November 10, 2011

SAX Cosmetics nailpolish and lipgloss swatches

I remember buying SAX cosmetics when I was still in high school back in the late 90s. Yes, I'm that old. Or maybe I was at Uni then? I don't remember, and let's not dwell on that. My first SAX product was a frosted dark blue nail polish, and this was before blue polishes were cool. Every time I wore it my mum would have a heart attack at the un-ladylike colour of my nails. Even now she looks at me weird if I wear green, blue or black polishes.

She will, however, surely approve of the colours I'll be showing today, which were sent to me for review. 

SAX is an Australian company launched way back in 1995. For a while they had disappeared from the shops, or at least all the ones near my house. Until slowly but surely I started seeing them pop up at various pharmacies here and there. They are now launching a new range which looks better than ever. I'm talking classy packaging (look at the nail polish bottle, it has a diamante on it!), good quality products and definitely value for money.

Lipgloss in Peony (RRP $12.95aud)
This is a lovely pale pink gloss that can be worn on its own for a hint of colour, or over your favourite nude or pink lipstick to give it shine. It has a somewhat vanilla/cinnamon taste to it, which smells good enough to eat. According to their website it's infused with Jojoba and Avocado oils, so no cinnamon there but I don't know, that's what I can smell. 

Nail Polish in #19 (RRP $8.95aud)
This is a perfect colour match to the lipgloss in Peony. Creamy neutral pink which doesn't give mannequin hands. And the best thing about the nailpolishes? They are nasty-three-free. That is, they're free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.

Nail Polish in #54 (RRP $8.95aud)
This is a metallic plum colour that would look perfect in autumn. Two coats is all that's needed to get opaque coverage, and best of all, unlike most metallics this didn't steak on my nails.

SAX cosmetics are available at selected pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand, and a list of stockists can be found on their website HERE.

Have you tried anything from SAX yet? What do you think of the colours?

Disclaimer: Products sent for review. I'm not compensated for my blog posts and all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I've never come across SAX cosmetics before and I'm surprised they are sold at so many locations!

    The nail polish shade #19 is very pretty and cute! Do they chip early?

  2. Just like Rose, I've never seen the SAX range. The lipgloss looks really nice.

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  3. Rose - they're stocking them in a lot of places now, I'm sure you'll see them soon. I still have #19 on, it's the 3rd day and it's just started chipping on my right hand index finger (i.e. the finger I use most to scratch things). The rest of the nails are still chip free, but I am wearing China Glaze no-chip top coat on.

    Melanie - thanks hun. And the lipgloss smells so yummy too!


  4. I really like the look of that pink nail polish, gorgeous! Strange, I don't remember Sax from my childhood but maybe it was before I got into makeup. Or maybe they didn't sell it down in Tassie :p

  5. Hey Lilit,

    Wow, I love those colours - very pretty.

    I enjoy SAX, I have one of their blushes, it's a nice pink colour. Their products are hard to find, it's quite random the pharmacies they are in...

  6. I'm from the US so I haven't tried SAX products. I love the pink nail polish and the diamonds on the bottles.

  7. i love the nail polishes, but i especially love the lipgloss (:

  8. I've fallen in love and its name is #19 D:

  9. LOve #19- very demure. I adore their lipstick in coral- its such a winner , have a beige and red polish to swatc, hadn't realised yet they are 3 free- more excited now!

  10. The lipgloss and nail polish look fab, and thats coming from someone who hates lipgloss!

  11. I always meant to check out SAX after looking up their stockists a few months ago, but they're just not located close enough to where I could be bothered to haul ass XD It's on the to-do list though, especially now that you've shown us that lipgloss!

  12. That SAX nail polish in #19 looks lovely! I am loving the lip gloss as well. I really like lipglosses that are pink, and have a creamy finish.

    Thanks for sharing, Lilit :)

  13. Oh I'll have to smell my peony too now. It is such a gorgeous colour on you Lilit x



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