March 02, 2011

How to fix a broken lipstick

A few weeks ago in Sydney we had a bit of a heat wave, I'm talking temperatures above 42C (108F) degrees for days on end which just played havoc with some of my creamier lipsticks.

Case in point...

This lovely lipstick from Revlon (Apricot Blase) is already super-creamy, and it just didn't stand a chance against the heat. One swipe on my lips and it broke or more like melted off... But I didn't throw it away because I really like the colour especially in summer, I fixed it. It's really quick and easy to do, as below...

Fix a broken lipstick the easy way
  1. Separate the broken lipstick from the tube
  2. Take a lighter or a match, and carefully hold the fire under the base of the broken off part.
  3. Slightly melt the lipstick still inside the tube, taking care not to burn the case.
  4. Stick the two broken parts together, really pushing the broken bits into the tube (it will get very messy here, but don't worry you can clean it)
  5. Once you've stuck the lipstick into the tube, using a cotton bud clean around the edges
  6. Put in the fridge for 2 hrs and you're done!

It won't look pretty, but at least it's fixed!

There, very easy to do! Or the other option is to completely melt it and pour it into a small jar for use with a lipbrush.

Hope you find it useful, and I'd love to hear your tips on how you save any broken pieces of makeup.


  1. Oo great post! Love it when I learn something new :)


  2. that's an awesome idea! thanks for sharing

    I hate heat waves :( except when it's a lipstick :)

  3. I love your tutorial posts, so clever!


    Dee x

    ps. that lippie is a gorg colour!

  4. Hi Lilit,

    it looks a little bit like a crime scene. ;) But that is another great advice from you! Thank you.

    I wish we have in Germany a heat wave for two reasons: it´s so cold and I have no broken lipstick to fix.

    xoxo, Sandra

  5. @Chuui - thank you!
    @Jen - I think you'll remember the hot days I was talking about!
    @Dee - thaks hun, and yes I love that colour too.
    @Vintage Makeup - thank you, I'm glad you found it useful.
    @Sandra - LOL yes it does look like a crime scene! And you don't want the crazy heat we had here, everything was melting! And it's a good thing you don't have a broken lipstick to fix!


  6. Oh no! Poor lippie :( At least you fixed it :)

    I haven't tried any other BYS brush except the fan brush, and I surprisingly havent tried any of their makeup but I was interested in their lipsticks. Hope you find something at Gloss today!

  7. This is such a great tip! I'm sure I'll have to use this one day. Thanks!

  8. Great tip, I have always been wary about diy fixing of my lipsticks but Ill definately give it a go now as i have a few that could use some tlc.

  9. If you're nervy about matches, a hairdryer also works well. I own ONE lime crime lipstick and the damn thing has made me repair it three times. never again...

  10. @PopBlush - I love their lipsticks, such good quality for $3.95!
    @Dempss - you're welcome hun
    @Lori - it's quite easy and so effective, so give it a try!
    @Suzanne - thanks for the tip, it's probably safer than matches. And such a shame about your lime crime lipstick!


  11. Nice advise!!

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  12. Loving bright lippys atm i just did a cruella de vil tutorial and had mine super bright, wicked blog keep up the good work :-)

  13. @Lady_flower123 - thanks for the follow! Does your blog have an English translation on it?

    @ArtForEyes - thanks so much hun.

  14. hahaha - noted!
    I understand the feeling of wallet running thin.. Mines really full at the moment.. with RECIEPTS!! hahaha

  15. I love your Pinterest Plugin! :-)



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