March 23, 2011

Nars Orgasm Dupes

If you're anything like me then you probably tend to gravitate towards similar shades and colours in makeup, to the point that you end up with a tonne of dupes. Satin Taupe dupes? Got 'em! Mac Hue dupes? Got  'em! And the latest dupes I discovered whilst going through a bit of a makeup stash clearout is some possible dupes for Nars Orgasm.

Nars Orgasm is such a popular colour and it suits most skintones. I'm sure you're all familiar with it so I won't bang on and on about it, but rather show you some dupes that I have.

Back - BYS Coral, Nars Orgasm
Front - Kafellon #5, L'oreal Raspberry Sorbet

Possible dupe #1 - L'oreal Raspberry Sorbet

Possible dupe #2 - Kafellon blush in 5 (Kafellon is a Korean brand which I've seen at a few Korean makeup and knick-knack stores here in Sydney, including one in Parramatta)

Possible dupe #3 - BYS Coral (this is somewhat darker than Orgasm, but on cheeks using light brushstrokes it looks pretty close)

Whilst none of them are an identical dupe of Nars Orgasm, they're pretty darn close! And I would have to say quality-wise they're all fantastic. The BYS one especially is my favourite blush of all time, it has amazing pigmentation, lasts the whole day and is a measly $4.95. Now compare that to Nars which in AU retails for around $75 for the duo that I have (Ridiculous! I bought mine online for less than half that price so don't get me started on online vs real shopping).

Do you know of any other dupes?


  1. Wow, they really are great dupes! Im so sad Nars products in sydney are so expensive. Im always stopping at their counter in Myer *sigh* but never buying..
    Im definitely gonna get the BYS blush next time im at gloss. And babe, wheres the korean store in parra exactly? I wanna check there store out :)

  2. Great post Lilit! I'm always looking for good dupes for my fav products! Where do you buy BYS from? I don't think I've seen it anywhere, although I can't say I've ever looked for it. But now I'll have to! xx

  3. Speaking of NARS retail prices- I don't think I've EVER bought any NARS in Oz... and I do love my Nars.

    Great dupes!

  4. I think the BYS one is the closest dupe, great post!

  5. Love this post! Thanks for sharing all the dupes to Orgasm. Many lines have released similar colors since it launched but at much lower prices.

  6. @PopBlush - it's on church street, corner of george st.

    @Angie - you can get BYS at Gloss in Parra, and i think KMart also stock them.

    @Jen W - how annoying is it we can't just walk into a shop and pay normal prices for such things, instead we put up with overly inflated prices that are not justified!

    @Elly - I know, i love the smell too!

    @Vintage makeup - thanks hun

    @Kristie - thanks, and i'm glad there are so many dupes... and chances are I'll keep buying more and more of them LOL


  7. GREAT dupes, Lilit! Thanks for such a wonderful post! I'll look out for the BYS one when I'm at the store :)

  8. Fantastic comparison post sooo glad I picked up the bys Coral!!!!

  9. Am going to head to Kmart before work and see if they have the BYS blush. $4.95 is crazy!
    Thanks for the dupes, great post.
    xx Emma

  10. I love BYS eyeshadows but strangely haven't yet tried out their blushes. Really want to give them a shot now!

    That Kafellon one looks really pretty, as well. Will keep my eye out for that brand.

  11. Thanks girls, you all definitely should check out the BYS one.... in fact I think it might actually be $3.95, not 4.95. Either way, it's a crazy price, in some places you can't even get a coffee for that!

  12. Such a great post! I love seeing cheap/less expensive options out there. Thanks..

    Loving the BYS blush. Really nice

  13. You're not wrong there with any of those choices. I've always wanted to purchase the Nars one because as you said, it suits all skin tones. I've got mid to dark skin and it's one of the only blushes recommended for darker women. But now there are so many more similar blushes out there, I think I'll work my way up the ladder!

  14. @unknowntheartist - Yes it's great there are so many dupes out there as if you don't want to spend the $$ on a NARS one at least you can get similar effects in cheaper brands.

  15. I completely agree. I would love to shop in an Aussie store and not have to then go online to find a more reasonable price point. Our dollar is so similar to the US but our cosmetics are sometime double the price. It makes no sense.

  16. @whosoloves - so sad really, I'd love for my money to stay in australia but not when things here cost more than double to what you can get them online from from o'seas. I hope Aussie retailers wake up to this fact and do something about their prices.



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