October 22, 2011

MeMeMe Cosmetics coming soon to Australia

I'm so excited. In case it's not obvious from the title of this post, the affordable boutique UK cosmetics brand MeMeMe will be launching in Australia soon. Their products will be available from their Australian website from late October with prices ranging from $11.95 - $34.95 AUD.

I was recently sent some of their products to try out, and having heard about this brand before from UK blogs I was very happy to accept. Please note that I don't have the exact prices of these items yet, when I get them I will update this post.

Fat Cat Waterproof Mascara
This is a good basic mascara for every day wear. It gave a nice coating to the lashes, didn't flake all day, and most importantly didn't go crunchy on my lashes. I was expecting bigger, fatter lashes, I don't know why because it's not like the tube claimed it's volumizing. Maybe the name Fat Cat. This isn't something I'd wear when I want va va voom lashes, but I can see myself wearing this to the gym where I want to look like I have naturally defined lashes, plus because it's waterproof I won't have mascara smudges sweating down my face.

Correct and Perfect Concealer Kit in Nude
This is a 2 part product in a cute packaging with a mirror under the lid. The top part is a creamy concealer for hiding any unwanted dark circles, and in the bottom is a translucent setting powder to mattify the area and make the concealer last longer. I think the creamy concealer does a great job of covering my under eye dark circles. While the setting powder made no difference to the colour itself, it did make sure the concealer didn't crease all day. I did find the powder part a bit messy to use, and to be quite honest I prefer using my own powder on top, however I have been using the creamy bit almost everyday as my daily go-to concealer. 

Nailpolish in Vivacious
This is a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink colour, and because I have so many other similar colours I gave it to a friend to try. This photo of her hand was taken on day 4. As you can see the polish has lasted very well, no chipping at all although there is slight wear around the edges. 

And below are the colour swatches of the rest of the nail polishes in the collection. I've got my eye on Tenacious, Generous, and Virtuous so when the website launches that's what I'll be getting first!

Have you heard about this brand yet? Or if you have tried it, what is your favorite item from them?

Disclaimer: provided for review. I am not paid to review these products and all opinions expressed here are purely my own. 


  1. I've seen this brand on UK blogs, love the look of the blushes and I'm so excited they're coming to Oz! That concealer looks pretty good, I'm such a concealer junkie I will try anything!

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but I'm loving the look of that nail polishes- A lot of them look a little greyed out which I love!

  3. I really like how that mascara looks on you, right up my alley!
    I like the MeMeMe box blushes that are benefit dupes, but I'm really disappointed about that price range. Why are cosmetics so expensive in Aus, it is terrible. If they stuck to the current exchange rate, that mascara should only be $12, but that is highly unlikely to happen!
    Nice post x

  4. Hey,
    I'm a follower from the UK, and finally got my Coral Blusher today, and I LOVE IT!

    I would say the packaging is even better than Benefit, with a high quality, huge mirror on the inside.
    It comes with a really nice, soft brush too.

    The Blusher was my first purchase from MEMEME and I am sold! The Blusher only cost me £6 as it was on offer, hopefully the Aussie prices won't be too high, as they are really lovely :)


  5. That mascara makes your eyelashes look amazing!

  6. So glad I found your fabulous blog! I haven't come across MeMeMe before, but I look forward to trying out some of those divine nailpolish colours (the pale pinks look beautiful).

    Can I just say that I lurrrrve that you have married two of my great loves - makeup and macaroons - into the one gorgeous blog... I'm addicted aleady!

    Xx Ms Long Black

    Long Black To Go - Style and substance for Australian corporate fashionistas

  7. Megan - I've seen them on UK blogs too, and very excited it's coming here. I'm craving their blushes which seem to be a great dupe for Benefit ones.

    Ella - I've definitely got my eye on the polishes too, I love how all of them have that greyed out/muted look about them.

    Youlittlebeauty - I know, very annoying how expesive everything is here. These don't seem to be too expensive, I'll have to wait till the prices are released and I'll see!

    Maxine - that's the one I have my eye on, the Coral Blusher. I can't wait for the shop to start operating here so I can buy it.

    Vintage - thanks babe. And you can't talk, your lashes are always mega huge!

    Mslongblack - thanks so much. I've heard a bit about mememe before from UK blogs so I'm really excited it's coming here now. Yeay for variety!


  8. I have never heard of this brand, but that mascara....WHEN ARE THEY COMING TO THE US?

  9. These are the guys that do all the Benefit imitations that everyone raves about in the UK - ooh this is exciting!



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