October 30, 2011

What's in my bag

I was tagged by the super gorgeous Tali on her fashion blog, Glossy's Wardrobe, to spill the contents of my bag. Since I'm nosey and love finding out what kind of things people carry in their bags, i.e. whether there really is a kitchen sink in there or not, I thought I would do it, although I must say that I had "cleaned" out the contents of my bag a few days ago so it's much lighter than it usually is!

The bag
I bought this a few months ago from Colette Accessories for around $50. It's my favourite tan handbag that goes with a lot of clothes that I wear. The fact that it's very lightweight means that I can pack it with my junk and not have it kill my shoulder with its weight.

The contents
  • Jag wallet: the stitching is actually starting to come undone, I will surely need a new wallet soon. I carry money, credit cards and other random cards in there. 
  • Animal print makeup bag: I bought this from a little Korean knick knack store and it's the perfect size to fit all the makeup in that I carry with me on a daily basis. 
  • Painkillers: I always have Nurofen on me as I get migraines sometimes and Zavance is the only thing that cures it quickly. 
  • Earrings: No, I don't usually carry earrings with me. I must have removed them at the end of the day and just shoved them in my bag, forgetting about them.
  • Phone and Keys: Essentials, can't leave home without them.

The makeup & beauty stash
  • Five lipsticks! Clearly I don't need all 5 at once, but for some reason they've accumulated in my makeup bag. They are Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress, Heavy Rotation #3, Inglot #104, MAC Costa Chic, Rimmel Pink Blush. 
  • Two lipliners: I hardly ever use lipliners, so I don't even know why they're here! They are NYX Dolly Pink and Styli Style Monte Carlo.
  • MAC lipglass in Viva Glam V: This is constantly in my bag for emergencies, i.e. in case I forget to take a lipstick with me that day so I can quickly apply it to look "put together". But clearly that's not going to happen.
  • The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Hand Cream: I love love love this cream, and I don't know whether it's the smell, the way it makes my hands feel, or the fact it has Moroccan in the name (I have a slight obsession with all things Moroccan).
  • The Body Shop Perfume in Dreams Unlimited: This is a gorgeous summery floral perfume that I carry around with me for freshening up during the day.
  • Shabaya Compact Foundation: I don't really use this anymore, but I mainly carry it around for the mirror. 
  • Burts Bees lemon cuticle butter: I had good intentions of smoothing this on my cuticles throughout the day. Intentions do not often translate to actions.
  • No, I don't know why I have 8 x elastic bands and 10 x bobby pins in here, especially since I hardly wear my hair up. Well at least I know where to find them in case I ever need hair bands!
  • Kerastase Ultime Elixir - this was a little sample in one of my Lust Have It boxes. I carry it around with me in case the frizzies catch up with my hair.

Well, that's the contents of my bag. No kitchen sink in there, but definitely way more than I should be carrying around. Seriously Lilit, 5 lipsticks? 8 hair bands? Tsk tsk tsk.

How much of your life do you carry around with you?


  1. Ahhh I love these posts! I definitely want to do one... I know I've got tons of lipsticks! :)
    I'm exactly the same with the bobby pins and hair bands and I too, rarely wear mine up. I guess we just want to be prepared for when we do need it! :)

  2. haha exactly like me! I loveeeeee seeing what's in people's bags! Thats a very cute bag love :)


  3. Awesome post lilit! I might do one when I get the time around it! 5 lipsticks is nothing! I have uhm... *maybe* more than 5 in mine and my make up bag weigh a tonne! We I am pretty sure we DO need them "in times of emergency" LOL

  4. Love the post!! I totally forgot about the Kerastase Ultime Elixir i'll have to pop mine in my handbag too that is once I find it in my sample box for mystery lol

  5. Haha! I love how the most random things always end up in our handbags! Great lipsticks!

  6. LOL You're so cute!! You have so many hair ties, rubber bands and lipliners in your handbag when you hardly use them! :P


  7. Laiqah - do it babe, I wanna see what you carry around.

    Gianna - thanks hun, I love the bags from Colette accessories, cheap but trendy.

    Adeline - do it! I need to see exactly how many lippies you carry around!

    Rachel - That Kerastase stuff is actually not too bad, not sure it replaces my beloved moroccanoil but it's good to carry around for emergencies.

    Anni - If only I'd found extra money in there, that would have been good.

    Tram - LOL, seriously I don't know why I carry so much junk. No wonder my shoulder hurts after a long day!


  8. I always find loads of lipbalms in my bag! I don't actually need four on a daily basis

  9. I always have a couple of lip balms and a book..
    Love your blog Lilit <3

  10. I love seeing inside ppls handbags.. its a great way to get to know someone! Love that you have so many lippies in there all at once. Good.. you are always prepared ;)

  11. Gaelle - I'm surprised I didn't have any lip balms, probably becuase I had so many lipsticks!

    Drama and Makaeup - Thanks so much!

    Tali - this is my bag in its "cleaned out" state, normally it's full of other junk including receipts, scarves, necklaces, basically whatever annoys me throughout the day that I've got on, I'll take it off and shove in the bag.


  12. Your bag is lovely! I love those earrings :)

    I really don't carry much with me! :-p

  13. Such a pretty handbag, I love it!!

  14. Love the goodies you have in there! I didn't think to put my little gold Kerastase in there, I'll put it in tonight good idea. I want to know how you manage to hold on to bobby pins and hair ties- one use and they're gone for me!

  15. Love the goodies you have in there! I didn't think to put my little gold Kerastase in there, I'll put it in tonight good idea. I want to know how you manage to hold on to bobby pins and hair ties- one use and they're gone for me!

  16. <3 I love that you have five lippies in your bag. I've taken to carrying around 3 and now I can start carrying around more without guilt!



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