October 18, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday - Taupe eyeshadows

I love a good taupe eyeshadow, and over the years I have tried quite a few of them.  And here are my 5 favourite taupe shades.

For me the perfect taupe should have a little bit of shimmer, but not glitter, should have a perfect mix of grey, brown, beige and purple (but not be muddy), and above all should look good worn alone on the lid or as a crease colour.

With flash


MAC Satin Taupe
As if this wouldn't be in the top 5. It's a cult classic that lives in most people's makeup bags. It's probably the taupe that started it all, there are many imitations, but only one Satin Taupe.

Stila Grand
This is from the Stila Pro Artist Palette #1 which I originally reviewed HERE. It leans more icy brown than Satin Taupe, and has a little bit of fallout, but because I love the colour I forgive it. 

Wet n Wild Silent Treatment - bottom shade in the palette
This is such a gorgeous little palette with the perfect mix of taupe, pale peach and dark brown. The taupe shade is my favourite. It leans on the purple side, and looks amazing worn alone or as part of a purple smokey eye.

POPbeauty Eye Pop Trio in Park Lane - middle shade in the palette
This is another easy to use palette, perfect for a daytime smokey eye. I bought this one quite a while back from Kit Cosmetics but they are still available at Kit and online. It has less shimmer than all the others, and is a more greyish taupe. Because it's fairly matte, it's good as a crease colour. 

NARS Rajasthan Duo - lighter shade
This colour is absolutely stunning and very hard to capture in photos. It's multi-dimensional and looks different in different lights. It looks fantastic worn alone, all over the lid.

Do you love taupe eyeshadows? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I need more taupe shades in my life, soo pretty

  2. Silent treatment is one of my favorite palettes.

  3. I've never got along with taupe eyeshadow. I have Satin Taupe and a few others, but I'm not sure it's that flattering. After reading this post I'm going to give it another go :)

  4. Love ,love taupe eyeshadows!!And I want the Nars one it looks sooooo pretty!!thanks for the swatches doll!!


  5. I'm ashamed to say I don't own Satin Taupe. But I have plans for that to change. Lovely swatches =)

  6. These all look super pretty but I would have to say Satin Taupe is my fav. :)

  7. look at all the taupe!! do you have review on how long they last etc?:)

  8. I think I need to invest in MAC's satin taupe, I hear so many people talk about it. Great post I think all of the ones you showed look fab ! xx

  9. Rajasthan is the perfect name for this beautiful shade.

  10. I read about you on so many other blogs, so I came to check you out...and I am not disappointed! What a wonderful blog!

  11. Taupe eyeshadow is such a staple. I think I've got about six or so taupe shadows myself!

  12. I've heard so much Satin Taupe, and I was a bit reluctant to go buy MAC neutral colours when I have my beloved Naked Palette, but this post has convinced me!
    The colour is so gorgeous!


  13. nice selection, i suggest you check out elf's version, it's the top right shade of Day 2 night quad, i have it and i love it

  14. ive been contemplating doing a taupe post as Ive come across an awesome one!
    I should have bought that Wet n Wild palette while I had the chance, doh!

  15. Thank you so much for your comments, looks like there are many taupe lovers out there!

    Eve - I don't have a post about them, but MAC Satin Taupe and NARS Rajasthan are the longest lasting (a whole work day), but the rest come off easily after a few hours if you rub your eyes).

    Candice - that is so lovely of you to say so, thank you so much. Glad you like my blog.


  16. Tea - do it, I'd love to see what this awesome taupe is that you came across.

  17. Reading this reminds me how gorgeous Satin Taupe is! I think I shall go play with it now :)

  18. Nice post!! I just did a top taupes post within the last week or so too! I'll have to put all of these on the to-try list!

  19. But which is your ABSOLUTE favorite?

  20. oooh nice post! I LOVE the Wet n' Wild taupe from the silent treatment eyeshadow trio. I have already hit pan on it because I use it so much! LOL! :)

  21. Thanks for the comments girls.

    Eden - Satin Taupe!



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