October 06, 2011

Cindy Sherman for MAC Fall Collection - the products I couldn't resist

It's funny that this collection is MAC's 2011 Fall collection. Why funny? Because it's Spring in Australia. But some of the colours are versatile enough to be worn no matter the weather.

When I saw a preview of this collection on Karen's MBB, I knew exactly which goodies I'd be getting. So instead of waiting for ages for the collection to hit Australia, I went straight to my favourite ebay seller and pre-ordered from them. The collection is already released in most countries, and in Australia it's currently only available via the MAC website which means it should be hitting the counters in the next couple of weeks.

So, what could I not resist?

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Porcelain Pink
This is a re-promote, and from the swatches I've seen of the previous version they've improved the formula, and gotten rid of the chunky glittery bits. Thank goodness! This is a lovely pale pink colour which I plan on wearing high on my cheek bones to give a gorgeous glow.

MAC Lipstick in Fusion Pink
This is actually from the permanent line, and is a pro colour in amplified creme formula. I don't know why it's called Fusion Pink as to me the colour is more watermelon red than pink. It reminds me a lot of Impassioned, and I have done a comparison at the end of this post.

MAC Lipstick in Show Orchid
This is also a permanent pro colour. It's a vibrant fuchsia pink with almost blueish undertones. It has a frosty shimmer to it, which makes it look really shimmery on the lips. This is also amplified formula, which is probably my favourite MAC lipstick formula. [Note: I keep calling this Snow Orchid, and based on Google results so do a lot of other people. Oops. Thanks Jerry for correcting me!]

Any potential lipstick dupes?
These are the closest dupes I could find in my collection. While at first glance they look similar, Impassioned is slightly lighter and cooler toned than Pink Fusion. And Covergirl Spellbound, while in the same tone as Snow Orchid, it is a shade or two darker than the MAC one.

Have you bought anything from this collection yet? Has anything caught your eye?


  1. Nice haul :)

    I'm loving all your bright lipsticks. They're all on my wishlist now.

  2. The pink fusion looks super hot but is not pink at all :-) ...like the MSF too ..

  3. Beautysnippets - thanks hun, especially with the warmer weather hopefully on the way bright lips will be great!

    Heather - thank you, I can totally see you wearing this colour!

    Saumya - yep, agree, it's def more read in my opinion.

    Ms Bubu - it is gorgeous isn't it, I think I'll be wearing that tomorrow :-)


  4. Gorgeous Lilit! Your hauls are always so amazing.

    I need that blush in my life.

  5. I really want impassioned and show orchid, they're beautiful colours x

  6. I love the lipstick colors! I really wanted to purchase the MSF in Lightscapade and it was sold out for a while! So I stalked MAC's website til they restocked! lol

  7. Ugh of course both lipsticks look beautiful on you, I wouldn't have expected anything less! Totally going to check out that ebay seller now. ^__^

    *Pssst....it's Show Orchid not Snow Orchid, though Snow Orchid is a much prettier name! :3*

  8. understand why you couldn't resist! I'm so in for highlight-product for now, and that light pink was to die for. Couldn't be wrong to have!!!

  9. The lipstick comparisons are amaaazing!Thanks heaps for that.. I really wanna get pink fusion.. It's such a pretty colour!

    And porcelain pink is stunning!

  10. Haute_style - thanks babe, I'm really excited about the blush too.

    Summer Loren - impassioned is to die for, and i'm hoping I'll like show orchid just as much.

    MSodapop - I know, isn't it just? I can't wait to use it.

    Dani - Lightscapade is on my list too, but it's sold out everywhere here and I haven't even checked ebay, it's prob very expensive on there like Stereo Rose.

    Silhouette Scream - ba ha ha ha, ba ha haha, of course it's sHow orchid! ba ha ha ha. Thanks for correcting me, i've updated the post with the correct name. Ok, I will stop laughing now.

    EyeGraffiti - I'm definitely getting into my highlighters too, really looking forward to using the pink one.

    Delyteful Speaks - thanks hun, I know whenever I see gorgeous lipsticks I just need to see how they compare to my existing ones so I thought I'd show it for other lipstick crazies (ahem, you, ahem) like me.


  11. Lilit, all these products look so amazing that I wouldn't know which I'd want to buy first! x

  12. I won't lie. I haven't even browsed this line. The reason is shameful....but i'll share it.

    ...I'm afraid of clowns.

    ~sob~ Have you seen the promo images for this line? I CAN'T GO NEAR THEM.

  13. I bought Porcelain Pink and Show Orchid!! You love your bright lips :) x

  14. I really love that pink shade and i wanted to try it out. Thanks for sharing!



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