October 28, 2011

Do you need an eyeshadow primer? You be the judge

I've never been one for using primers of any kind. I feel that they just add extra minutes to my makeup routine, minutes that the time poor me of the weekday mornings does not have.
Eyeshadow primer by Australis $12.95RRP

However, I will admit they are effective at not only making your eyeshadow last longer, crease less, but also making the colours look more vibrant.  See for yourself... here are swatches of some eyeshadows with and without primer.

With Flash

Eyeshadow primer really does make such a difference to certain shades, for example look at the NARS and the Too Faced colours, there is definitely a huge difference.

No flash

It's not something that I will use everyday, or with every eyeshadow, however for some of the less pigmented or powder-ier shades an eyeshadow primer is a godsend.

Do you use an eyeshadow primer?

Disclaimer: I received the Australis Eyeshadow Primer as part of my ABBW goody bag. Everything else is bought with my own money.


  1. I'd like to say I did, but it's really just a special occasion thing!

    That said the australis one really is a champion! Have used it interchangeably with the urban decay one :)

  2. Great photos of the comparisons Lilit, I'm such a visual person so I loved it! If I'm doing makeup for an event/special occasion then I will use an eyeshadow primer. For normal day to day wear, I never remember to use it. I'm using MAC Prep + Prime Eye at the moment, but to be honest it's the same consistency as a concealer, so I think I will try UD Potion Primer next. For face makeup, I use a primer every day: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It's the best primer I have used and it makes the world of difference.

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  3. I usually use an eye primer, because I have broken capiliaries and discolouration on my eyelids, so I find it's great at evening out the colours. Concealer and foundation are too heavy for my eyelids, so I enjoy it for that purpose and those mentioned above. I'm yet to find an eye primer that will stop my eyeshadows from creasing over my working day though - so one does wonder if it's really worth the extra time and effort...

  4. I use an eye shadow primer everyday. I have really dark eye lids so I need it for the colour correcting benefits. I also have lids that crease easily so if I want my shadow to last more than an hour I need primer.

  5. I dont prime, I simply always forget to get a primer...
    How is the australis one? you never actually said how it goes on your eyes
    but the colours are certainly so much more vibrant :)

  6. I use eye primer each and every time I wear makeup. But to be absolutely honest and transparent, it would be embarrassing if I didn't. You see, I own a makeup company, and we hand make all of our cosmetics. People look at your face when you say that and there's nothing worse than creased or faded eyeshadow! I was blessed with oily hooded eyelids and primers are the only thing that keep eyeshadow fresh and in its place!

    de Leon Cosmetics

  7. wow! I didn't realise how much a difference primer made! xoxo

  8. Suzanne - I don't use them every day either, too lazy. But there are certain shadows that I just can't get to work unless I use something underneath.

    Melanie - I've never used the MAC on, but I used to have the UD one and loved it. They're just so hard to track down though! Annoying. Ooh and I keep hearing so many good things about the Smashbox one, I really need to try it.

    Cally - I know what you mean about the concealer being too heavy. This Australis primer is quite lightweight, which I like.

    Kimmi - I have creasy lids too, damn hooded eyelids! Thank goodness for cheap primers like this Australis one.

    SadeeStyle - You must have beautiful eyemakeup on all the time then!

    Fashionista - It's really lightweight and hardly feels like you have anything on. I forget it most of the time too, except on weekends when I have a little bit more time to get ready.

    Gladys - well that's definitely an incentive for always ensuring you always look perfect!

    BeautyPrincess - it's amazing isn't it? As much as I am lazy when it comes to primers, I can't deny they are effective.


  9. I double prime every single day (UDPP + a mac paint pot) and I have oily lids so on the days that I experiment and go without, I get creasy and it's a mess within hours.

    That said, I didn't like the Australis primer. It stopped creasing, but the colour didn't stay vibrant on my lids all day. I guess I have super high standards now :)

  10. I find it really depends on the eyeshadow. I generally don't use a primer under MAC shadows because they don't crease on me. However, after reading your post I might do a bit of experimenting to see the effect of primer on the intensity of colour.

  11. I wish I remembered to use primer, but most of the time, I don't.
    Also because I'm not much of a eyeshadow girl. But if you were raving about a face primer, I'd be running to get it! :)

  12. I use a primer because I have oily eyelids, but I'm yet to find one that doesn't still make my eyeshadow crease after a few hours. At the moment I'm using UDPP, but I find it pretty over-rated and I'm only using it because it was one of those ones that came free with a palette.

  13. Truthfully, always been interested in the concept but never tried one until today - I tried this Face of Australia matte eye primer and it just so happened to be torrential rain in Melbourne. Maybe it was because I wasn't caught directly in the rain per se, but between the mist and humidity, as well as just wear'n'tear of being in a restaurant, it still looked relatively good. So maybe they are worth a try :)


  14. I always use a primer, I have quite greasy lids and nothing stays put the way I want it to! But I agree about the vibrant colours, Eyeshadows look so much better with a primer! :) x

  15. I always have to use eye shadow primer or I get that stupid crease. I use Too Face's Eye Shadow Insurance.

  16. I have to always use an eyeshadow primer. I have crazy oily lids and if I don't use a primer, my eyeshadows crease in no time. :(

  17. My all time fave es primer is nars. I never thought id like it cause the white tube gets all dirty with make-up and foundation fingerprints but its very good. Never lets me down! Better than UD and TF!! xx

  18. yes I do believe you need a primer, at least if you want to capture the right colour. I mostly wear primer of that cause, but also to make the look last longer.
    primer is never a bad choice!

  19. I use a primer for "full eye" days. If i'm just tossing on a swipe on the lids I don't. I have a hard time finding THE RIGHT EYE PRIMER - because my lids are quite oily and I have this obsessive need for it to have a tacky, thick feel to it.

  20. Hey, Lilit. Thanks for getting back to me about the mascara saver thing. :) And no, I don't use an eyeshadow primer either. But I might once my UD NP gets here!

  21. I use it every single day! It really only takes a couple extra seconds and makes such a huge difference, so for me it's a must!

  22. I wish we got that here! :( The packaging is so cute, I'm with you though, I don't use primer everyday.

  23. a primer is a must for me. i have crease prone eyes. my only concern is eyeshadow not creasing on me. more vibrant color? it's less important to me.

  24. I always use an eyeshadow primer. My lids are oily, and everything will crease and fade to nothing if I don't use one.

    I'm a big fan of UDPP.

  25. I love the Australis primer! Just finished a tube. I use eyeshadow primer everyday, I think that it is just worth it! x

  26. I have very greasy eyelids so I have to use primer or my eyeshadow creases and disappears. My holy grail primer is definitely Too Faced Shadow Insurance but the Australis one isn't too bad at all.

  27. oh yeah, primer is a must for me. I even wear it under simple, everyday eyeliner haha!!! great post darlin'!!!



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