October 04, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday - favourite necklaces

I'm normally hesitant when it comes to posting about products that are no longer available for sale, in case it creates a major lemming in my readers, but this was a requested post especially for Saumya from The Vanity Bag Diaries who wanted to see my accessories collection.

Instead of showing the whole lot, I'll be showing my 5 favourite chunky necklaces.
Wearing my 5 favourite chunky necklaces all at once!!!

Ok, ok, it might be better if I show them one by one!

And here they are, my top 5, in order of favourites. 

1. I've had this one for a number of years now, and from memory I bought it from Diva. It's my favourite necklace for dressing up a boring outfit. 

2. Blue, cream and brown necklace from Equip. This is a recent purchase, and cost $16.95. I have a feeling this will still be available at the shops if you want it. This will look amazing with a summery white dress.

3. I bought this one on sale at Diva for around $4.00, it was in a bargain bin area and I think it's one stunning piece that looks great with a summer tan. I haven't worn this much lately as it looks best with a strapless summer dress, but I know once the weather warms up this will come out of hiding for sure.

4. I bought this one from Equip a couple of years ago. It's nothing special to look at, and you can get similar ones in a lot of shops but I think it's again perfect for dressing up a plain outfit.

5. This is probably the most expensive of the lot. It's handmade and I bought it from The Rocks Markets last year for around $50. This looks great worn with a plain black dress, with a dash of red lipstick to match the red of the necklace.

As you can see I'm not really into real gold, silver, diamond jewellery... I prefer costume jewellery from places like Diva and Colette that I can mix and match with different outfits, and then not feel bad about wasting money if I get tired of them.

Do you like chunky accessories or do you prefer the real deal?


  1. These are all gorgeous!
    And your lipstick colour is STUNNING! It totally suits your makeup that day (:

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  3. Hi Lilit,

    I actually love the first picture with you and all your necklaces. I don't know why I love the chaos.

    These are all lovely statement pieces. I love costume jewelries too, I find the most beautiful things at garage sales.

  4. Wow ..thank u so muchLilit :-) ... I was really looking forward for this post .... my fav of the lot would be the first, second and the fourth. Btw I also loved ur neckpiece in the ABBW registration pic ..

  5. I love big statement pieces!!!! All of yours are gorgeous! I especially love the second one!!!

  6. Love your style! Diva tends to re-promote a lot of their jewellery and things turn up in new collections however they might change the colours and so-forth, I used to work at Diva so I could spot a Diva piece on someone a mile away!

  7. All of them are gorgeous Especially the first one.

  8. I love number 3. I have a leopard print obsession at moment

  9. I love all of them but the last one is probably my favorite!

  10. They are all so pretty, Lilit! I especially love the leopard print one :) This post made me want to go shopping for accessories, hehehe.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. They're all so pretty && You looook gorgeous!
    xo Jenn


  12. I LOVE the first photo of you Lilit - you're gorgeous! I like a mixture of accessories... some days I'll wear fine and other days I'll wear statement accessories.

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  13. Leah - thanks hun, it's actually chmpagne rain by BYS, I've rediscovered my love for it!

    Rosamond Kim - thanks so much, you definitely can find some unique pieces at garage sales.

    Saumya - glad you liked it hun.xo

    arsyparsy- thanks for your lovely comment.

    Megan - I quite like Diva actually, I don't see the point in paying heaps of money for costume jewellery and Diva's pricerange is just right.

    Pandora - thank you.

    Gaele - I love my leopard print too!

    Eden - thanks babe, you picked the most expensive one!

    Alina - he he, you can never have too many accessories!

    Jenn - thanks so much hun.xo

    Melanie - thanks hun. I find in winter I wear more simpler pieces, but come warmer weather the chunky accessories come out!


  14. Love them all!!! Especially the leopard-print one. It's divine!!!


  15. What a gorgeous collection there hun!You look amazing with each one!Thats why these are your favs!!


  16. I looooove chunky necklaces and happen to collect them myself :)) your leopard one is to die for!!!

  17. Oh, I LOVE the leopard print one! I generally wear the same necklace every day {a silver charm that has my daughters tiny fingerprint indented into it} but I admit I'm very much getting into all the chunky colour blocking accessories in stores like Diva! Loving that right now! Xx



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