my jaw but that's what a concealer if for. On the rest of my skin it just glides on creating a smooth my-skin-but-better effect. I use my fingers to apply which gives the most amount of coverage, but if you want it sheerer you can use a brush or sponge.  The coverage it leaves on the face is kind of satiny, not the matte dry look that sometimes oil control make up can give.

It's a very lightweight liquid, quite runny actually, but it's very easy to blend. It feels very light on the skin and you only need a little bit to cover the entire face. It's a perfect spring/summer foundation as it doesn't feel heavy at all. Plus it has SPF20, an added bonus for sunny summer days.

I normally apply it around 7am in the morning and it's still fresh by the time I get home from work around 6pm. The only area where it shows a bit of wear is around my chin, and I think that's because sometimes when I'm concentrating I will rest my chin on my hands and that probably wears it off.  
No Flash. Left: my skin without any foundation. Right: my skin with Revlon New Complexion Oil Control, no concealer and no powder.

The finished look
With Flash. Wearing the foundation plus concealer, powder and everything else.
PS: I don't know what that weird "glow" around my nose is. I can only assume it's the reflection of the flash on the window.

Bottom line
I love it. I think this may just replace my HG foundation, which so far has been Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse. I will definitely be repurchasing this, and at $24.95AUD this is cheaper than the other Revlon foundations in Australia. If you're after foundation with lots of coverage, this isn't it, but if you want something lightweight that won't make you shiny, this is perfect.

What is your current favourite foundation?

Disclaimer: Foundation provided for review purposes. I do not get paid to blog. All opinions expressed are my own based on my personal experiences.


  1. wow Lilit it gives great coverage! i must suss this foundation out when I go to do my retail therapy next.

    By the way, were you at a particular westfield last week on a thursday night last week? Wasn't stalking you though! :)

  2. Yvette - the coverage isn't too bad, it doesn't hide all flaws but it's still good none the less.

    Hmmm. Last thursday... you know I honestly don't remember! I must be getting old! Which westfield? maybe that will jog my memory.

  3. This foundation looks wonderful - you look gorgeous!

  4. WOW! I hope this comes out in the states! I LOOOOOOOOOVE the prospect of trying out a new foundation. Especially something lightweight that won't overdry my skin but will still keep oil at bay. Eeee~

  5. This sounds perfect for my combination skin. I hate shiny greasy skin but I don't want to look too matte either.

  6. OMG, I love the before after pic, it gives you a puuurfect coverage! thanks for the review~

  7. Wow, that foundation looks great on you! We're similar skin types, and as it happens, I'm in the market for a new foundation seeing as my Colorstay is finished. Might give this a go. Thanks for the great review.

  8. You look amazing! I wish they had darker shades for this foundation... let's hope they bring some out! :) x

  9. Hi Lilit! I am pretty sure it was burwood westfield :)

  10. Candace - thanks so much hun.

    Eden - surely it will come there soon, you guys get all the releases first so I'm surprised we have it here already and you don't.

    Vita - this definitely doesn't make you look matte, it's a really good foundation.

    Rindodo - glad you liked it. It's definitely got nice coverage, not too heavy but enough.

    Gladys de Leon - this feels much nicer on than Colorstay did for me. More lightweight and less cakey.

    markedbeautyblog - thanks hun. Yeah i'm surprised there are only 5 shades so far, and not too dark either. Hmmm... maybe they'll get more later.

    Yvette - oh yeah! Now I remember. I went for coffee with my mum and her friend and then of course had to browse at the shops too!


  11. Great review like always. I too love the before and after picture. What camera do you use? You always have such great pictures.

  12. Your skin looks super nice and glowy in the after picture! I might have to try this. MUFE HD is still my favorite foundation (despite your negative review, LOL) but I do notice that my skin can look a bit dry when I wear it.

    Thnaks for the review!

  13. Looks dewy but the runny consistency seems problematic...I'd end up wasting a lot. :(

  14. Lilit you are my absolute favorite blogger! thank you so much for your posts, I read them everyday!

  15. I LOVE this stuff too! YOU look amazing! <3


  16. It gives really great coverage! I'm surprised it didn't make dryness stand out. :) Revlon foundations always seem to get fab reviews!

  17. It looks so natural!!! I hope they release it here in the UK too!
    Love the cheek and lip combo! What is it?

  18. Whosoloves - thanks hun. It's just a digital camera that i use, Casio Elixim 12meg. I put it on the flower (macro) setting for all images which is why I hope they come out clear.

    Pretty me Purple - LOL, I'm glad the MUFE works for you! I've given up on mine now.

    Mystique - that's definitely a worry, especially since there's no pump to control how much you use.

    Molly - thank you so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying them.

    Yvette - Oops, sprung! You should have said hello, next time!

    Jenn - thanks babe

    Vintage - I was really surprised too, I thought it would be too dry for me but nope.

    Yolanda - thanks gorgeous.

    Mercedes - hope so to... and you'll hate me when I tell you. It's Lover by Illamasqua (can you pls get it already!) with MAC MSF Porcelain Pink to add shine. On lips it's Costa Chic which has almost worn off.


  19. Great review, you look great. I how they keep all the shades as in the regular line.

  20. This looks amazing on your skin! I need this in my life ASAP. I have dry skin too and if it can make me look as pretty as you I would be so happy!

  21. wow, it makes your skin look AMAZING! i hope we get that here soon

  22. Holy balls, you look FLAWLESS. I'll have to check this out!

  23. Hi thanks! this is such a great review. i only just bought this foundation cuz im running out of foundation and this is on sale right now in target for $14.95AUD. Not knowing if its a good one or not, i decided to get it. I have been reading reviews on this foundation and been seeing a lot of compliments on this foundation. hopefully it will work as amazing as it was to you :) thanks again. xxx

  24. Hi, i have 2 shade of this foundi : creamy peach beige and ivory beige. Oooh I luv it so much..and anyway i love your lipstick... :)

  25. Oh my goodness you are stunning and you have beautiful skin! Great review x



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