October 01, 2011

Scunci hair challenge - weeks 3 and 4

I'm a little late in posting this having been busy with the ABBW last weekend. You might remember I'm taking part in a Scunci Hair Accessories challenge, where each week for 4 weeks they will send me one of their accessories and I need to create a look with it. Click HERE for week 1 look, HERE for week 2, and in this post I'll be covering the products for weeks 3 and 3.

Scunci Expandable Jaw Clip: RRP $7.95
This is not a glamorous product, it's not a product that will make people stop you in the street and ask you what it is. But it is definitely an essential product. Why? Because the jaw clip expands to fit your style and the amount of hair you want to grip. Genius!
I've had to edit my pic on the right to lighten it so you could see the clip, as otherwise it was hard to see on my dark hair.
I use it small when putting up only half my hair, like in the pic above. Or if I'm putting all my hair up then I expand it so it can grip it all. This is one of those basic products that every girl with hair long enough to wear up should own.

Scunci Head Wraps No Slip Grip: RRP $8.95
These come in packets of 3 and in different colours, which you can wear either all together or individually on their own. I will admit this are not the products for me. Why? My hair is too bouffy and thick for this. If I ever wear a head band, it needs to be thick, like 4-5cm thick as otherwise the thin ones get lost under the volume.
The set that I have comes in bright pink, black and navy. The black and navy were too hard to see in my hair, but the pink one does peek through under my strands. That said, it definitely is non slip and stayed in place until I was ready to take it off. I think this would look fabulous with all hair pulled back flat, with three of these worn together to add interest.

Have you tried anything from Scunci yet? Do you wear thin head bands or do you have the same problem of bouffy hair as me?


  1. They really make some adorable hair accessories. Love your looks :)

  2. Hi! You’ve been Tagged to do the ‘This or That Makeup Tag’ on Beauty and Bows xx

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  3. Wow a non grip headband? I've never heard of that! How awesome! I love wearing headbands but they hide in my hair just like yours and they give me a headache (weird) yeah :( Sucks. Great post!

  4. Those hair bands look like something that would actually work for me. I have quite thin hair and normal head bands can annoy me because I wear glasses most of the time and they clash behind my ears (sounds stupid but anyone who wears glasses would know what I'm talking about). Hmmm, might have to look at these next time I'm out shopping.....

  5. The expandable jaw clip looks almost dangerous and fun. Very neat. :]

  6. I love the head wraps - especially as you can make them bright to match your lippies.

  7. GENIUS! That expanding hair clip is going into my shopping cart ASAP. I know what you mean about hairbands, thin ones especially, getting lost in hair though. Shame because that pink one totally goes with your lipstick. Haha!



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