March 25, 2011

What's on my nails - Illamasqua Stagnate

If follow me on Twitter you might know I'd been obsessing over the Illamasqua nailpolish Stagnate from the Toxic Nature collection. So last weekend I finally got the chance to go into Myer Sydney to pick one up.

I took the husband with me, although I did have to bribe him with some macaroons for putting up with my makeup counter visits... not that I was complaining! We went to Coco Noir in Westfield Pitt St where they have the best assortment of macaroons. I had a chocolate one and a salted caramel one, while the husband had a chocolate one and a hazelnut one. Yumm...

Anyways back to the nailpolish.

Artificial lighting (and excuse the messy cuticles, been really neglecting them lately)

Stagnate is a gorgeous moody polish which changes colour from brown to mauve to purple depending on the light.

This is one of those neutral colours that I'll be wearing on my nails most of the cooler months. It is a bit similar to Chanel Particulaire, but I think this has more cooler undertones than the Chanel one.

Natural light

My experience with Illamasqua nailpolishes is that they last quite a few days without chipping, and this one seems to be no exception.

Have you tried Illamasqua nailpolishes? What do you think of this colour?



  2. God the colour is to die for! I really love it!!

  3. stagnate is such a great autumn shade, I would have picked it up if I dont' already have FOA foxy roxy that is very similar and just as moody.

    Love this mauvey taupe brown shade.

  4. I love the color. def will buy it now.

  5. Thanks girls :)

    @Lilpil - not to be an enabler or anything (lol), I also own Foxy Roxy and it's slightly lighter than Stagnate so in my opinion the purchase of this almost dupe is justified... in a sane person's opinion it's not.

  6. Hi Lilit,

    Great colour - you were right when you commented about Stagnate compared to Essence 'Walk of Fame'. They look they could be dupes to me :)

  7. Gorgeous colour. These kinds of shades don't seem to suit my skin tone which is annoying cos I love them! lol

  8. This colour looks lovely on you. Ive never tried any illamasqua polishes but Ive been meaning too. The yellow from the toxic nature collection looks lovely =D

  9. Stagnate is a beautiful rich colour. Suits your skin tone.



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