March 18, 2011

NOTD - Sportsgirl Berlin

I'm big fan of Sportsgirl nailpolishes; their colours are always on trend (lots of Chanel dupes), the quality is great lasting 2-3 days without a chip, and they're very cheap at $7.95AUD.

I've had this colour for a few weeks now but I kept forgetting to wear it until yesterday. It's called Berlin, and even though I've never been to Berlin, looking at the colour I actually think it's appropriate.

It's a beautiful metallic greeny/blue colour that is perfect for the cooler weather when corals and pinks can look out of place.

Have you tried Sportsgirl polishes? What polishes are you loving right now?


  1. This looks divine, how do you find the wear? I've tried other brand nail polishes and they tend to chip easily.

  2. Ooh, really nice shade :) Yeah, I definitely think its a great shade for winter.

    I have tried their Nail It polishes in a nude shade and I actually really liked the quality. It was very pigmented and didn't chip that easily. They have a nice range of pastel shades that I really liked too.

  3. @vintage - thanks
    @pinkribbons- they're actually quite long lasting, around 3 days of chip free wear.
    @popblush - i have quite a few of their colours, agree they're really pigmented. And i have Nude as well, great shade.

  4. What a lovely colour! And the price isn't too bad either :)

  5. LOOOVE that colour!
    For some reason, I've never gravitated to the nail polish at Sportsgirl but I think I may need to start. $7.95 is a pretty good steal, as well.

  6. @Emily, i thought it might look a bit wearing it today at work but nope, all went well. Everyone agreed it's lovely :)

    @Angela, you shold give them a chance, they're surprisingly good quality for the price.

  7. I have never tried sportsgirl nail polish but I think your swatches have just converted me!



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