March 05, 2011

Illamaqua Toxic Nature Preview

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Sydney beauty blogger event to celebrate the launch of Illamasqua's Toxic Nature collection. And oh my, what a collection! As you may already know I absolutely love Illamasqua ever since I discovered it a few months ago (check out my previous reviews by clicking the Illamasqua label in the left sidebar), and this collection is no exception.

But before I get to it...

Firstly, the Illamasqua crew were absolutely lovely, every-single-one-of-them.

Secondly, there was makeup... and there were macaroons! How absolutely fitting!

Now to the collection. All the shades are stunning, and totally wearable in my opinion... yes even the acidic lime nailpolish with a name like Radium is something I would wear (just not to the office). And don't you just love the names? Bacterium, Delirium, Radium....

Nailpolishes L/R - Bacterium, Radium, Stagnate, Gamma, Purity
Sheer Lipglosses - Torture (coral peach), Divine (fuschsia pink) 

On my nails I'm wearing nailpolish in Grab by Illamasqua (who else!?!)

Cream Colour Pigments - can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks, face... anywhere you like!

The makeup artist working his magic

At the end there were even goody bags for all the lovely bloggers that attended. I'm pretty sure the contents were customised for each blogger, because mine were just the perfect colours for me.

My goody bag

I received the sheer lipgloss in Divine, and cream colour pigment in Hollow. I will do a full review of my goodies when I've had more of a chance to play with them.

There are more items in the collection than I've shown here, but I didn't get a chance to play with all (tell you the truth there was no arm left to swatch!). To see what's in the full collection go to the Illamasqua page.

I believe the collection will be released mid March '11 and I already know what I'll be getting when it's out... the cream colour pigment in Delirium, the lipstick in Atomic, and nailpolish in Stagnate.

What do you think of this collection? Will you be buying anything from it?


  1. Very neat stuff Lilit! I can't wait to see the nail polish swatches on you! :)

  2. Great post, Illamasqua is the BOMB!!! :D

  3. The collection is beautiful and I want it all!!!!

  4. The Bacterium nail polish looks interesting :)

  5. Hi Lilit,

    awesome! Great event. I love the promo pictures that I saw. I hope I can see the collection in real, because our counter has nothing. That means no Obey for me! :(

    Can´t wait for you reviews.


  6. I've never tried any Illamasqua, but it looks amazing!

  7. very thing looks good! love the colors.

  8. I love this collection, I can't wait til I get some, I really want some of the cream pigments they are gorgeous and the green nail polish ooft I love it xx

  9. @Alina - I'm waiting for the collection to be released and then I'll buy a few of the polishes.

    @Jade - agreed, it's totally the BOMB!

    @Kimmi - me too!!!

    @Vita - it is a beautiful colour, some of the bloggers at the event tried it on and it's gorgeous.

    @Sandra - I hope Illamasqua is available there soon, because it's such a great brand! You'll love it.

    @Vintage Makeup - if you get the chance to, do try it, I love the brand.

    @Tara - thanks, they're all fantastic colours.

    @Lori - surprisingly i like the green shade too. It's very unusual!


  10. i absolutely fell in love with the green shades - amazing!!!!!!
    lovely to meet you :D :D

  11. I love this collection, it all looks so great!

  12. @Clare - lovely to meet you too, and yep loving everything about this collection.

    @DalaLuz - definitely agree with you on that :)

  13. I am so obsessed with this collection. I can't wait for my order to arrive from the Uk!! I ordered everything expect the orange lipstick and the nails..... maybe i should have gotten the lipstick!!

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