October 25, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday - peach blushes

I go through phases with blushes, some days I love my pinks, some days I prefer something warmer. Now that the weather is warming up here in Australia peach blushes will be in high rotation again, especially since I now wear them instead of eyeshadow (see this post).

Please note - coral, apricot and orange are all included under the banner of "peach".

Here are my 5 favourites.

MAC blush in Melba: This is a matte colour which is more of a muted dusty pink with a hint of peach. It's neutral enough to suit all complexions and it doesn't overpower eye makeup, no matter how smokey you make it.

Illamasqua blush in Lover: This is possibly my most favourite blush ever. Like all Illamasqua products this is highly pigmented, and light hand is needed for fairer skinned girls out there. For those with darker skin you can get away with a heavier swatch. It's more of a warm apricot colour, and if I could only use one blush for the rest of my life I would choose this.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy: Another absolute favourite, it's a warmer, more reddish peach than Illamasqua Lover. The gorgeous matte shade seriously lasts a long time and looks fantastic with a tan. 

Sleek blush in Pan Tao: This looks scary in the pan, a bright orange, however with a light touch this adds a gorgeous warm glow to the cheeks. It's definitely a summer shade, as when I tried wearing it on my pale winter skin it looked too garish.

BYS shimmer blush in Coral: Another summer shade. It's one of my favourite budget buys, it cost less than $5AUD, and it lasts and lasts. The colour is a more pigmented version of the famous NARS Orgasm, and here is a post where I compared the two in the past.


No flash

With flash

What are some of your favourite peachy shades?


  1. <w< I...have...lover. ~excited squeal~ You won't be surprised at all to learn that it's usurped MAC Peaches as my HG blush. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

    Thanks for sharing your picks! You're really making me want to buy Tipsy and Pan Tao (I already own Melba and a dupe for Coral!)

  2. Yep I now need Illamsaqua lover in my life....damn you Lilit :P. You look stunning in that photo that advertises your F.O.T.D x

  3. Beautiful blushes Lilit! Peach is definitely my go-to colour for blush, I find that it works better with my skin tone than pinks. Pan Tao is my current favourite xx

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  4. Melba is sooooo gorgeous! Another great cheapie, beigy-peach is Flash it by Australis!

  5. Tarte Tipsy is by far my favorite blush of all time, but now you have my lusting after Illamasqua's Lover. I am waiting to receive Illamasqua's Katie (a milky pale pink) in the mail- I have heard such great things about their blushers.

  6. Thanks for sharing.

    My absolute favourite peach/apricot blush at the moment would be Inglot - 26.

    As for deeper, kind of coral undertone shades, I love Nars - Amour


  7. Ooh lovely choices! I'm loving the look of the Tarte one.

  8. i like the sleek and mac melba a lot! need them as I have no peachy blushes :D

  9. I've heard great reviews about the BYS Coral blush but have yet to see it in the abundance of stores I've tried..
    And that tarte blush is such a pretty colour! Pretty sure thats the next one I'll be lusting after :)


  10. Love Mac Melba hands down!! My fav peach blush ever. the Illamasqua blush looks really pretty too, might have to check that one out:)

  11. I've never tried Pan Tao even though it's in my drawer, I like the sound of it giving a glow, I may have to try it!x

  12. Tipsy looks beautiful! Makes me long for summer

  13. Love the look of tipsy! Definitely need to look into getting it now it's starting to feel like summer! xx

  14. Thanks for the post! I love these kind of posts (my wallet not so much) I just realised I have no orange blushes and I have no idea how they would look on my skin (so it's time to go shopping, haha!)
    Loving the look of Melba and Tipsy though. Thanks for the swatches xox

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  15. U know how I loves my Lover! But Ive been really enjoying Tipsy and Milani's Luminoso is also great!

  16. YAY peach blush! Perfect for how lovely warm Season! :)
    I need to get Melba, I don't know why I don't have it!
    Peachykeen is my fave at the moment... Been using it every day!

  17. Illamasqua and Tarte are in my wishlist!!great peach blushes you have there doll!!


  18. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions for other options! Milani Luminoso is now on my wishlist!


  19. Gosh be careful you dont get mugged for that blush collection (by me.. I know where you work!!) Seriously - all too hot. I love the look of the Tarte one and why have I not got that BYS one yet, it be rude not to at that price right!! I LOOOVE Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral, peach pink, gtreat on lips too lasts and blends so well. Plus the pot is huge it goes on and on for ever!

  20. OOh I love Mac Melba - I think I NEED it in my life!



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